Tower Of God Chapter 515 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan

Tower Of God Chapter 515 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan

Hoaqin arrives at Tower Of God Chapter 515. No matter what he eats or drinks, thirst overpowers him since he cannot quench it. A mysterious figure appears to be familiar with him, so he meets. After Tower of God reveals the aftermath of Bam vs. White, which we stopped because he was unconscious after too much energy consumption. White has always been youthful-looking, and thinking back to Koon confronting him with Rak; it is very accurate. Shortly after, in the latest Tower Of God chapter, Hoaqin found Vicente off deep in the forest and asked why he was there.

Vicente discussed the benefits of exercise, saying that he feels peace when reading in nature and listening to music. Vicent is to do what he feels like. Hoaqin believes that his past time is noble because it helps him manage reality. Vicente becomes aware that this is likely their second encounter, and he needs to talk with Hoaqin about some things. Vicente becomes aware that this is likely their second encounter, and he needs to talk with Hoaqin about some things. They talked about their sword, which they consider valuable when seeing it.

Legend says that this blade never stains after cutting a person. The two of them realize that the warriors in their family are all aiming for it. Vicente realises that Hoaqin has been aiming for Vicent’s goal. Hoaqin wonders if Vicente summoned him to interrogate or consult with him, but is unsure of his intention. Vicent reminds him of his strength, yet he is perplexed as to why Hoaqin seems perennially nervous. Hoaqin reveals to us that Vicente is educated and gifted (but) he never moves forward.

Tower of God Chapter 514 Recap

Vicente and Hoaqin had a heart-to-heart, and he adds that he is at peace, although he is improving quietly. Hoaqin taunts Vicente and believes he speaks like an older man. However, he is concerned about the unsatisfied thirst. Vicente inquires as to what this is, and Hoaqin wonders that it is for strength. Hoaqin continues, “The more powerful he becomes, the greater his thirst for strength.” Vicente believes it is natural, and he cannot allow himself to be concerned about such things. Hoaqin recognizes Vicente’s point, but he is fearful of exceeding his limit and becoming too strong, which might have negative implications.

The two realize they are carrying their father’s blood, which wields superhuman strength. Huoqin described how he craves that strength and how his father wields such abilities, and how he believes he will obtain it on his own. At Rak and Koon’s side, Rak examines White, who has assumed his youthful appearance and inquires as to whether White is their adversary or not. White looks down, but his expression has altered, and he informs them that the choice is theirs. The two realize to terms with the fact that they have allowed White to enter the inner realm. The two were witnesses to a big explosion, which brought Asensio to the scene.

Tower Of God Chapter 515 Release Date

Asensio realizes the guy is White and believes he can defeat him because he has shrunk in size and has short hair. White told them not to fight because he bore no animosity against them and spoke about Hoaqin and his father. Rak is perplexed as to why they should not simply eliminate him. White clarifies, but Bam remains unconscious. They talked about the turns and the game, which is time-limited. They both agreed to avoid conflict and proceeded to the finish line.

Tower Of God Chapter 515 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 515 was released on October 31 2021, at the finish line, Koon wonders why they are following him. They both stop while wondering if they will all jump in. Koon talks about reaching the princess, and they’ll discuss that request. It also revealed Bam has reached its destination and is undergoing more things onsite there. The third wall in front of the nest would soon welcome that they had captured this area’s nests faster than other teams did.

Tower Of God Chapter 515 English Spoilers

There are some days left before the scans are released for fans to read.

Tower Of God Chapter 515 Discussion

While we wait for the raw scans to be made available online, let’s analyze the upcoming chapter and consider some fan predictions.

Who is this mysterious enemy?

Bam eventually vanquished White for good and absorbed all of his abilities, becoming stronger as a result.

This power-up was critical in order for him to defeat the upcoming formidable adversaries. It’s fortunate that he strengthened his resolve prior to reaching the final checkpoint where his teacher is being held.

For the time being, Bam is unconscious, and Khun has him in his lighthouse. Khun now has an excellent squad, and in the previous episode, they all arrived at the third stone tower, which housed Ha Jinsung.

Even Ha Jinsung is concerned about Bam, which is why he does not want him to visit the tower.

Is this a division commander or a tower soldier? Nothing is certain at the moment. His identity will be revealed in the upcoming Tower Of God Chapter 515.

Tower Of God Chapter 515 Discussion

Will Bam win?

In Khun’s lighthouse, Bam is being healed. Khun, Rak, Ascensio, and the time of the team will take cautiously toward the third stone tower.

Bam requires time to recuperate and will not be able to rush to the stone tower to rescue his instructor until he regains his power. If you thought the fight against White was difficult, just wait until the following fight.

If Ha Jinsung is concerned about Bam, then there is almost certainly a powerful guy waiting for him there.

If it is not a division commander, King Jahad may rescue someone to deal with this matter.

The next fight will undoubtedly be a significant obstacle for Bam, and if he prevails, he will undoubtedly get the authority and right to ascend higher in the tower.

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