Yuan Zun Chapter 368 Raw Scan, Release Date, Countdown

Yuan Zun Chapter 368 Raw Scan, Release Date, Countdown

This is the story of Yuan Zhou, an artistic child who is gifted with the ability to paint and swing his paintbrush like a spear. I had seen the potential in such a story in the first few chapters, which may have begun very simplistically with several instances of the manhua simply dumping data about its power gird, which was confusing at first but developed into an exciting part of the story as it expanded, sadly lacking the more essential elements.

Yuan Zun chapter 368 Release Date

Yuan Zun chapter 368 is expected to be released on 16th December 2021. This manga received massive popularity within the premiere of just a few chapters. The fans are very much excited about chapter 368.

Yuan Zun Chapter 368 Countdown

Where to Read Yaun Chapter 368 Online?

Reading Manhua/Manhwa has become an activity that all people are engaging with; numerous platforms are being developed and released to ensure the quick creation of many reading resources. But manhwa series has become one of the major sources due to these platforms.

Now many popular reading platforms are also releasing manhwa on their platforms. The various available platforms have also been a reason for the increased intake of manhwa, as these platforms required minimal effort. But instead of online platforms, anime series are also releasing this manhwa on various websites.

Yuan Zun chapter 368 Plot

When Le Tian’s voice fell, he was only near the valley’s bottom. Nine people separated those Sword Peak disciples and rushed them into the valley of faint mist. While the area of this trough is not small, and the terrain remains somewhat complicated, when the nine figures are fanned out into an inch, they clearly cannot form a hindrance.

There are nearly ten figures outside the trough, each with a sharp eye, staring incessantly at the low valley obscured by the dense fog. Su Wan could only sigh at this scene. Some disciples of Blue Profound Peak are alongside her, although these disciples have nothing to do with Zhou Yuan.

Yuan Zun Chapter 366 Raw Scan

They will offend Le Tian and others if they wish to assist them. I’m afraid they’re also somewhat dissatisfied. She scowled and considered for a long time before shaking her head. Meixi wished she hadn’t looked at the trough. This time, she was powerless to resist. Thus, if I am to survive this situation, I must consider Zhou Yuan. It has risen.

Of course, Su Wan believes that this position is already hopeless. It is impossible for Zhou Yuan to dislodge the outstanding golden belt disciples of these Sword Peaks, led by Le Tian. Beyond the mountains, Gu Hongyi’s jade hand, via the lens of Origin Qi, is likewise observing this scene.

At this point, the movement is almost imperceptible to all of the disciples’ presents, even if there is a large number. The reverberation of the reverberation sounded. “This Zhou Yuan is similarly unlucky, but it has the potential to attract the encirclement of Sword Peak. He is also a capability. Following that, even if his purple belt is not chosen, he may also name Cang Xuan.

Yuan Zun Chapter 368 Raw Scan

No Raw scan is available for Yuan Zun chapter 366. We will update you when the raw scan will be released.

How Many chapters in Yuan Zun ?

There is a total of 367 chapters are released.

Yuan Zun chapter 368 Plot

When Will We Get To Release the First Chapter of Yuan Zun Leveling ?

Yuan Zun first chapter was released in Dec 4, 2017.

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