4Head Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

4Head Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

4Head is a smiling Cadberry Twitch Emote created by Cadberry. When it comes to visuals, 4head is a pretty self-explanatory title. Let’s get dig into this emote.

What is the Meaning of 4Head Twitch Emote?

It is common to see the 4Head emote used as a response to memes or jokes. 4Head is a Twitch emote that depicts League of Legends streamer Cadberry with a smile on his face. After the streamer’s large forehead, which became a popular meme among his fanbase in 2015, the emote was given the name 4head.

On Twitch, it is most commonly seen in video game channels and Just Chatting channels. It is also frequently used with sarcasm to convey the exact opposite meaning, such as when a joke or comment has failed to be amusing, as in

What is the Origin of 4Head Twitch Emote?

How Can I Use The 4Head Emote On Twitch?

4Head is a picture of Cadburry’s tales. The emoji is famous because of its pleasant reaction.
The exact date of the 4Head formation is unknown; however, we know that the Twitch Cadburry channel was renowned by 2015.

His group sprayed emotions every time Cadburry made a joke or funny comment.

The 4Head emoji was introduced on 29 February 2016 in the Urban Dictionary. The emote addition of FrankerFacez was added shortly thereafter, on 11 September 2016, and Twitch became even more popular.

3Head was released in 2018. A 4Head variant called 3Head. 3The head is the same, but Cadburry is without a tooth where it is a big absurdity to make a joke or a remark.

How is 4Head Pronounced?

It is rather easy to pronunciation. The word head is: “4head.” It is the number 4.

When to Use 4Head?

If a streamer makes a cheesy dad joke on stream, you should use the 4head emote to call them out.

How Can I Use The 4Head Emote On Twitch?

If you want to use the 4Head emot in Twitch , You must install the BTTV(Better Twitch TV) browser extension.

Follow The Steps If You Want To Add 4Head Emote:

  • Visit BetterTTV.com.
  • Choose your browser.
  • Install the browser extension for 4Head.
  • Now you will be able to use 4Head Emote.


Download the FrankerfaceZ browser extension, which provides you access to a variety of third-party emotes including 4Head, LULW, and more.

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