Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date & Where you can Watch Free

Why Her Season 1 Episode 12 release date

The previous episode of Why Her? Season 1 just aired, and everyone is already waiting for the next episode. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 like the release date, countdown, spoilers, and where to watch online. You can view it if you’re seeking crime to watch this season.

Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Overview

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Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Quick Info

Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12

Why Her Season 1 Episode 7 RECAP
  • Season: Why Her?
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • Episode: S01 Ep 12
  • Writer: Kim Ji-eun
  • Director: Park Soo-jin
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Cast: Seo Hyun-jin, Hwang In-youp, Huh Joon-ho
  • Production: Studio S
  • Music: Park Se-joon
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Origin Language: Korean
  • Available Languages: Korean
  • First Episode Aired: 3 Jun. 2022
  • Next Episode tobe Aired On: Episode 12
  • Next Episode tobe Aired On: July 9, 2022
  • Available On: SBS TV

When Is Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Coming Out? (Release Date)

Right now, Why Her? Season 1 is running. Till now, there are tenth episodes have been released. At the same time, More Episodes are on standby. Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 was released on 09 July. 2022. Why Her? According to Korean Standard Time, the program will air at 10:00 PM on SBS.

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Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Countdown

The countdown for Episode 12 of Why Her? Season 1 is finally here. Check out every detail on our website. Bookmark our website, and you can easily find out if we update anything about this topic.


What is the storyline of Why Her?

Oh Soo Jae, the youngest partner at one of the nation’s most prominent legal firms, has already demonstrated that she has what it takes to be one of the nation’s top attorneys. Soo Jae is well on her way to becoming one of TK Law Firm’s top attorneys due to her self-righteous convictions and unquenchable will to win.

However, when one of her cases takes an unexpected turn, Soo Jae is forced to watch all of her hard work crumble. Soo Jae is compelled to serve as an adjunct professor at a nearby law school due to his demotion at work.

Why Her Season 1 Episode 12 countdown

Soo Jae strives to adapt to her new position, but the ache of her relegation remains. Only after meeting Gong Chan, a university student who frequently crosses Soo Jae’s path does the pain begin to subside.

Despite carrying the burdens of a tragic past, Gong Chan’s warm heart stays strong, especially when his devotion to Soo Jae intensifies. Gong Chan, who is infatuated with Soo Jae, remains by her side even as she attempts to re-establish herself with the company.

Will her resolve and Gong Chan’s backing be sufficient to reclaim her position, or will the powers-that-be continue to force her down?

Who Will Be Part Of Why Her? Season 1? (Cast and Character)

The show features some well-known and talented actors, including.

Character NamePortrays By
Seo Hyun-jinSoo-jae
Hwang In-youpGong Chan
Bae In-hyukChoi Yoon-sang
Huh Joon-hoChoi Tae-kook
Ji Seung-hyunChoi Joo-wan
Lee Joo-wooSong Mi-rim
Kim Seon-hyukMin Young-bae
Jeon Jin-kiHa Il-goo

What Are the Ratings for the Show?

The series has received many positive reviews from its viewers and has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10 and 75% on rotten tomatoes, with an average audience score of 80% and is rated 61% on the TV guide. So based on the ratings of the series, you can easily predict that the show is pretty popular and is worth watching.

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Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Spoiler

Yoon Sang plans a meeting with the expectation that he will be able to inform Chan of the information regarding his case that has not yet been made public. On the other hand, the meeting does not go as he had planned for it too. Chan insists that Yoon Sang provide an explanation for his actions regarding the situation. While Yoon Sang explains his reasoning, Soo Jae is on the other end of the phone listening to it. Even though Chan is unaware that Soo Jae is present and listening, his concern for Soo Jae is overwhelming for Soo Jae to process.

Why Her? Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

Soo Jae is left feeling devastated after discovering what Gong Chan has kept hidden from him the entire time, and as a result, he avoids spending time with Gong Chan. She thinks back to the time when she defended Kim Dong Gu ten years ago and recalls how helpless she felt during that ordeal. While this is going on, Sung Bum makes his way to the funeral of those who were killed in the construction site accident. He is suddenly assaulted by one of the mourning family members, and he winds up in the hospital due to the incident.

Where To Watch Why Her?

If you want to watch this series, then you can watch it on SBS. It is the official platform for the series. Why Her? According to Korean Standard Time, the program will air at 10:00 PM on SBS. The broadcast times for international audiences are as follows: 6:30 PM in India, 11:00 AM in Australia, 9:00 AM in Canada, and 8:00 AM in the United States.

Is There Any News Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Trailer?

Right now, there will be no trailer For Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12. But recently, the official launch of the season 1 trailer. We hope you guys love this trailer. Enjoy the trailer below.


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Frequently Ask Question About Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12

1. How many episodes does Why Her? Season 1 have?

Why Her is a 16-episode Korean drama with weekly releases of two episodes.

2. Where can I watch Why Her?

If you want to watch this series, then you can watch it on SBS.

3. When Will We Get To Know Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date?

Why Her? Season 1 Episode 12 is scheduled to premiere on 09 July 2022.

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