Who Are Fortnite The Imagined Voice Actor?

Who Are Fortnite The Imagined Voice Actor?

It’s quite astounding how far Fortnite has progressed in the five years since its initial debut. It has grown from a small PvE game to one of the world’s largest battle royales. It has collaborated with a slew of distinct franchises and released a story spanning years during that period. The Origin is only the first step toward the game’s future. Here is everything we currently know about them.


Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is available in three separate game modes that all share the same basic gameplay and game engine: Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative hybrid tower defense-shooter-survival game for up to four players in which they fight zombie-like creatures and defend objects with traps and fortifications they can build; Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game in which up to 100 players compete to be the last person standing; and Fortnite Creative, a game in which players have complete creative control overworlds and battle arenas.

Save the World, and Battle Royale launched as early access titles in 2017, while Creative launched on December 6, 2018. While Epic Games has seen success with the Save the World and Creative modes, Fortnite Battle Royale has become an incredible success and cultural phenomenon, attracting over 125 million players in less than a year and making hundreds of millions of dollars every month. Up to December 2019, Fortnite produced $9 billion in gross revenue.

The Rock is The Foundation's voice

Who is giving the voice Origin in Fortnite?

On their official Twitter profile, Rahul Kohli revealed that they would be the voice of The Origin. This has been teased for some time, and many assumed it was Rahul Kohli’s voice prior to the formal announcement. This is their first time voicing a Fortnite unique character, but it could pave the way for future crossovers. As an in-game NPC, you can interact with him to begin some special tasks.

Who Are Fortnite The Imagined Voice Actor?

There are a few new faces in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, but none with the flair and wit of The Imagined. This guy is a member of the Seven and leads the battle against the wicked IO group. He can be found at one of the Seven Outposts in the game. The Imagined’s voice actor is unknown to the players. For the majority of anime aficionados, guessing who she is would be effortless. Cherami Leigh provides the voice for The Imagined.

Who is The Foundation?

For those unfamiliar with Fortnite‘s mythology or who haven’t played the game in years, The Foundation is a member of “The Seven,” a collection of mysterious individuals who have emerged intermittently over the game’s seasons. The Seven’s first member made an appearance in Season 3, albeit it was not immediately obvious that the individual was a member.

It is unknown where The Seven originate, despite their primary objective in the game is to stop the Imagined Order. The Seven’s initial attempt at this is what resulted in the game becoming a black hole as part of the title’s Chapter 1 end event.

Since the members of The Seven initially appeared in the game, there have been numerous fan theories about their origins and identities. One of the most prevalent hypotheses is that each member of The Seven is actually the same individual who exists in multiple realms.

The Foundation is the fourth member of The Seven to appear in the game and appears to be the group’s “chief.” Currently, three other members have not been introduced (though they are bound to appear in future seasons). The Foundation was summoned to the scene during the Zero Crisis Finale to assist in repairing Zero Point. He constructed The Spire in order to encase himself and Zero Point, only to have it opened later in Season 7.

Fans have speculated that The Rock is The Foundation’s voice – and he may have just confirmed it.

Since the game introduced The Foundation in Season 6, fans have been speculating about the identity of the voice behind this beefy figure. Despite the character’s presence in the game for several seasons, Epic Games has yet to divulge who the voice behind the character is. It didn’t help that whoever was voicing the character was using a voice distortion technique, which obscured the character’s voice.

However, it appears as though fans may finally get their answer after months of speculation.

Many speculated on which celebrity might be behind The Foundation’s voice about fan forums and elsewhere online, and many were positive it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

This notion appeared to be validated when The Rock aired a video promoting the ZOA energy drink, and fans noticed the Mask of The Foundation in the background of his refrigerator. This appeared to be sufficient confirmation for many that he was indeed the voice actor behind it all along.

While we’re unsure of The Foundation’s future position in Fortnite, another chapter-ending event is coming soon, and we’re likely to learn more about the game’s lore once the new chapter is released.

The Foundation

The Foundation appears to be stern and focused, rescuing Agent Jones from Dr. Slone on the grounds that he “promised [him] Geno.” He is also a fighter, as seen by his immediate attack on Agent Jones at the start of Chapter 2, Season 6. Despite this, he is willing to go to any length to fulfill his purpose, including self-sacrifice for the greater good.

