Tokyo Revengers 231 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scan

Tokyo Revengers 231 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scan

The last arc of Tokyo Revengers has been providing us, manga lovers, with plenty of recent fights. In the forthcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231, the famous battle between the peerless and unmatched will continue. Prior to the continuation of the struggle between Senju and the South, we discover more about Takeomi’s backstory. Additionally, the chapter concentrates on Black Dragon’s founding members – Takeomi Akashi, Shinichiro Sano, Keizo Arashi (Benkei), and Wakasa Umaushi.

Takeomi was the most dreaded vice-captain of that age, and he earned the moniker “God of War.” His choice always determined the outcome of the conflict.

Tokyo Revengers 231 Confirms Release Date in 2021! Plot & Spoiler, Raw Scan · Know in detail!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Recap

Before we dive into chapter 231 spoilers, let’s take a moment to recall what happened in the most recent chapter of the series. ‘Get Stuck-Up,’ Chapter 230, is essentially Takeomi’s entire backstory.

Takeomi notices that Sano is different from them, and they dub him “The Weak King.” Sano avoids fighting with stronger men, has never won a battle, and has never turned into a crybaby. However, those who oppose him grow to like and befriend him. He was the type of guy who was perpetually bruised from beatings. Some label him a loser in combat and love, but Sano couldn’t care less because it meant nothing to him. Benkei and Waka were enamored with Sano and were by his side at all times. Takeomi also played a role in the film.

They convened one day and discussed becoming a group. Takeomi will serve as their vice-captain, Sano explains. Takeomi could not believe it, and he rose to the position of vice-captain of Japan’s largest gang. When the crew members see Takeomi, they constantly yell, “God of War!” However, Takeomi got arrogant as a result of the title God of War. The First Generation Black Dragon quickly rose to prominence as Japan’s No. 1 and was a big hit. Sano believed that no one was stronger than them, and the moment for bullying had arrived. It’s rain money for Takeomi wherever he goes, as he is treated like a VIP.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Release Date

Takeomi maintained the lifestyle of a gang member following the disbandment of the Black Dragons. He relished the luxuries of life, but this did not persist indefinitely. He eventually ran into financial difficulties and became in debt. Senju informs him five years later that she wishes to confront Mikey. She desired to establish her own gang as a result of this. Benkei and Waka were supportive, knowing that no one had ever beaten her in Waka’s gym.

Returning to the current struggle, Takeomi begins by lamenting his failure to Brahman and his loss of Senju’s trust. Senju reassures him that nothing is his fault, as she is also involved in this. She intends to overcome the South in order to reclaim her position as Brahman’s leader.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Release Date

The conflict between Kawaragi and Terano came to a halt for a bit of a moment as the author brought us back in time to offer us a peek of Akashi Takeomi’s history. Tokyo Revengers’ upcoming chapter is scheduled for publication. Since South survived that fatal blow, The Unmatched vs. The Unparalleled has continued. On Wednesday, November 17th, 2021, we will be able to read the official publication of Chapter 231.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Spoilers

Now that we’re all caught up let’s jump straight into the spoilers for chapter 332. Warning, however, while some raws for the future chapter have already been released, there are verified spoilers below.

Chapter 231, dubbed Blood-Chilling, has two fights that have been building in intensity over the last couple of chapters. Of course, these two fights are Mikey vs. Kakucho and South vs. Senju, which were hinted at in the previous episode.

What may surprise you is that in the Mikey vs. Kakucho bout, it appears as though Mikey is taking the brunt of the blows. As leaks and raws have revealed, Mikey is preoccupied with Draken throughout the twos fight, as Kakucho beats on him. Mikey never fights back or blocks; he simply allows himself to be hit and is entirely unresponsive the entire time. Mikey continues, Kenshin, it’s already empty, and we see Mikey succumb to his dark impulses as an aura forms behind him and his soulless eyes become furious.

Returning to South’s altercation, we witness Takemitchi attempting to mediate the conflict between the two gang leaders. However, South merely pushes Takemitchi aside, but when he touches him, Takemitchi feels something. Takeuchi has been able to glimpse South’s near future since they made touch, and South has died.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Raw Scan

Takemitchi is taken aback; something or someone harmful must have killed South. However, before he can complete that idea, South storms towards Senju, only to be stopped by Kakucho. As the fighter’s body swings forward and lands directly in front of South, he is rendered immobile. When South turns to see who had beaten Kakucho so severely, he notices that every member of Brahman, Rokuhara Tandai, and Kanto Manji is unconscious, with Mikey towering over them all.

South locks his gaze with Mikey’s as he attempts to ignore the insane expression in his eye. Meanwhile, he muses in his brain on how shocked he is that Mikey defeated Kakucho so easily. Takemitchi also adds in his monologue how he gets shivers when he stares at his old pal. The story concludes with Mikey approaching South and confronting him. Assuring us of an epic battle in next week’s chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Raw Scan

The raw scans for Tokyo Revengers chapter 231 are not yet available. We will keep you updated here as raw scans for the latest chapter become available.

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

Tokyo Revengers is available on a variety of platforms. You may find a list of these streaming services on Kodansha’s official website. We do not recommend reading manga on any unauthorized platform or website. You can purchase Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in Japan to read the latest Tokyo Revengers chapters. Alternatively, Kodansha’s official website offers several digital platforms through which international fans can purchase all manga volumes.

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