Aharen Is Indecipherable: Season 1 All Episode Release Date, Cast, Crew, Recap, News & Update

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 Release Date

The Anime adaptation of Aharen Is Indecipherable was announced on 31 July 2021, and now, Finally, the dates are confirmed, and the Anime is all set to make its Animation debut.

And we know fans of Aharen Is Indecipherable are eagerly waiting for the release of all the episodes of Aharen Is Indecipherable.

So here is the good news for the viewers: they can now easily obtain all the related details of Aharen Is Indecipherable Anime by reading this article.

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 Overview

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Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 Quick Info

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 .1
  • Season: Aharen Is Indecipherable
  • Japanese: 阿波連さんははかれない
  • English: Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
  • No. of Seasons: Season 1
  • Total Episode: 12
  • Writer: Asato Mizu
  • Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto
  • Producer: Kôichirô Natsume
  • Genre: Comedy, Animation
  • Cast: Raidou, Aharen, Atsushi
  • Studios: Felix Film
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese
  • First Episode Aired: 2 Apr. 2022 (S01 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired: 16 April 2022 (S01 EP03)
  • Next Episode Aired: 23 April 2022 (S01 EP04)
  • Available On: Crunchyroll

What Is The Storyline Of Aharen Is Indecipherable?

The Anime Aharen Is Indecipherable storyline focuses on the story of two school students, Raido and Reina Aharen, who will be sitting next to each other in school.

And when one-day Raido picks up the eraser, which Aharen dropped, and from then, they both become very close friends and start spending more time with each other.

What Happen In The Previous Episode Of Aharen Is Indecipherable?

Episode 1:

We saw that Raido and Reina Aharen became very close friends and started hanging out more. Other female classmates in school begin to feel jealous and angry seeing Reina Aharen acting too close to Raido.

Episode 2:

Reina Aharen’s childhood friend Mitsuki Oshiro decides to spy on Raido as she is insecure about boys and has trust issues. Hence, she starts to protect her friend from Raido and observes Raido’s behavior from a distance. And at the end of the episode, we see that Raido challenges Aharen in the game of Reversi and thinks that he can easily win, but later, he finds that Aharen is far better than him in-game and she ends the game by making it draw.

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 .2

Episode 3:

When Aharon arrives at school, she does so with her hair unkempt. She can trim Aharen’s hair because her family runs a salon. It’s not just Raido’s hair that she takes care of. Radio tries to apply lip balm to Aharen because she has chapped lips, but he fails miserably. This time around, Oshiro provides cosmetics and a facial. Aharen subsequently confesses that she is stressed because the boy sitting in front of her has grown so tall that he has blocked her view of the whiteboard.

After a series of more absurd attempts to help, Radio settles for just moving her desk closer to his own. Radio and Aharen may no longer be seated next to each other due to an announcement regarding a seat change. So, Radio decides to do something nice for her, and she accepts his cooking even though it is horrendous. He also helps her record them dancing together, assuming she wants to be a U-Tube star, even though the video is a U-Tube disaster. Share hugs Radio to say farewell on seat shifting day, only to discover that they had been given seats right next to one other by chance.

How Many Manga Volumes And Chapters Will Aharen-San Wa Season 1 Will Cover?

The Animation studio of Aharen Is Indecipherable has not made any statements about how many manga chapters will be covered in season 1 of Aharen Is Indecipherable. If the announcements are confirmed, we will be updating the details on our website.

Aharen Is Indecipherable Anime All Episode Release Date

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai or Aharen Is Indecipherable Anime made its animation debut by releasing its first episode on 2 April 2022, titled “Isn’t This Too Close?” After releasing first episode the makers decide to release one episode per week.

And the upcoming episode, which is the 4th episode of Aharen Is Indecipherable, will be released on 23 April 2022 and is titled “Isn’t This Too Addictive?”.

Aharen Is Indecipherable Anime Voice Actor And Character

The popular Manga series Aharen-san wa Hakarenai also known as Aharen Is Indecipherable, is written by AsatoMizu. The Anime is written by Takao Yoshioka and directed by Yasutaka, Yamamoto, and Tomoe Makino. And the Animation studio of Aharen-san waHakarenai is Felix Film.

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 .3

The voice actors of Aharen-san waHakarenai are

  • Miyahira is voiced by Tia Lynn Ballard.
  • Aharen is voiced by Dani Chambers.
  • Ooshiro is voiced by Kristen McGuire.
  • Raido is voiced by Ben Balmaceda.
  • Aharen Reina is voiced by Inori Minase.
  • Shiro Mitsuki is voiced by Mao Ichimichi.
  • Tôbaru-sensei is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

Aharen Is Indecipherable Rating And Review


Every One judges a show about their rating. The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances of survival. On IMDb, the program has a good rating of 7.3/10, while on MyAnimeList, the show has a 7.53 average audience rating.


This is going to be the best anime of the year, no doubt about it. The storyline of this anime is outstanding. It has kept your attention till the very conclusion of the episode. Each episode is 25 minutes in length. The voice actor, graphic designer, and the rest of the crew did an excellent job. I would strongly advise you to watch this anime.

Where Can You Watch Aharen Is Indecipherable?

Crunchyroll has the streaming rights of Aharen Is Indecipherable anime, and fans can easily watch the latest Anime Aharen Is Indecipherable on Crunchyroll

Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode NoTitleRelease Date
Episode 1Isn’t This Too Close?2 Apr. 2022
Episode 2You’re being followed, right?9 Apr. 2022
Episode 3Isn’t This a Seat Change?16 Apr. 2022
Episode 4Isn’t This Too Addictive?23 Apr. 2022
Episode 5Isn’t This Too Overweight?30 Apr. 2022
Episode 6Isn’t This Too Strong?7 May 2022
Episode 7Isn’t it art?14 May 2022
Episode 8Isn’t it a summer festival?21 May 2022
Episode 9Isn’t it a cold?28 May 2022
Episode 10Isn’t it a camp?4 Jun. 2022
Episode 11Isn’t it snow?11 Jun. 2022
Episode 12TBA18 Jun. 2022

Aharen Is Indecipherable Trailer Update

Right now Aharen Is Indecipherable anime is running. Recently the makers release a Aharen Is Indecipherable trailer. You can watch it on our website.


To know about all the details of upcoming episodes of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, keep visiting our website. And the popular Anime Aharen-san waHakarenai will indeed be renewed for Many other seasons, so keep yourself updated with the website amazfeed to know all the details of the upcoming season of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai.

And our website also has many other articles which will provide you with detailed information on all the popular upcoming and ongoing anime series, web series, TV series, manga series, and movies.

Frequently Ask Question About Aharen Is Indecipherable Season 1

1) How many volumes of Aharen Is Indecipherable manga are there ?

Aharen Is Indecipherable manga will have 13 volumes with 139 chapters.

2) Is Aharen Is Indecipherable Light novel or manga finished?

Aharen Is Indecipherable manga is not yet finished and will continue having some more volumes in upcoming years.

3) Where can you read this manga?

You read all the chapters of Aharen Is Indecipherable online on any website.

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