The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22 ⇒ Ending and final recap, Release Date, Everything we know so far

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22 Release date

The 90’s animated series is like a gem, and The Simpsons are one of them. No matter how many seasons the series will bring, we are always excited to watch the new episode of the popular animated series The Simpsons. Even though popular ’90s sitcom series have given us enough entertainment and comedy, people still demand to watch the series’ new seasons. And to know more additional information about the new season of The Simpsons, read our article.

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22 Overview

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The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22 Quick Info

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22.1
  • Series Name: The Simpsons
  • No. of Seasons: 33
  • Total No Of Episode: 731
  • Episode No: 22
  • Episode Title: Poorhouse Rock
  • Writer: Matt Groening, James L. Brooks
  • Director: Mike B. Anderson, Jim Reardon
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Cast: Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer
  • Production: Fox Television Animation
  • Music: Alf Clausen, Richard Gibbs
  • Country of Origin: United State
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: 2 Sep. 1990 (S01 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired: 3 Jun. 2022 (S33 EP21)
  • Next Episode to be Aired: 5 Jun. 2022 (S33 EP22)
  • Release Time: 8:00 Pm EST
  • Available On: Fox Network

What is the plot of The Simpsons?

The popular 90’s animated sitcom series The Simpsons follow the storyline of the Simpsons family, and the head of the family is Homer, who has the job of a safety inspector and who is a father to three kids and married to Marge Bouvier, who is a housewife with a stereotypical mindset. The elder kid is Bart, who is ten years old. An eight-year-old daughter named Lisa is always an activist, and the third kid is a baby who doesn’t speak and communicates through a pacifier.

In the series, we will see the stories about the Simpsons family and the way they bond and care about each other.

The Simpsons Season 33 Final Recap

The new season 33 of The Simpsons has finished streaming all the 22 episodes. In The Simpsons season 33, we saw how all the family members worked to help the other family members by always having each other back. When the grandpa got scammed by the phone scammer, all the family members went on a mission to help grandpa get his money back. In the last episode of the Simpsons season 33, we saw after getting humiliated by his son Homer tries to teach his son lessons about respecting his father.

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22.2

The Simpsons Season 33 Voice Artist

This show features some well-known and talented voice artists, including

  • Dan Castellaneta plays the role of Homer Simpson.
  • Bart Simpson, portrayed by Nancy Cartwright
  • Harry Shearer portrayed Ned Flanders.
  • Julie Kavner portrays Marge Simpson.
  • Yeardley Smith playing the role of Lisa Simpson
  • Hank Azaria portrays Moe Szyslak
  • Tress MacNeille plays Agnes Skinner
  • Maggie Roswell portraying Helen Lovejoy
  • Martin Prince, portrayed by Russi Taylor
  • Joe Mantegna portrays Fat Tony

The Simpsons Season 33 Ending Explain

Grampa gets in touch with an old colleague from their days working in the hamburger industry.

When a mysterious singing janitor pays them a visit, everything they thought they knew about the show’s characters and their world is turned upside down.

How was The Simpsons Season 33 review

Yes, fans are very happy with this new season of The Simpsons and have loved watching all the episodes of The Simpsons season 33.

The popular anime sitcom series The Simpsons has never disappointed its viewers for so many years, and now the series has yet to give an outstanding season for its viewers.

And the new season of The Simpsons released all the episodes of season 33. It concluded the season on 22 May 2022, and this new season has grabbed viewers’ attention just like the previous seasons. All who have watched this latest season have given many positive reviews for The Simpsons season 33.

The Simpsons Season 33 Popularity

The new season of The Simpsons is trending, and the audience who have watched season 33 have given positive responses. Many viewers have given reviews on this new season and have enjoyed watching all the 22 episodes of The Simpsons season 33. Due to the Popularity of season 33, the series is renewed for another season.

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Will there be Simpsons season 34?

The Simpsons season 33 came to an end on 22 May 2022 and released 22 episodes in the 33, and after the season ended, the production studio of The Simpsons announced the news of The Simpsons season 34 renewal.

So it is confirmed that The Simpsons will come back for another season and will soon declare the release date and time of The Simpsons season 34.

The Simpsons Season 34 Expected Release date & time

After a great season, we expect the series to come back for another season and give us more entertainment. And The Simpsons has announced that it will come back for season 34, and The Simpsons season 34 is expected to be released in early 2023.


The Simpsons animated series has given never-ending entertainment to its viewers and recently aired its season 33.

And after The Simpsons season 33 was concluded, the series got renewed for another season. The production Studio will soon announce all the details of the upcoming season, so stay in touch with our website amazfeed to know all the related information about The Simpsons season 34.

Frequently Ask Question About The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 22?

1) Is The Simpsons ending in 2023?

The Simpsons will be coming to an end after releasing the 34th season.

2) When did Simpsons season 34 come out?

The Simpsons season 34 is expected to come out in early 2023.

3) How many Simpsons episodes are there till 2022?

The Simpsons is a sitcom animated series that released its first season on 17 December 1989. In 2022, the series concluded its season 33 with 22 episodes by making 728 episodes after season 33. The Simpsons series is now renewed for season 34.

4) Will The Simpsons ever end?

After releasing season 34 in 2023, the production Studio of The Simpsons has decided to end the show.

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