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    Meet the Skeleton Soldier, a pitiful but fiercely devoted warrior who serves Lady Succubus. Its hopes for a tranquil existence with her are dashed when they are both brutally slaughtered one day by a bunch of warriors. However, what would have been a depressing conclusion for an unremarkable soul sparks a fresh beginning. When the Skeleton Soldier reopens its eyes, it has journeyed back in time 20 years! “I must warn Lady Succubus of the impending doom!” However, with no particular combat talents and a track record of failure and defeat, how can it prevent the heinous events from repeating themselves? Follow the Skeleton Soldier on its most perilous adventure ever.


    Skeleton was only a standard Skeleton Soldier subordinated to the Demon Lord Baal.

    His human origins are unclear. His grave, where his remains are interred, contained no indications of his past. His tombstone had been scratched so badly that they couldn’t even read his name.

    Although Skeleton was previously believed to be resurrected by a low-ranking necromancer named Rubia, new chapters suggest otherwise.

    Story Progression Lifes an Rebirths

    No Name’s first life, despite being his weakest, was oddly his longest-lived. Rubia, his necromancer, was killed shortly after his resurrection, but whoever murdered her killed him. The war between humans started ten years ago, the fruition of which was the descent to Earth’s surface by George Tesso and his Fifteen friends.

    During the reign of the Demon Lords, No Name became a Baal disciple. Later on, the humans revolted against the Demon Lords and defeated them all. Following the war, No Name was effectively adopted by a Succubus and voluntarily made him her personal lieutenant. He and Lady Succubus were ambushed and eventually killed twenty years after his resurrection.

    After eliminating the two mercenaries chasing Rubia, the duo flees East for the Yublam city. Once they arrive, Rubia enters the city alone in order to purchase armour for No Name, whose appearance has caused panic throughout human civilization. No Name is patiently awaiting Rubia’s return. For three days and nights. Only to discover someone transporting a cart outside the city and dumping Rubia’s now-dead body.

    A person leaves the city in pursuit of her not long after her body is disposed of. No Name interrogates him about Rubia and discovers that the primary suspect in Rubia’s death was an inn owner from within the city. With this knowledge, he sneaks into Yublam and assaults and tortures the Inn Owner. The Inn Owner reveals the existence of the Necron Society among the guards through inquiry. However, he is unwilling to reveal any additional information because the snake tattoo on his neck is killing him.

    Recognizing the necessity to strengthen himself in order to protect anyone, No Name makes his way to the Specter’s Charnel House> dungeon. A dungeon of the Cave type filled with skeletons for leveling and training. Initially, No Name intended to leave when he saw the dungeon was teeming with other skeletons. However, he is cruelly assassinated by the Dungeon Boss before he can leave. This is why the Skeleton Soldier is responsible for the skeleton boss’s demise. After killing the boss, he is presented with a quest window instructing him to swing his sword 10,000 times in order to obtain the Swordsmanship Skill. Without eating or sleeping, No Name trains in the dungeon’s absence.

    Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon Background

    While he is training, a party of three enters the dungeon expecting to see weak skeletons, only to encounter the armored Skeleton. No Name asks that they leave because he is utilising the place for training purposes but is challenged by a knight encouraged by Rena. After learning that the armoured soldier was actually a skeleton, the knight assaults No Name, only to be quickly killed. The final member of the party retreats, only to have Rena hurl a dagger at her back. As No Name prepares to turn his sword against Rena, she quickly surrenders and introduces herself as a T&T Guild member. An organization whose mission is to surround and serve underworld-type companies. No Name, first indifferent, asks her value as a source of information and inquires about the Necron Society.

    A little more interaction with Rena initiates the quest “Rena’s Story,” which asks No Name for assistance in promoting Rena to Branch Manager of the T&T Guild.

    With the establishment of a business partnership between the two. Rena shares the information she has about the Necron Society with No Name. Rena needs to advance inside the T&T guild to gather more specific information, so she offers a strategy. She’ll transport her assassination targets into the dungeon, where he’ll eliminate them. Serving as a training ground for him and a source of pride for her.

    Months pass under this arrangement as No Name gains strength by killing the humans Rena lures into the dungeon. Following one of these assassinations, No Name discovers books amid the loot. Among them was ‘The Unsightly Magician,’ a book that appears to criticise magicians but discovers that his Wisdom Stat had increased simply by reading the book. After reading the other books, he discovers that the only other book that has the same effect is ‘The Unofficial Guide to Armed Forces Around the World’. This is the first time No Name discovers that the author of the two books is Kevin Ashton.

