Veritas Manhwa Update & Retro Review -Will Veritas Manhwa Ever Return?

veritas manhwa 2

Yoon Joon-Veritas is a Korean manhwa drawn by Kim Dong-hoon. It began with the first chapter’s release in 2005 and continued until 2010.

It is the narrative of a middle schooler named the gang Young Man, who was beaten up by many individuals in the first scene but was saved by a man for battling all six men alone and standing out. We’ve updated every piece of information on veritas on this page.

Veritas Quick Info


Veritas manhwa main character
  • Manhwa: Veritas
  • Total Chapter: 81 Chapter
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Ecchi
  • Main Characters: Gu Honse, ShinJeeha, Jinyup, Linus Vera
  • Country of Origin: Korean
  • Origin Language: English, Korean
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Chapter Released: 2005
  • Last Chapter Released On: Chapter 81
  • Last Chapter Released:2010
  • Where to Read: WebToons

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What To Expect From Veritas Manhwa?

I’m here to start a new comic book discussion series in which I’ll dissect manhwa chapters in detail. For a reason, I chose to read one of the renowned man’s works, veritus, written by young, trendy, and drawn by Kim down-home.

It is a subgenre of action martial arts known as manhwa. It is ten volumes long and has 81 chapters. It spans the years 2005 to 2010. Volume one, chapter one, is now available.

It is the narrative of a middle schooler named the gang Young Man, who was beaten up by many individuals in the first scene but was saved by a man for battling all six men alone and standing out.

Our protagonist, Ma, was so taken aback by his strength that she decided to become his teacher and teach him all there is to know about fighting to become powerful. However, the dude showed zero curiosity.

He even pleaded with him to do whatever for him in exchange for agreeing to educate him and even addressing him as Supreme Lord. Observing the boy’s resolve, the man suggested running daily for two to three hours to build his stamina.

He will then determine whether or not he wishes to instruct him. As the guy stated every day, he even forces him to perform sit-ups while hanging on the bar with his legs, similar to Dragon Fist 100, pushups and splits 2 to assess his tenacity.

Now that a whole year has gone by, the youngster has developed into a high school student who has spent the entire year following his master’s instructions. That is not a sense of annoyance. Despite this, I am still capable of matching him.

A guy was so taken with his commitment that he inquired why he wanted to be stronger than his existing strength, to which our protagonist responded with a lengthy discourse. A guy does not require justification to develop muscle. By itself, it makes complete sense.

Upon receiving this, the guy embraced him as a pupil and passed on his martial arts skills. Now that he has made them aware that great power comes great responsibility, he informs him about the technique he is about to teach him, dubbed QTL, enlightenment of Thunder, and Lightning, which entails manipulating the presence of metal elements in the atmosphere to generate Lightning.

To determine whether or not the youngster had potential, the guy offered him two months to make an imprint on a large rock utilizing the new motion he taught him. Which the youngster accomplished in less than a month.

Then he demonstrated the true power of udl and Lightning by making Lightning out of thin air. It was devilish. However, the boy’s resolve is so firm that he does not give up and diligently masters the same room.

Now that some time has gone and both are trusting, but after a period of intensive training, a guy informed him about a fight he had with some formidable opponents, which he couldn’t win and was forced to live in secret.

Additionally, he was warned of an impending fight in July. After a year of stamina training and just two months of appropriate training, the guy felt compelled to depart immediately for the greater good.

He encouraged his disciple to train diligently before that but could not guarantee their reunion. Then he learned the name of the protagonist’s master, who is a young and well-known tiger known as the Lightning. Following that, both parties bid their goodbyes.

After a year had passed since their previous encounter, a person arrived with the box to present it to the child, which seemed rather hefty to move, as the youngster soon discovered. The lightning tiger’s gloved hand.

In this chapter, we learned about a new martial arts technique known as IOTL enlightenment of Thunder. As stated in the chapter, the Minion Game has five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, with metal being the element that the Lightning Tiger specializes in manipulating and creating Lightning.

Additionally, there are additional features, which means we will learn about various people who excel in multiple aspects in future chapters. There will be an epic battle between the protagonist and those characters.

The chapter comes to an end with this. One of their guiding principles. The story has tremendous future potential. It has established a narrative in which our protagonist will now seek vengeance for his master’s death and will include some excellent martial arts battle sequences in the future.

veritas manhwa 2

Veritas manhwa main character

  • Honse, Gu
  • Jeeha, Shin
  • Jinyup
  • Linus, Vera
  • Ma, Gangryong
  • Rud, Han

How many Chapter will be included in Veritas manhwa?

