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    Despite the fact that it currently has only 54 chapters, The Boxer is a near-masterpiece (except the Hiatus Special Episodes). Jeong Ji-hun, a South Korean webcomic artist who goes by the moniker JH, is written and illustrated. The summary of this comic in the Webtoon app does not reveal much, so I’ll attempt to review it without giving away any spoilers.

    As the title implies, this is a boxing manhwa with numerous main characters. While one character certainly receives more time than the others, the others cannot be written off as secondary characters.

    The Boxer Plot

    The first episode begins with a famed boxing coach, K (yep, that is his given name), paying a visit to a little gym to assess their most skilled boxer. His objective is to train just one more world champion before officially retiring. Thus, this story follows the path of the person he selects to train, to outdo his prior student’s accomplishments, and inspire this new student to earn championship belts in not just his own weight class, but in every weight class. However, that is merely the coach’s objective. His new student is fascinating in his own right. And this story is not devoid of intriguing characters.

    Try the first 15 chapters; if they don’t pique your interest, it’s probably not for you. Although the first four chapters should be sufficient to pique your interest in this story.

    The Boxer Chapters

    ChapterChapter NameOfficial Release Date
    Chapter 1The GeniusMay 28, 2020
    Chapter 2The OmenMay 28, 2020
    Chapter 3Build-UpMay 28, 2020
    Chapter 4The Night BeforeJun 4, 2020
    Chapter 5Courage JunJun 11, 2020
    Chapter 6The Bitter StruggleJun 18, 2020
    Chapter 7The StrongJun 25, 2020
    Chapter 8The RiseJul 2, 2020
    Chapter 9The WeakJul 9, 2020
    Chapter 10The OutcomeJul 16, 2020
    Chapter 11A New WorldJul 23, 2020
    Chapter 12The Gift (1)Jul 30, 2020
    Chapter 13The Gift (2)Aug 6, 2020
    Chapter 14The First OpponentAug 13, 2020
    Chapter 15The Debut MatchAug 20, 2020
    Chapter 16The Sinner (1)Aug 27, 2020
    Chapter 17The Sinner (2)Sep 3, 2020
    Chapter 18The Sinner (3)Sep 10, 2020
    Chapter 19The WaveSep 17, 2020
    Chapter 20Qasim Al-JahadSep 24, 2020
    Chapter 21The Amused (1)Sep 28, 2020
    Chapter 22The Amused (2)Oct 1, 2020
    Chapter 23The SeriousOct 5, 2020
    Chapter 24RestOct 8, 2020
    Chapter 25The Lightweight Division KingOct 12, 2020
    Chapter 26The Artist (1)Oct 15, 2020
    Chapter 27The Artist (2)Oct 19, 2020
    Chapter 28Lightweight Title MatchOct 22, 2020
    Chapter 29The Perfection of TechniqueOct 26, 2020
    Chapter 30MonsterOct 29, 2020
    Chapter 31The Lightweight Division World ChampionNov 2, 2020
    Chapter 32Everyone Has Their Own StoryNov 5, 2020
    Chapter 33Jayov 9, 2020
    Chapter 34The Rock Strategy (1)Nov 12, 2020
    Chapter 35The Rock Strategy (2)Nov 16, 2020
    Chapter 36The Rock Strategy (3)Nov 19, 2020
    Chapter 37LifeNov 23, 2020
    Chapter 38ShadowNov 26, 2020
    Chapter 39InvasionNov 30, 2020
    Chapter 40Relationship (1)Dec 3, 2020
    Chapter 41Relationship (2)Dec 7, 2020
    Chapter 42HeroDec 10, 2020
    Chapter 43Hero (2)Dec 14, 2020
    Chapter 44Hero (3)Dec 17, 2020
    Chapter 45AntiheroDec 21, 2020
    Chapter 46BreakthroughDec 24, 2020
    Chapter 47Proof (1)Dec 28, 2020
    Chapter 48Proof (2)Dec 31, 2020
    Chapter 49Proof (3)Jan 4, 2021
    Chapter 50GratitudeJan 7, 2021
    Chapter 51The Finish LineJan 11, 2021
    Chapter 52iatus Special Episode (1)Jan 14, 2021
    Chapter 53Hiatus Special Episode (2)Jan 18, 2021
    Chapter 54Hiatus Special Episode (3)Jan 21, 2021
    Chapter 55Hiatus Special Episode (4)Jan 25, 2021
    Chapter 56Hiatus Special Episode (5)Jan 28, 2021
    Chapter 57Prelude to War (1)Feb 4, 2021
    Chapter 58Prelude to War (2)Feb 8, 2021
    Chapter 59Prelude to War (3)Feb 11, 2021
    Chapter 60Date (1)Feb 15, 2021
    Chapter 61Date (2)Feb 18, 2021
    Chapter 62CatastropheFeb 25, 2021
    Chapter 63An Eye for an EyeMar 4, 2021
    Chapter 64DealMar 11, 2021
    Chapter 65PredatorMar 18, 2021
    Chapter 66Siblings (1)Mar 25, 2021
    Chapter 67Siblings (2)Apr 1, 2021
    Chapter 68Siblings (3)Apr 8, 2021
    Chapter 69ChristmasBGMApr 15, 2021
    Chapter 70StruggleApr 22, 2021
    Chapter 71BloodBGMApr 29, 2021
    Chapter 72FamilyMay 6, 2021
    Chapter 73Acceleration (1)May 13, 2021
    Chapter 74Acceleration (2)May 20, 2021
    Chapter 75Mohawk (1)May 27, 2021
    Chapter 76Mohawk (2)Jun 3, 2021
    Chapter 77Mohawk (3)Jun 10, 2021
    Chapter 78LuckJun 17, 2021
    Chapter 79BwahahahahaJun 24, 2021
    Chapter 80Destiny (1)Jul 1, 2021
    Chapter 81Destiny (2)Jul 8, 2021
    Chapter 82Destiny (3)Jul 15, 2021
    Chapter 83Destiny (4)Jul 22, 2021
    Chapter 84The Calm Before the StormJul 29, 2021
    Chapter 85The FightAug 5, 2021
    Chapter 86The Battle (1)Aug 12, 2021
    Chapter 87The Battle (2)Aug 19, 2021
    Chapter 88War (1)Aug 26, 2021
    Chapter 89War (2)Sep 2, 2021
    Chapter 90Monster (1)Sep 9, 2021
    Chapter 91Monster (2)Sep 16, 2021
    Chapter 92Monster (3)Sep 23, 2021

