Tower Of God Chapter 523 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan, Color Page

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan

The Zahard Army is revealed in Tower Of God Chapter 523 and the hostages that Love liberated. Sicarius of Lo Po Bia has imprisoned Love, wrapping his body in webs. Evankhell is lying on the ground, her tummy ripped open. While Love is concerned about Evankhell’s health, a mysterious white creature leads an army. Sicarius is guarding Love to prevent him from fleeing. Love understands he must respond to Evankhell’s injury in the most current chapter of Tower-of-God. However, he is concerned about the armies of monsters that have emerged from the entrance.

With so much happening concurrently, the fans have gone insane. If you’re a fan with a query about the details of the upcoming chapter, you’ve come to the proper place. Continue scrolling down to learn all you need to prepare for the next episode.

Tower of God Chapter 522 Recap

Sicarius and Love brawl, but Love uses Deception to burn and launch Sicarius. Sicarius becomes aware of his ability to see clearly following the explosion. Love arrives near the machine and realizes that if he frees the hostages, they will be able to assist them in dealing with the monsters approaching from the gate.

However, he is unsure which button will open the cell and opts to pull the large one. Sicarius understands he has run out of time, and the cell doors open. The hostages within the cell are perplexed as to who opened the doors and rushed out.

Love notices that all cells have opened, and the hostages rejoice in their hard-won liberation. However, they bear their weapons because they are prepared to battle. Love was overcome with joy and completely forgot about Sicarius, who stood behind him. However, one of the hostages with a dogface informs the others that conflict is imminent and that they will celebrate later.

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Release Date

The lady points to the approaching soldiers, and Love informs the hostages that those soldiers are members of the Zahard Army and have formed an alliance with the men who imprisoned them. Love instructed the hostages to attack the Zahard Army in order to escape.

Sicarius sees that Love has thwarted his scheme, and the hostages resolve to fight for their lives. The Zahard Army launched an all-out assault on the hostages, preventing attacks and going all-out. While Evankhell was on the ground, the hostages and the Zahard Army fought a brutal struggle.

The Lo Po Bia family leader believes the hostages are a bunch of losers. Evankhell opened her eyes as she noticed a burst of flame. The leader is perplexed as to why the hostages are willing to fight the Zahard Army. He chose to blow them all up in a single blast.

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 515 was released on 26 December 2021.

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Countdown

Tower Of God Chapter 523 English Spoilers

However, there is a much larger conspiracy at work behind the two families’ feud. Due to the fact that the Lo Po Bia family had no reason to wage a proxy war, they imposed certain restrictions. They were tasked with destroying The Fourth Army Corp and capturing Bam.

Additionally, the area contains a warp device that connects to Lo Po Bia’s main ship. And it doesn’t stop there, as Asensio reveals another warp gate. As of today, it is within the Cat Tower, putting everybody inside in grave peril.

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Raw Scan

We see Love, the test administrator for the 20th floor, in the following panel. He is prowling the area, checking to see if any mice remain. While on the lookout for them, he stumbles onto a prison where Canines are imprisoned. As he attempts to rescue them, the battleship’s warp gate opens.

Meanwhile, Baam awakens aboard the ship en route to the Nest. Rak and the New White make their way over to check on him. Baam becomes enraged at seeing the still alive man after murdering his friends. However, Hwaryun intervenes and states that there is no time for a fight now that they have arrived at The Nest.

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Raw Scan

You can read Tower Of God Chapter 523 online at a variety of places. Evankhell inquires of the commander and Sicarius whether they believe she could die as a result of such a wound. Love is relieved that Evankhell survived, and she informed them that she feigned being knocked out.

Evankhell closes the gate with fire. Within the Lo Po Bia Family’s Mothership, Branch Family Head Lo Po Bia Persues Alias White Horse converses with a soldier. Let’s arrange to meet when Tower Of God Chapter 523 becomes available.

Where to Read Tower of God Chapter 523

You can watch Tower of God Chapters on Webtoon.

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