The Breaker New Waves manhwa Update & Retro Review Everything You Need To Know In 2021

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The Breaker New Waves is a manhwa series written and illustrated by Kim Jin Ho. It is the sequel to The Breaker, in which the protagonist, Wol-ryung the breaker, has the power to destroy anything in his path.

The Breaker New Waves manhwa is a Korean webcomic adaptation of the manga series. The Breaker has been translated to English and released with a chapter every Tuesday pending publication in Korean. It follows the story of two people, Shi-Woon and Soo-ah, who come from different worlds and have to work together to save their homeworld in the face of an invasion. If you want more information about The Breaker New Wave manhwa then go through this article.

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The Breaker New Waves Summary

He decides to leave the realm of Murim after his instructor Goomoonryong destroys his ki-center, rendering him unable to perform his martial arts. He plans to live his everyday life, including attending school and returning home to his mother daily, with his mother as his only companion. Murim, on the other hand, has different plans.

The Breaker New Waves manhwa chapter 191

Following his discovery as the lone real pupil of Goomoonryong and his subsequent entrustment with the Phoenix Medallion of the Sunwoo Clan by Lady Sosul—making him the interim head of the Sunwoo Clan—the world of Murim is not so ready to see Shioon go. As a result of his newfound authority, foes Shioon has never seen before continue to materialize in front of him, including the group known as Soldiers Under Command. Because they are concerned about their financial well-being, they are determined to have him removed from the scene. But how would Shioon protect himself if he didn’t have his ki-center?

The Breaker New Waves Plot

The story starts when Shiwoon, who has resigned from his post as leader of the Sunwoo Clan, is the next character to appear in New Waves. On the other hand, The Martial Arts Alliance is losing its hold on the world, and a new force known as the SUC begins tormenting ordinary individuals under the guise of the Nine Arts Dragon, which is a slang term for the NAD(Nine Arts Dragon). Shiwoon gets to know Sera Kang, who becomes his friend, who appears in the story.

Who orchestrates a series of events that result in the effective restoration of Shiwoon’s Qi-center. In response to discovering the existence of SUC, Shiwoon decides to eliminate them to clear his teacher’s reputation of tarnishing.

The Breaker New Waves Overview

The Breaker New Waves is the most eagerly awaited chapter to air. Those who adore fiction are more eager to know the upcoming chapter of The Breaker Release Date so that they may enjoy reading the chapter online. Please read on for additional important information about the upcoming chapter of The Breaker before you continue.

RatingAverage  4.8 / 5
Rank1st, it has 55.4K monthly views
Author(s)Jeon Geuk-jin
Artist(s)Jin-Hwan Park
Genre(s)Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts
Total Chapter203

The Breaker New Waves Character

Even though there has been no official announcement of the upcoming The Breaker chapter, We can, however, expect practically every character to return if the new chapter is indeed scheduled to premiere. Also we can expected some of famous name. There are some new recurring and side parts that we may see in the following chapter, in addition to the majority of them returning.

The show features some over power character, including

Han Chun Woo: He appears to be the commander of Shi-Woon Yi as well as an adversary of the Murim.

Shi-Woon Yi: A key protagonist in the storey, he is Han Chun Woo’s first apprentice and the story’s central character.

Kwon Jinie: She appears to be the granddaughter of Kwon-Jae Kyu, as well as a member of the Sun-Woo family.

Kwon-Jae Kyu: He appears to be the next in leadership of the Sun-Woo family and one of the 10 teachers at Murim.

Hyuk So-Chun: He appears to be the deputy head of both the Murim nation and the Heavenly Way School.

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The Breaker New Waves Rating & Review

If i talking about the rating of The Breaker New Waves manhwa, it’s quite good. On official website this manhwa got 4.8/5 star.

Considering the breaker’s New waves story, I would give it an 8 out of 10 ratings. Overall, I would say that, even though the story is very ” simple,” it does an excellent job of creating tension and keeping you interested in what is going to happen in the following chapter. The key characters all grow well and are allowed to flesh out their personalities, which makes the primary group quite appealing and allows you to become fully immersed in the events around them.

One of the most beautifully rendered action series ever created. There is no difficulty following the fights, the characters look fantastic, and the settings are pretty well done. The art expresses moments of action so well that it causes your heart to race, moments of grief so effectively that it forces you to cry, and moments of humor so effectively that it causes you to laugh simply by looking at it.

The Breaker New Waves manhwa chapter 197

I would recommend New Waves to anybody looking for a well-developed action series with a strong primary cast of characters and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wishing for the next installment to arrive sooner rather than later.

Where to Read The Breaker New Waves

Amazfeed does not promote any form of piracy. Go and read this manhwa from webtoons legally and support the creator. Thank You.

How Many Chapter And Volume The Breaker New Waves Have?

When it comes to manhwa or manga, it’s very much important that the manhwa or manga is divided into a chapter or volume. Because of the volume and chapter, it is easy to read for a reader. It is easy to understand for a reader how long the manhwa is?

The most popular manhwa series of the past decade has been The Breaker New Waves. The story follows a talented young fighter named Shi-Woon as he trains to become the best and track down his father’s killer. There are currently 13 volumes and 203 chapters.

For more episode information Click Here.

Frequently ask question about  The Breaker New Waves

1) Is any chapter of the breaker new waves is coming?

No, the breaker new waves manhwa was completed and no other chapter is coming.

2) How many chapter the breaker new waves have?

Total 203 chapter the breaker new waves manhwa have.

3) Is the manga series Breaker: New Waves completed?

Yes, the breaker new waves Manhwa was completed.

4) When the last chapter of the breaker new waves is coming?

The last chapter of the breaker new waves is already released. The first chapter was released on Oct 8, 2010, while the final chapter was released on May 8, 2015.

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