Players learn more about his character in the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation crossover comic. He appreciates the Omniverse more than the individual realities it contains, yet he also values collaboration. He has been around for an extended period of time, telling Batman at one point that he has been researching the Zero Point for longer than he has been alive.

The Foundation possesses a variety of skills and capabilities, the most noteworthy of which is an energy ball that causes 90 damage to anyone attacking him on the island. Additionally, his armour can shield him from the island’s impacts on his memory of Loopers and The Nothing and the Black Hole event at the end of Chapter 1.

The Scientist

The Scientist, as portrayed by actor Joel McHale, is the Seven’s most outspoken member at the moment. He originally appeared as an unlockable costume in Chapter 1, Season X, where he assisted the Visitor in setting up the event that marked the death of “Athena.” The Visitor’s cassettes from this season were intended for the Scientist, as the Visitor was incapable of orchestrating his schemes alone. He also appears at the end of Chapter 2 alongside the Visitor.

Apart from his connection to the Paradigm and the Seven, little is known about him. Despite their tumultuous relationship, he appears to understand something about the Paradigm that the rest of the team does not, which excuses her departure. Loopers can determine from his audio logs that he is a little boisterous and cocky but has a decent heart. He wishes to re-establish contacts between the Paradigm and the Seven and is assisting his team in putting an end to the Imagined Order.

The Visitor

The Visitor (voiced by JB Blanc) was the first member of the Seven that the island’s Loopers encountered, appearing in Chapter 1 of Season 4. Even on his own, he is intelligent and skilled. After landing on the island, he constructed a makeshift rocket to escape the Loop, which generated additional complications when his rocket opened sideways rifts above the island.

He was also instrumental in Chapter One’s “The End” incident. His rocket, along with six others, contributed to the creation of an event that resulted in the island’s destruction (codenamed “Athena”) and the creation of the Black Hole that threw players into a frenzy for over two days. His audio records from this time period also contributed significantly to the development of future story points surrounding the Seven, the Zero Point, and Fortnite in general. His most recent appearance was in Chapter 2 alongside colleagues The Foundation and The Scientist.

The Paradigm

Much about the Paradigm is unknown at the moment, including who will portray her. Thanks to the audio records left on the island by the Scientist in Chapter 3, Loopers now know that the Paradigm and the Seven had a falling out, and she is deemed untrustworthy by the team.

According to the Scientist, Loopers can deduce she had some type of trauma when he says, “It’s difficult to assume that someone who experienced what you did would hold the line,” but what she experienced is unknown. The Scientist appears to still support her, declaring that “regardless of the past, there is no future without her.” Loopers are left to conjecture about her background, position, and allegiance until Epic Games reveals additional insight into her character.

Who Are Fortnite The Imagined Voice Actor

The Rest?

At the moment, Loopers are only aware of these four of the Seven’s purportedly seven members. It is uncertain who the remaining crew members are or what impact they will have on the island’s future fate.

We know that the tale is just beginning, and Fortnite has evolved into something much more than a Battle Royale game. It is a constant tug-of-war between forces, worlds, and the known multiverse’s fate. Additionally, it’s a place to race vehicles, attend concerts, create games, and dunk on people using emotes that children will emulate for years to come.

How To Get The Imagined Outfit?

The Imagined skin is only available in Chapter 3 of the Battle Pass for Season 2, and hence will never be available in the Item Shop. She’s on Page 4 for nine Battle Stars, and you’ll first need to unlock all of the other cosmetics on the page. The Battle Pass is not limited to the Imagined skins. Additionally, it includes her Combat Elite skin type, which has one of the legendary Seven helmets. Additionally, complete the Battle Pass. You’ll be able to unlock her Legendary Viridian style in the Bonus Reward menu found under the Battle Pass page. Given that this is without a doubt the best style, this cosmetic will cost you 20 Battle Stars.

Fortnite The Imagined Voice Actor – FAQs

1) Who is the Imagined Order's leader?

Spire Cult is the leader of the Imagined Order.

2) Who Voice The Imagined in Fortnite?

Cherami Leigh is the voice of The Imagined in Fortnite.

3) Is the visitor skin OG?

To begin, The Visitor is a Legendary skin that was unlocked during Season 4 by completing seven of the Blockbuster Challenges.

4) Who is the visitor's voice in Fortnite?

Troy Baker is one of the most recognizable voice actors in gaming, having worked in the industry since 1999. His debut video game role was as Eikichi Mishina in Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

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