Bigg Boss Kannada Audition 2021 & Online Registration Details Seasons 9

Bigg Boss is the most popular television reality show in the Hindi television industry. The show is successful from its first season and recently it will step into season 15. However, with such immense popularity with the search will not limit its boundaries. The Big Boss franchise has expanded its business into regional television Industries also. Bigg Boss Kannada’s upcoming season is season 9, 2021. Moreover, Bigg Boss Kannada audition 2021 is live now.

Other than Kannada there is Big Boss Bengali Big Boss Marathi Bigg Boss Tamil Bigg Boss Telugu and Big Boss Malayalam also. In all these industries Bigg Boss is gaining immense popularity and fan following. One such industry is the Kannada industry. Another great news for fans is that it Big Boss Kannada audition 2021 is starting very soon. Moreover this year you can participate in your favorite reality show. If you want to participate in Bigg Boss Kannada then keep on reading for audition and online registration details for season 9.

About Bigg Boss Kannada

Bigg Boss Kannada first launched in 2013. The first two seasons of Bigg Boss Kannada were shot in the Bigg Boss Lonavala house which we see in Bigg Boss Hindi. But due to the overlapping of Bigg Boss Hindi and Bigg Boss Kannada episodes for the next season they built the Bigg Boss Kannada house at Innovative Film City in Bangalore.

The first season premiered on ETV Kannada and the second season on Star Suvarna. The third fourth seventh and eighth season premiered on Colours Kannada. Only the fifth and sixth seasons were premiered on Colours super.


Bigg Boss Kannada for word is just like Bigg Boss Hindi. However, both of them originally adapted from Big Brother which is a similar TV reality show. Contestants from different backgrounds, ideologies, and religions come together in one platform. All the participants live in one big house together and share everything. In the house, there is no internet television clock washing machine, or any sort of entertainment facility.

The housemates have to live without seeing or talking to their family or friends till the show end. There are tasks every week that everyone has to participate in. The winning team wins luxury to budget and some advantages. Whereas the losing team is in danger and some of them are nominated by the housemates. On the basis of the audience vote, one participant from the nominated participants will get evicted every week. The show might have many controversies and some also believe that Bigg Boss has nothing constructive to offer to society. But no matter what its popularity is known to all.

House Rules

The Big Boss house rules are very strict. And Bigg Boss also makes sure that every contestant is abiding by the house rules. Even though the show has not exposed the complete set of house rules in front of the audience. But from the episodes few rules are evident.

  1. The inmates can only e speak in Hindi.
  2. The inmates get to sleep only during the lights-off period. As soon as the lights turn on everyone has to wake up.
  3. They cannot temper with any electronics equipment for Bigg Boss property.
  4. The inmates cannot discuss nominations among themselves.
  5. Physical violence is not allowed inside the house
  6. The contestants always have to wear the mic while they are speaking.
  7. They also have to take care of the mic. That it does not comes in contact with any liquid.

  • Audition Start From  – TBA
  • Audition through – Online
  • Audition process – Live Video Clip Record
  • Official App  – Voot App
  • Season – 9
  • Host: Sudeep Sanjeev

Eligibility Criteria for Bigg Boss Kannada Audition

The eligibility criteria for Bigg Boss Kannada audition 2021 are:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. The participant also has to know the Kannada language.
  • Citizenship in India is a must for Bigg Boss.
  • To participate in Bigg Boss, you must display the following ID proofs: Aadhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License, Birth Certificate, Passport, and so on.
  • The participant must be physically and mentally fit for the show.

Bigg Boss Kannada Audition 2021

  1. This year there will be a digital audition that is open to common people.
  2. You can go to the official website of Bigg Boss Kannada and fillup the online registration form to complete your Bigg Boss Kannada audition.
  3. Or you can also do it from Voot. The participant needs to download the Voot app from Play Store or Apple Store.
  4. After successfully downloading the app the participant needs to go to the Bigg Boss Kannada audition page, which will be live very soon (we will update the dates).
  5. Before filling up the audition form the candidate needs to read the terms and conditions. And if you agree to them proceed by clicking on the check box then click on ‘I agree’.
  6. Then you will find the online form for auditions. You also have to select your preferred language and fill the form.
  7. Make sure your contact details and email id are correct because the authorities will be contacting you through that only.
  8. Every participant also has to upload a small introduction video about themselves. As it is an entertainment show hence, make sure to be entertaining as well as real.
  9. Put your points on why they should select you for the show.
  10. After that, you have to upload your audition video. Make sure your voice is clear and your face is visible. No background noise should be there.
  11. The length of the videos has to be of 90 seconds and it should not exceed 90 seconds at any cost.
  12. Once your video is uploaded you can click on the submit button. The team of Bigg Boss Kannada will contact you within the next 15 days if selected.


The official team of Bigg Boss kannada have not declared the audition and online registration opening dates. As soon as we get updates on that we will update it here. Bigg Boss is one of the most popular TV reality shows for it’s format and entertainment quota. Due to a diverse array of participants there is often a difference of opinion.These eventually lead to big fights and sometimes physical fights too. Hence, before getting in to it make sure you are totally preapared. All the best!

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