How To Add and Play With Friends On The Cycle Frontier?

How To Add and Play With Friends On The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier has a peculiar HUD that made it difficult for users to locate their buddy list and add them to the game.

This game is situated in an intergalactic universe. Here, players assume the role of mercenaries tasked with carrying out contract tasks on the planet Fortuna III. Contract matches have a total of 20 players who can compete for solo, in pairs, or in teams.

As a result, it is usually advisable to bring companions with you when you enter Fortuna III, but this can be difficult owing to glitches. This post describes how to fix the friend list problem, allowing you to play with your friends again.

The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier (2022)

The Cycle Frontier, a first-person shooter video game created and published by Yager Development, was released for Microsoft Windows on June 8, 2022. The game takes place in a universe in which interstellar travel is feasible. Prospect Station is a space station inhabited by humans. On a perilous planet known as Fortuna 2, players are responsible for accepting and fulfilling contracts. To complete the contracts, they must compete against 19 other players in a single match and collect points in the process. It is a fusion of genres in which players can compete against the environment and other players.

How to play with friends?

The Cycle: Frontier allows up to three players to participate. You can add friends to your buddy list and then invite them to a gaming session, regardless of whether they are using Steam or the Epic Games Store.

How many friends can play The Cycle: Frontier with me?

Regardless of whether they have the Steam or Epic Games version, you can include up to three participants in a game session. Simply invite them, as seen above. Unfortunately, this does not cover consoles, as the game is not yet available for consoles; thus gamers cannot use this option.

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How To Play With Friends On The Cycle Frontier?

After adding your friends to The Cycle Frontier, you can play the game with them. Follow the instructions to play The Cycle Frontier with your friends.

  • Release The Cycle Frontier video game
  • Go to the section Online Friends.
  • Add Friends to your list of friends.
  • Send Invitations to Your Pals
  • Until your friend accepts your invitation, you must wait.
  • If your invited friend accepts, then play with your pals.

The Cycle Frontier Friends Not Showing Up

Multiple problems prevent gamers from playing multiplayer with their buddies. One of these problems prevents players from seeing their online allies when they are in their lobby. As you cannot issue an invite to an offline friend, players are unable to connect for matches.

While we anticipate a patch in the future, there are potential solutions to this problem. They are listed below:

  • You can send a friend a public Steam invitation. This workaround appears to be a solution for some players.
  • If it does not work, try restarting the game multiple times to resolve this issue.
  • And if none of these solutions work, we may have to wait till the YAGER game developers release an update to fix this issue.

Adding, inviting, and playing with friends in The Cycle Frontier is complete. If you liked this advice, check out our Game Tweak article on how to determine if The Cycle Frontier servers are down.

How To Play With Friends On The Cycle Frontier

Known Bugs that Affect Playing with Friends

During the initial phases of the game’s official release, players have encountered several difficulties using the Friends List. There are issues with buddies not appearing or Steam’s servers malfunctioning.

Here are some recognized issues; however, there is no known permanent fix for any of them at this time.

  • Frequently, online friends will appear offline, so double-check with that friend to determine whether they are indeed playing.
  • Players have found a workaround for this by accepting public invites to their Steam profiles, although this has not worked for everyone.
  • A problem has been reported in which Steam goes out randomly during a game, throwing players off the server and causing them to lose all progress.
  • The developers have acknowledged this issue, but there is currently no solution.

This is merely a caution for The Cycle: Frontier gamers who wish to form a Squad with their buddies. There is a considerable possibility that they will encounter problems that YAGER must resolve.

How To Add Friends And Play With Them In The Cycle Frontier

How To Add Friends And Play With Them In The Cycle Frontier?

Before playing with friends in The Cycle Frontier, you must understand how to add them to the game, which is a simple process.

  • Start the Cycle: Front
  • Utilize the Tab key to access the Friends List.
  • Determine the username of the friend to add.
  • Obtain the whole name and user name of the friend.
  • To search, enter the name in the search box and press Enter.
  • Click the add friend button.
  • The friend will receive the friend request.


In order to play with friends in The Cycle Frontier, you must first add them to your friend list and give them an invitation. Upon their acceptance of your invitation, you can play with them.

Whether your friends are playing on the Epic Games store or Steam, you can add them to your buddy list and play with them in The Cycle Frontier.

In The Cycle Frontier, you can play with up to three companions.

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