Best Made In India Skincare Brands That You Need To Try Out

Indian skin is probably the most exotic skin out there. With a wide range of tones and texture, we represent eternal beauty. Not only women but also men are now into skincare. Because the skin is skin, no matter you are a man or a woman, your skin deserves all the love and care. Even the market statistics show that men skincare brands are equally growing as well as women’s skincare brands.

Why are Indian skincare brands lacking behind?

Talking of the market, we know that India is the biggest market in the world for everything due to its large population and excessive demand. But I don’t understand why Indian people are always fascinated with international brands from clothes to accessories to make or skincare. Even if you put one same product in two different bottles, one with an international label on it and another with an Indian homegrown brand, then ask people to test them out. I bet 99% of the people will say the international one is better. Well, I don’t blame them, mainly because this preconceived notion is buried deep in our roots.

Indian brands dilemma:

Creating a brand and making it successful is not easy in today’s world. There are so many brands out there, and so many of them are there for decades. Some luxury or drugstore brands have some top-notch products, so you have to compete on the higher end side as well as on, the lower end side. To be honest, it is more difficult for an Indian brand because as soon as you want quality and the ingredient list to be more effective and less harmful, the prices will go up automatically.

Then Indian consumers have to say one thing, “if we are paying this much amount on a product, why won’t we put it on an international brand” and that sums it up. So many indie homegrown brands are in a dilemma whether to come with the best version of the product, then keep the prices on the higher-end or to serve a diluted version and keep the price moderate.

I understand where such comments come from. But you have to understand to formulate a new product to take out the costing and ensure that there is some profit margin because let’s be real – that is how businesses work. You can’t do mass manufacturing as you don’t know if there will be enough consumers for it. So let’s cut some slack for our made in India skincare brands and give them a fair chance.

Now there are brands like Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials that are pretty expensive, and there are brands like Biotique, Wow Skincare, and Mama Earth that are on the affordable side. Still, they have already worked well on their marketing strategy, and hence they are talked about. Today we are going to talk about some emerging Indian skincare brands that do not get enough cloud because of not spending much money on marketing or sponsorships, but you need to try them out.

1. Plum


Plum is a natural skin care brand that is 100% vegan cruelty-free, and they are also PETA certified. Their product range includes skincare, haircare, and body care range too. They are completely paraben and phthalates free, or as they say, “nasties free.”  

The product formulation is on par. Anything you try out from their brand will fall in love with. Especially their alcohol-free green tea toner, green tea clarifying night gel sleeping mask, and their olive and macadamia hair care product are so good and affordable that this brand has to be on top of this list.


2. YBP


YBP is one of those niche skin care brands that have a small product library, and all of it is a creation with immense love and care. Now their products are pure, directly obtained from the source, and not at all diluted. You would see a miraculous difference on your skin once you start using it. Their product is a bit on the expensive side but trust me – it’s worth every penny. Their brand claims to be a “no nonsense product” range that has changes the beauty standards of the Indian market. They also say they are here to make fewer but extremely high-quality products that one would look forward to using over and over again.

Choosing the best ones from their product range is pretty tough because all of them are top self products. Still, some of their products recommendation that I think will work for every person out there are their plant remedy skin elixir (retails for Rs.2450 for 30ml), Gua Sha stones( retails for Rs.1600-2400).


3. Dot & Key

Dot & Key

Dot & Key is another one such Indian homegrown skin care brand that came up with such an innovative skincare range. Their product quality, formula, and packaging all is so great that it can beat any international brand easily. The thinking behind their products is so unique and innovative that needs applause. I mean, who thinks about pre-swim skin and hair chlorine protection spray? Well, they do, and that is why it is my favorite brand out of all the Indian brands mentioned here. They say, behind their revolutionary products – there is an obsession with little things. They are also cruelty-free and toxin-free ingredients.

Their AHA and BHA hydro peel serum, hyaluronic acid serum, Vitamin c serum, niacinamide, and zinc serum are my all-time favorites. Also, their sleeping mask, clay masks, and underarms mask are again very effective.


4. Dr. Shet’s

Dr. Shet's

The name suggests it is a dermatologist led skin care brand. Their brand dedicates its products, especially for the Indian skins. It is luxurious and created by three generations of skin doctors – Dr. Sarat C. Desai, Dr. Rekha Sheth, Dr. Aneesh Sheth. They claim that their product range is naturally inspired, medically created, and scientifically validated. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free and wherever possible sustainably derived.

