Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 ⇒ Countdown, Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Cast & News Updates

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Release date

Almost a year ago, AMC studio announced the production of the series Dark Winds, and the first episode of Dark Winds season 1 was released on June 12, 2022. The new series Dark Winds has a psychological thriller and crime drama genre, and people who love watching the crime series will enjoy the new series AMC Dark Winds.

So to know about the release date and time of upcoming episodes of Dark Winds season 1, keep reading this article till the last note.

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Overview

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Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Quick Info

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 3.1
  • Season: Dark Winds
  • Status: Season 1 (Running)
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episode: 6 (Season 1)
  • Episode No: 4
  • Episode Title: Hooghandi
  • Writer: Maya Rose Dittloff, Razelle Benally
  • Director: Chris Eyre
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Cast: Zahn McClarnon, Kiowa Gordon
  • Production: AMC Studios
  • Producer(S): Graham Roland, Kathleen DeRose
  • Music: Kevin Kiner
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: 12 Jun. 2022 (S01 EP 01)
  • Last Episode Aired: 19 Jun. 2022 (S01 EP 03)
  • Next Episode Release Date: 26 June. 2022 (S01 EP 04)
  • Available On: Amazon prime video and Hulu.

What Is The Storyline Of Dark Winds Season 1?

Finally, the new series on AMC is streaming now, and the series Dark Winds has the genre of crime drama and phycological thriller.

The series Dark Winds storyline is about two police officers, Leaphorn and Chee, in the year 1970, who will be investigating the murder case. During the investigation, they have to face the challenges to find the clues where their spiritual belief will be questioned, and this case investigation will dig into some stories related to their past.

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What Happen In The Previous Episode Of Dark Winds

Episode 1: “Monster Slayer”

In the first episode of Dark Winds, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, who will be a police officer of Navajo, will investigate a new murderer case of Hasteen and his granddaughter Anna Attcity had witnessed the helicopter robbers. And Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn will be somehow related to the Anna Attcity family. In the climax of the series, we see Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn visit Hasteen’s place, where he will find out the helicopter will be at the bottom of the reservoir along with another dead body.

Episode 2: “The Male Rain Approaches”

The second episode of Dark Winds reveals that Anna Attcity was dating Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn’s son, who was killed in an explosion. Guy, who will be Anna Attcity’s father, knew about the explosion and warned everyone but not Joe’s son. In anger, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn shot the guy’s leg, and later Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn will convenience an FBI agent Jim Chee to work with him on the murder case.

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Spoiler

Predicting Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Spoiler is proving to be difficult at the moment. Because episode 3 has only recently been released. If we learn of any new information on Dark Winds Episode 4 Spoiler, we will post it here.

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4.1

What can the viewers expect from the new series Dark Winds?

The new series Dark Winds is streaming now, and all the released episodes have been very interesting and are full of suspense and thriller.

The new series Dark Winds is crime’s previous episodes were fun to watch, and viewers enjoyed the new series on AMC. And are eagerly waiting to know what will happen in the upcoming episode of Dark Winds season 1. The third episode of Dark Winds is titled “K’e” and is going to be an interesting one with many different plot twists.

Dark Winds Season 1 Popularity

Dark Winds is back for Season 1 and it looks like fans are going to love the new episodes. The show has been gaining in popularity with each new release, and it seems that no matter what the critics say, people just can’t get enough of this hit TV series.

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Countdown

The countdown for Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 is finally here. Check out every detail on our website. Bookmark our website, and if we update anything about this topic, you can easily find out.


When Is Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Coming Out? (Release Date)

The previous Dark Winds episodes were very interesting and ended with a huge cliffhanger, making the fans impatient for the next episode. Now the fans of Dark Winds are eagerly waiting for the release date of the upcoming episode. The 4th episode is titled “Hooghandi” and will be released on July 26, 2022.

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Cast And Character

In Dark Winds season 1, we will see Zahn McClarnon will play the role of the main character Joe Leaphorn, a police officer who will be investigating a mysterious case, and Kiowa Gordon will be seen playing the role of Jim Chee, an FBI agent, whom Joe will convince to work with him to investigate on the murder case and Jessica Matten has played the role of Bernadette Manuelito, and Deanna Allison will play the role of Emma, who will be Joe’s wife. Elva Guerra will be playing the role of Sally Growing Thunder.

Dark Winds Season 1 Rating And Review


If you’ve never seen the series before and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it’s pretty good! 7.8/1 is a respectable IMDb score, and in Rottentomatoes, the show has an 89% average audience score. So definitely, this show is in my book. If you’re still undecided about seeing it, have a look at what others had to say about it after you.


Looking forward to the upcoming episode. As I lived in a log cabin on the Navajo Reservation (near Shiprock) at the same time period, this brings up a lot of memories. At the age of 21, I found myself in a completely different place. This show is bringing everything back to life. McClarnon is fantastic as well.

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How Many Episodes Will Dark Winds Season 1 Have?

Dark Winds, the drama series is running on HULU. Right now 3 episodes have been released and more episodes are on standby. The 1st season is planned to have 6 episodes.

Where Can You Watch Dark Winds?

Fans of the hit series Dark Winds can now watch the series anywhere they want! Here is a list of all the places you can watch Dark Winds. You can watch Dark Winds on Amazon prime video and Hulu.

Is Dark Winds Season 1 worth watching?

The audience judges the series based on how much rating it has received and what reviews people have given to the series, and then they start watching the series.

So if you want to watch Squid Game, then don’t think twice and start watching the series, as the series has received many positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

Is There Any Trailer For Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4

Right now there is no Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 trailer. But recently maker release a Dark Winds Season 1 trailer. If you want to enjoy the trailer then you can watch it on our website.


The new series Dark Winds season 1 is now streaming, and people waiting for the release date of upcoming episodes stay connected to our website to know about the details. And also, keep yourself updated with our website amazfeed to know the future updates of Dark Winds and check out our other articles about many popular ongoing and upcoming TV shows, Web series, movies, and anime series.

Frequently Ask Question About Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4?

1. How many episodes will Dark Winds season 1 have?

The first season of Dark Winds will have six episodes.

2. Where can I watch Dark Winds season 1?

The new series Dark Winds is streaming on Amazon prime video and Hulu.

3. Will there be a season 2 of Dark Winds?

As if now the series is not renewed for season 2.

4. Is Dark Winds season 1 based on a true story?

No, the series Dark Winds is not based on a true story.

5. Where was Dark Winds season 1 filmed?

The series Dark Winds was filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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