    After 182 nights, the dungeon’s affinity with No Name increases by more than 20%. Giving the dungeon the power to consume No Name and submerge him in a deep dream. This occurs concurrently with the dispatch of the Blue Lion Templars to examine the Specters Charnel House and subjugate any dangerous monsters therein in light of the high number of disappearances there. While under the dungeon’s control, No Name is unable to distinguish between friend and foe and strikes Rena when she arrives to warn him.

    As the dungeon consumes more and more of the Skeleton Soldier’s consciousness, the knights launch their assault on the pair. Rena is forced to actually drag him out of the dungeon. However, the knights obstruct her exit and shoot No Name with arrows. Forcing her to protect him with her own body. No Name finally breaks free of the delusion that the dungeon is trapping him to discover Rena has been shot with multiple arrows. He carries her out of the dungeon using a distraction of poison smoke Rena made.

    They eventually succeed in escaping the dungeon. Only to discover Vatienne von Leandro, the chief of the Blue Lion Templar, waiting there. With such an absurd amount of power between them, regardless of how hard No Name fought the knight, the outcome was a one-sided bloodbath. No Name dies in remorse for not being able to protect Rena, but with a sense of hope that he will resurrect and meet Rubia again.

    No Name awakens in disbelief to realize that, rather than awakening in the coffin with Rubia summoning him, he has returned to the cave hours before his most recent death. He does not know why he did not return all the way, but if they stay, He will be consumed by the dungeon, and the Blue Lion Templar catches them before morning and flees with Rena. After a brief conversation, they agree that their next stop should be the Ruins of Spiders Vault. They make a pit stop along the road in the city of Yublam, where Rubia perished. Rena realizes immediately upon entering the city how odd the atmosphere is and how pungent the opium smell is.

    Story Progression Lifes an Rebirths

    Following a night’s recuperation, they begin preparing for their adventure, only to be denied by merchants because the things they wish to acquire are necessary for the Ruins of Spiders Vault. Hearing that the lord of Yublam and guards were breeding monsters in their dungeon, they apprehended (stopped) one man who had followed them, No one ventured there because it is unsafe. The lord’s depravity and the horrid fate of anyone opposing him have forced people to give in, including the blacksmith’s wife, which is why he is assisting them. He bestows to them weapons and trinkets, among which is his beloved Grasmere’s Flame. A raging fire that will never die. Additionally, a powder that is designed to deter them from utilizing it.

    Armed with their new weapons and a mission in mind, the pair makes their way to the Ruins of Spiders Vault. They shortly meet and are nearly overrun by the spider monsters that inhabit the dungeon. Only the Yublam Blacksmith’s flamethrower saved them from their crisis. Rena was poisoned during the attack and, without an antidote, was on the verge of death. No Name, desperate for the antidote, discovers activity within the dungeon from Yublam guardsmen carrying prisoners into the cave to feed the spiders and the queen.

    Due to their location within the spider’s cave, there was a strong possibility that they possessed the antidote. As a result, No Name kidnaps one of the guards in order to obtain the antidote. However, the captain of the guards seems unconcerned about the hostage and instead mocks Skeleton Soldier. When No Name confronts the captain about what happened to Rubia, he is furious by the captain’s response and attacks. The captain then tosses a big bottle of spider egg yolk towards No Name, leading the Spider Queen to attack. No Name incinerates everyone and everything ir the cave while escaping with the Grasmere Flamethrower. Only to perish when the temperature rises to a point where he melts away.

    Returning to the cave, No Name quickly realizes how and why he died. They return to Yublam and once again encounter the Blacksmith, who hands them the flamethrower. This time, No Name sprays the Blacksmith with retardant and directs the flamethrower toward him. The Blacksmith quickly admits that the retardant will just mask their sense of heat. Not enough to prevent them from being killed by the heat. When they inquire why he would kill them, the Blacksmith reveals that he is aware that No Name is an inhuman entity that was most likely summoned by evil means and must be eradicated. This is a case of taking two birds with one stone. Without bothering to assassinate the Blacksmith, they depart with all the weapons and equipment they desire from him, including his favorite sword.

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