Twenty-Five Twenty-One K-Drama Season 1 Review, Ending Explain, Cast, Summery, Storyline & Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 1 Cast review (1)

Fans always pay close attention to new releases of Korean series, and the recent release of the Korean drama Twenty-five twenty-one was yet another fan-favorite series. If you, too, are interested to know more about Twenty-Five Twenty-One then worry not because we have covered everything you need to know about this series.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 1 Summary

The series Twenty five twenty follows the story of the girl named Na Hee-do, who is a teenage fencer in the girl school and aims to be part of the national fencing team, and a hardworking man Yi-jin, who is determined to rebuild his life and at the beginning of the series both accidentally run into each and doesn’t get along well due to their different personalities.

But after so many counters both get close to each other and eventually fall in love and some of the scenes of series shifts to the future which indicates that the couple did not end up together and in the finale of the season due to some reason the couple break up and move on in their life.

What is the storyline of Twenty-Five Twenty-One?

The novel takes place in 1998 and chronicles the tales of young people discovering new direction and growth after having their aspirations crushed. Two individuals who first meet when they are 22 and 18 fall in love when they are 25 and 21.

The high school fencing squad includes Na Hee Do. The high school fencing team is disbanded because of the South Korean financial crisis. She becomes a member of the national fencing squad after overcoming all of the obstacles.

The financial crisis in South Korea also forces the firm of Baek Yi Jin’s father to fail. This causes Baek Yi Jin’s lifestyle to transform from an affluent individual to that of an impoverished individual. He works part-time jobs, such as newspaper delivery, while studying. Eventually, he becomes a sports reporter on a television network.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 1 Cast review

Kim Tae Ri was fantastic as the primary protagonist, Hee-Do. She managed to be comedic while still displaying an adult side at times and jovial while remaining focused on her goals.

Because of this, she is a character that is written very well. However, I do believe that there should have been more backstory for Baek Yi Jin because he is the male lead, and we heard a number of times about his part, but we didn’t encounter him even once.

The tale was well developed, even with the supporting characters, and the consistent change between the chronologies was nicely maintained. The story was told in the first person.

Twenty Five Twenty One is a sitcom with many different themes, such as romance, drama, and comedy, but the show’s primary focus is on a coming-of-age narrative.

It’s a story about young people who perceive different colors in life, and it teaches us to understand that certain things may not be permanent, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate them while we still can.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 1 review

Twenty-five twenty was released on February 12, 2022, and the Twenty-five twenty has been one of the best Kdrama series of 2020. The series has a great storyline, and the best chemistry between the main lead couple and the characters have done an excellent job and are the power couple of 2022.

Still, the one thing which will disappoint fans is the ending as the couple didn’t end up together and the show did not have a happy ending, but the main motive of the series is to show how we should cherish our old memories and accept whatever the outcome is and move on in life.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 1 Cast review

A novel idea on the nostalgia of the past and the beauty of youth spent with friends. Reminiscent of the value of particular objects from the past that cannot be replaced by technology. Among them is, of course, a journal. I appreciate the inclusion of sports rarely broadcast on television, such as fencing, which can pique viewers’ attention.

What happened at the end of Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1?

The Last episode of Twenty-five twenty was released on April 3, 2022, and fans are eagerly waiting to know how the series will end and how the ending was a bit sad and made many fans cry as the sweetheart couple whom everyone was rooting for did not end up together.

At the end of the series the storyline shifts to the year 2021 where Na Hee-do receives the Yi-jin dairy from the shopkeeper where Yi-jin had written what he would say to Hee-do during the time of their break up, and then later scenes appear where Yi-jin was asked the question about his true love where is tells Na Hee-do’s name.

Will season 2 Of Twenty-five Twenty-one – Canceled Or Renewed?

The first season of Twenty-five twenty-one was just outstanding, and after watching season 1, fans were way too excited about the second season of Twenty-five twenty-one, but the production studio of the series has not yet decided to renew the series for season 2.

Where To Watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One?

If you want to watch this series, the only place where it is available officially is on Netflix; therefore, you can do so if you choose to. We are all aware that it is a subscription service; nonetheless, customers have access to a vast library that includes a variety of well-known television shows and movies. If you haven’t watched an episode of this show yet, you may do so right now if you haven’t already. If you haven’t already.


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