Popular Blue Lock Characters, Birthdays, Jersey Number, Blood Type, Wiki – Know Your Favourite Characters

Popular Blue Lock Characters, Birthdays, Jersey Number

Blue lock is a sports thriller manga that revolves around Japan’s withdrawal from FIFA World Cup. The Japanese Football Union launched a campaign to evaluate high school football players in advance for the next World Cup.

After entering the Blue Lock, they can either become the best striker or get blocklisted from the soccer world. If you want detailed information, then please read this article.

Who is Jinpachi Ego?

Jinpachi ego is the coach of the Blue Lock Project assigned by the Japanese Football Union. He is an ambitious, extremely self-centered, cruel, blunt person who is overly confident. He performs weird methods and tricks to bring out the best in the players.

6. Isagi Yoichi

  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: 1 April
  • Blood Type – B
  • Jersey Number: 11
  • Position: Offensive Midfielder, Forward

Isagi is the protagonist of the Blue Lock manga. He is a second-year student who previously played football as a forward for his high school team. Isagi has a friendly, easy-going personality, but he was low at confidence initially.

Isagi Yoichi

He was unsure of himself and his skills due to being the second-lowest ranked play is among the 300 of Blue Lock Project. After his team’s first win, he becomes cold and ruthless on the field. Isagi believes that when he surpasses Rin, he will be one step away from his goal of being the best striker in the world.

He is the playmaker, so he tries to follow Rin and his techniques every chance he gets. His role is to pass the ball through creativity, pinpoint strategies, and vision. This passing ability leads to goals. With his understanding of every player, he envisions the techniques, footwork, and teamwork that allow him to create perfect passes for his teammates. Jinpachi Ego highly recognizes his playmaker skills.

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5. Seishiro Nagi

  • Age: 16
  • Birthday – 6 May
  • Blood type – O
  • Jersey number: 7
  • Position: Forward, Offensive Midfielder

Nagi, in high school, seemed to be a loner who was always on his phone. Later he met Reo and casually started to play football with him in exchange for money. Nahi is always unbothered and often skips training. He likes to play against strong opponents to test himself.

Seishiro Nagi

Nagi has excellent reflexes, jumping skills, and great speed, but he does not put any effort into practicing. He tried scoring and practicing when he saw Reo at a loss against Isagi’s team. Nagi then strives to improve his football skills.

He has a great sense of ball control, so he was chosen for the role of a creative midfielder. His technical abilities help him even in the most challenging and hopeless situations.

4. Itoshi Rin

  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: 9 September
  • Blood Type: A
  • Jersey Number: 10
  • Position: Forward

Rin is the younger brother of Sae Itoshi. He started playing football with Sae Itoshi at a young age. He played as a forward at every team he was on and came out as one of the top players. Rin is an ideal candidate for the type of striker ego wants to create. Thus, he was the captain and center-forward of the Blue Lock Eleven.

He started to play football to become a fantastic and robust player, just like his brother. When his brother left for Spain, Rin found football challenging to play. He used to play casually, in a fun way, but he began to play football more logically after his brother left.

Itoshi Rin

Due to fallout with his brother, he became cold, egoistic, blunt, and profound. He respects nobody and keeps himself and his goals first. When Rin defeated his ‘monster’ and moved past his revenge against his brother, he clarified his decisions.

He is a playmaker who makes the moves that lead to goals. He ensures the flow of the team’s offensive play. He has a logical and predictive style of playing. He is very popular among manga readers for his eyelashes and great sense of playing.

3. Shoei Barou

  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: 27 June
  • Blood type: A
  • Jersey number: 13
  • Position: Forward, Winger

Barou is a selfish and arrogant character in Blue Lock. He wants to get all the fame, attention, and applause in any case. He thinks highly of himself and often addresses himself as ‘the king.’ After losing to Isagi in a match, he adopted some evil approach to his philosophy.

Shoei Barou

He wants to be the king, even if it means to be the ‘villain’ in the story. Barou’s obsession can be seen within his training too. He has an excessive training routine and is very diligent in his practice. He’s a perfectionist who likes to control every step of himself and his environment.

Barou’s abilities are that of a Complete Forward. These players have excellent technical knowledge, clinical finish, and great strength. He has one of the best physiques among the players, which allows him to devour other players on the field.

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2.Meguru Bachira

  • Age: 17 
  • Birthday: 8 August
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Jersey Number: 8
  • Position: Forward, Sideback

Bachira is a supporting character who plays with his instincts. He used to find soccer rivals to play. He looked for players who also have a ‘monster’ inside them, to be precise. Later, he overcomes his childhood trauma and place to be the best striker. Bachira was bullied for his exceptional football skills during his childhood.

Meguru Bachira

This incident resulted in him being terrified to be alone. After he moved past his trauma and defeated it, he became more confident on the field. He is one of the most loved characters of Blue Lock. He was ranked 7th out of 300 players of the Blue Lock project.

He is an optimistic character because no matter what the challenges, Bachira rarely loses his cool. He has a very energetic and cheerful personality. Bachira’s dribbling technique allows him to beat most defenses better than any other player. It is infrequent to see the ball get stolen from him.

1.Kunigami Rensuke 

  • Age – 17
  • Birthday – 11 March
  • Blood type – O
  • Jersey – 9
  • Position – Forward

Kunigami is a supporting character in Blue Lock. He was eliminated at the second selection, but he decided to re-enter the game through the wildcard qualifiers. He was ranked 50 out of 300 players chosen to be a part of the Blue Lock project.

Kunigami Rensuke 

He was more focused and cold now. He didn’t even talk much with others except Isagi. Just like Barou, Kunigami also has one of the best physiques in the Blue Lock. His physical abilities and skills got better with time.

After entering the wildcard, he could easily use both of his feet to score goals. Kunigami is known for his pinpoint Power Shot. He can shoot this shot within 28 meters of range.


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