    More The Boxer Chapters are Coming Soon!

    The Boxer Characters

    Although it appears at first that the story is entirely focused on a single guy and his voyage, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that this story features multiple primary characters and their adventures. It also contains some intriguing twists. The author is an expert at foreshadowing, and it’s always a pleasure to read a story in which all the hints and clues are sprinkled throughout…some of which you catch, some of which you don’t. All heading to a reveal, but what makes it enjoyable is when you piece together the clues and guess what they lead to, just to have your guess verified by the author.

    The Boxer Characters

    Additionally, you know how sometimes in anime, right before the protagonist does a new finishing technique, they cut to a little flashback or filler episode of the protagonist training…

    Strongest Characters in the boxer

    • Aaron TideHangul (Heavyweight champion)
    • Yu ( Current Light Weight Champion )
    • SteelHangul (professional boxer ranked 3rd in the country in the super-middleweight division)
    • Takeda Yuto ( Welter Weight )
    • Injae
    • Jean Pierre Manuel ( Former light weight champion )
    • Kassem Al Hajad ( defeated 1000 boxers in a row )
    • Ryo Baeksan ( Genius Boxer )
    • Gang AmseokHangul ( Professional Boxer 40 match 24 win 14 loss 2 draw )
    • Santorino FabrizoHangul (Middle Weight Champion)

    The Boxer Review

    The Boxer Story Review

    The story begins with the introduction of the character. Yu, who is still a child, meets an unknown individual wearing boxer gloves, who provides motivation for Yu, who is abandoned on the side of the road. The scene then shifts to a gym, where Ryu Baeksan is introduced to a fighting genius with amazing elasticity and flexibility. Along with Ryu Baeksan, we meet the great coach K, who has introduced five boxers to world championships.

    After Ryu Baeksan vanquished his enemy, K was unsatisfied since the enemy was too weak, preventing Ryu from reaching his full potential. Finally, K requests that the gym management put Ryu to the test against the gym’s strongest boxer. As a consequence, Ryu was defeated. While discussing Ryu, K happened to notice Yu getting beaten by a thug outside the gym. And this concludes the first episode.

    The storyline moves fairly in this webcomic because few characters are introduced, and each character’s backstory is only quickly explained. Additionally, disagreements and battles are shown prominently in the early episodes. This is great for action comics that wish to increase the level of adrenaline.

    The Boxer Characterizations Review

    When I see Yu, I’m reminded of my favorite character from the Attack On Titan manga, Captain Levi. His gloomy aura was the same. A person’s aura who has endured pain since childhood. His apathy about everything makes us feel strange and makes us quiver with fear.

    Additionally, we see Ryu Baeksan’s harsh character as he makes a little gang that plays with the weak people around them. Additionally, the incredibly ambitious character of K is revealed through the talks of other characters, who state that he is willing to traverse the world in search of his final athlete, despite the fact that he tests Yu by trying to hit him from behind (this is a battery).

    The Boxer

    The Boxer Image Review

    The image looks neat, despite us seeing a lot of rough lines, which actually adds to the impression this manhwa is dark. The background is kept simple. Faces are well-drawn too. The facial expressions are well-drawn. The color that is bad and has been used is also good. Decorated with whites, grays, blacks, reds, and blues only. The hair color of the characters are also given certain traits that are easily recognized.

    This webtoon has a rating of 3 from me. I gave the manhwa a 3 because it is not long-winded and matches the atmosphere with good art. The characters are strong and stick out to readers. Yu has some kind of bizarre natural talent that makes me captivated while I am reading. Seeing the game was also awesome too. In one of the introductory chapters that tell a lot about Yu’s background, when I met him strictly, Onii-chan was immediately contacted. To the extent that it is impossible for us to understand what happened because there are no words or details to make one feel sympathetic.

    The Boxer Art & Action

    When the action occurs, you can literally feel the movement through the screen; it’s that fluid. Additionally, its action scenes have a shonen feel to them. One thing I despise is thin guys landing forceful blows. Although I have never watched a boxing bout, that seems irrational. That is one of the comic’s shonen characteristics.

    Here’s a quote from the comic’s Ep.8 written by someone claiming to be an ex-boxer: Additionally, the comic does an excellent job with its backstories. Indeed, a little too well.

    The Boxer Art & Action

    Why The Boxer is so mind-blowing?

    • The build-ups to the matches are quite well executed.
    • Every match has its own specific opponent at hand that’s always interesting.
    • Impacting is the word which suits the mental state symbolism of these fighters.

    This Webtoon goes to 890K people. They are updated weekly, this is really cool!

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