Veritas manhwa Chapter list :

Chapter NoTitle
Chapter 1 Boy, Meets the Master
Chapter 2 My Name is Magangryoung!
Chapter 3 Admittence to the School
Chapter 4 The Successors of the School
Chapter 5 Lightning Fist!!
Chapter 6 Explosion! Thunder Break
Chapter 7 Enter Gu Honse
Chapter 8Successors of Heavenly Five Paths
Chapter 9 Training in Fighting
Chapter 10 Dark Fight
Chapter 11  Dark Fight II
Chapter 12  Dark Fight III
Chapter 13 Dark Fight IV
Chapter 14  Trump Card
Chapter 15  Guhoo’s Release
Chapter 16 Reckless
Chapter 17  The Battle of the Bests 1
Chapter 18  The Battle of the Bests 2
Chapter 19  The Battle of the Very Bests 3
Chapter 20  Battle of the Very Bests 3
Chapter 21 Fight Vera’s Reminiscence
Chapter 22  Vera And Gangryong
Chapter 23  The Way of EOTL
Chapter 24  Electric YoYo
Chapter 25  What Needs to Be Done Now
Chapter 26  Makihara Madoha 1
Chapter 27  Makihara Madoka 2
Chapter 28  Rud’s Reminiscence
Chapter 29  Reenter! The Nine Dragons
Chapter 30 The Nine Dragons Initation Test
Chapter 31 Nine Dragons Initiation Test 2
Chapter 32  Nine Dragons Initiation Test 3
Chapter 33  Nine Dragons Initiation Test 4
Chapter 34  Explode! Life Wish!
Chapter 35 Madoka And Chun Guesong
Chapter 36 Heart of Eotl
Chapter 37  Lightning Flash
Chapter 38  Madoka’s Reminiscence 1
Chapter 39  Madoka’s Reminiscence 2
Chapter 40 Madoka’s Reminiscence 3
Chapter 41Madoka and Chun Guesong’s Fight 1
Chapter 42 Madoka and Chun Guesong’s Fight 2
Chapter 43  Madoka and Chun Guesong’s Fight 3
Chapter 44Madoka and Chun Guesong’s Fight 4
Chapter 45  Vera’s Intrusion
Chapter 46  Vacuum Strike
Chapter 47 Kusanagi Hayato
Chapter 48  The Opened Fist of the North Successor
Chapter 49  Fight
Chapter 50 Magnetic Force Of Lightning Space
Chapter 51  Vera’s Reminiscence
Chapter 52  Yuri Linus
Chapter 53  End of All Preparations
Chapter 54 Vera’s Verdict
Chapter 55
Chapter 56  The Blue Dragon of Heaven
Chapter 57  Hayato Vs Ma Gangryong
Chapter 58  Hayato Vs Ma Gangryong 2
Chapter 59  Hayato s Confession
Chapter 60
Chapter 61  Dummy 1
Chapter 62 Dummy 2
Chapter 63 GomBangEShae 1
Chapter 64 GomBangEShae 2
Chapter 65 Confused Fight
Chapter 66 It is Rape Time!
Chapter 67  Arthur Linus
Chapter 68  Confused Fight 3
Chapter 69  Makihara Madoka
Chapter 70  Confused Fight 5
Chapter 71  Four Monchs Lacer
Chapter 72  Gangkyong`s Growth
Chapter 73  Gangryong vs. Guhoo, Shinra.
Chapter 74  Natural Born Fighter
Chapter 75  
Chapter 76  Resurrection of Gu Honse
Chapter 77  Vera Linus Veritas
Chapter 78  Vera Linus Veritas 2
Chapter 79  Vera Linus Veritas 3
Chapter 80  Vera Linus Veritas 4
Chapter 81  All Of Our Veritas

Where to Read Veritas manhwa Online?

Reading has become an activity that all people are engaging with; numerous platforms are being developed and released to ensure the quick creation of many reading resources. But manhwa series has become one of the major sources due to these platforms.

Now many popular reading platforms are also releasing manhwa on their platforms. The veritas available platforms have also been a reason for the increased intake of manhwa, as these platforms required minimal effort. But instead of online platforms, anime series are also releasing this manhwa on webtoon websites.

Frequently Ask Question About Veritas

1) Will There be a Veritas chapter 82?

There are currently no official announcements on the continuation of Veritas chapter 82.

2) How Many chapters in Veritas manhwa?

There is a total of 81 chapters.

3) How Many Volumes are in Veritas manhwa?

There is a total of 10 volumes.

4) What is Veritas?

This is a Korean Manhwa series.

5) When Will We Get To Release the First Chapter of Veritas?

Veritas manhwa’s first chapter was released in 2005.

6) When Will We Get To Release the last Chapter of Veritas?

Veritas manhwa’s first chapter was released in 2010.

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