The product range is a fab combination of good chemicals for skin and Indian traditional beauty secrets. Their face washes, masks, creams, everything goes very well for Indian skin. But one product that brought immense attention to them is their extra gentle daily peel (retails for Rs.850for 50ml). The products are worth giving a shot.


5. ENN’s Closet

ENN's Closet

ENN’s closet is an Indian homegrown skin care brand that has an array of natural skincare, haircare, and makeup products. They are paraben-free, unnecessary chemicals, filler, and additive-free. They believe in creating products that give you noticeable results. Products with personal rejuvenation and a little indulgence in mind are also cruelty-free. It is another brand that has quite a different line of products with innovative concepts and more targeted issues regarding skincare.

The brand will remind you of Lush. From packaging to the fonts, the products look similar to them. But their products are too good and give a luxurious feel. Some of their top-shelf products are their moisturizing hair milk spray (retails for RS.820), and pucker hydrating lip mask (Rs.900), ROSE ultra-light hydrating cream (Rs.750).


6. Indulgeo


Indulgeo is one of those brands that work for most skin types, no matter what. Their cold-pressed oils, facial oils, mists, lip care, hair care, literally all the products all are at par. Their brand’s keywords are natural and organic. Derived from the sources with the finest raw ingredients that earth has to offer, their formulations are so better that very quickly absorbed in the skin. They believe that nature has a cure to everything, and it’s up to us how we take it and accept it.

Some of their cult-favorite products that I loved are the rose gold oil (Rs.2700), camomile roman witch hazel facial mist (Rs.300), pout it (Rs.640), and Gain Again luxuriant hair vitalizer (Rs.1000).


7. Neemli Naturals

Neemli Naturals

Neelmi Naturals is not a new skin acre brand. It is one of those old brands that use to come up with the subscription boxes. These products are handmade, vegan, 100% natural, and cruelty-free. When they say it’s organic or natural, it’s not just a marketing gig, but they mean it. Their goal is to introduce us to the products that will give immediate results but with long-term benefits. The skincare line is sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, safe, and most importantly effective. The science behind natural ingredients in their experimentation to get the best formulations.

Some of their top-shelf products that you should give a try are hyaluronic and vitamin C serum (Rs.2250), retinol & peptide serum (Rs.2250), and their charcoal face mask (Rs.725).


8. Suganda


Suganda is one of those Indian homegrown skin carer brands that have a vast product library, but they are a very niche brand. They do acid-based skincare like AHA, BHA, Salicylic acid, etc. It is one great replacement for the Ordinary skincare brand. Their products are a mix of raw and organic ingredients so sourced from all over the world, mixed with essential oils for a refreshingly natural fragrance. Suganda is grounded in western research but executed perfectly in India, steering clear of harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes suganda products are all-natural – free from parabens, petrolatum, and SLS.

Their top-shelf products that I would recommend to give a shot are AHA exfoliating serum (Rs.699), BHA exfoliating serum (Rs.699), niacinamide 10% serum (Rs.699).


9. Kaya


Kaya is again a dermatologist led skin care brand that understands the uniqueness of Indian skin and hair. Traditionally they are a skincare clinic. Later, they developed a broad spectrum of 60+ product ranges for daily hair and skincare for both men and women. A synergistic combination of these products and services provide you with a holistic skin and hair care solution. Their dormant team includes Harsh C. Mariwala, Rajiv Nair, Bhairavie Puri, Saurabh Shah, Dr. Sushant Shetty, Nivedita Nanda, Vikas Agarwal, And Pooja Sehgal.

Their skincare services include brightening and pigmentation, laser hair reduction, youth contouring, acne treatment, expert beauty facial, and my pore. Some of their best skincare products are purifying toner (Rs. 320) and pigmentation reducing complex (Rs.1160). 


10. Juicy chemistry

Juicy chemistry

Every product from juicy chemistry is so pure so fresh that their self-life is only about six months. They prepare it in small batches with ingredients picked up from the local market. Now, if you are the kind of person who has stacks up lots of products, then you need to extra careful. Either you give them the priority or finish up all your stash then buy them. The formulas are a little too natural, potent, and without any preservatives too, so you must patch test them first because raw natural ingredients can irritate our skin also.

Their product line includes an array of products, starting from skincare to hair care, body care, and aromatherapy. Some of their top-shelf products are blood orange and rosehip lip balm (Rs.350), chili, horsetail, and black seed hair oil (Rs.1050, prickly pear, chia and tamanu eye roll-on (Rs.600), and helichrysum and rosehip facial oil(Rs.650).


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