One Piece Chapter 1059 Spoilers Expectation, Leak Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan

One Piece Chapter 1059

One Piece Chapter 1059 will be among the series’ most exciting chapters. And the anticipation for the next chapter of One Piece after a one-week break is insane. Let’s examine everything you need to know about the release date, raw scans, leaks, and One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming manga chapter since early leaks for One Piece chapter 1058 have appeared.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Spoilers Expectation

Following his defeat of Wano, Luffy will most likely travel to Blackbeard’s domain, where Shanks will also be waiting. The two will then join forces to take on Blackbeard, who is as powerful as Whitebeard, thanks to the power he gained from stealing the latter’s dark, dark fruit. I think Blackbeard will end up killing Shanks, and Luffy will kick it into fifth gear to defeat Blackbeard.

Which Island Luffy And His Crew mate Will Visit Next

The conclusion of the Wano arc is common knowledge. Luffy and his fellow crew member departed from Wano Kuni. The question that needs to be answered at this point is which island will be visited by Luffy and his crewmate next. Elbaf, the island of giants, will most likely be the setting for the following season after Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Countdown

The countdown for One Piece Chapter 1059 is finally here. You can find out every detail about One Piece Chapter 1059 on our website. Bookmark our website, and if we update anything about this topic, you can easily find out.


One Piece Chapter 1059 Release Date

Unfortunately, after chapter 1058, the One Piece animation will come to a close. This means the next One Piece chapter will not be published in the next issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The release of One Piece Episode 1059 is scheduled for September 11, 2022. Both the MangaPlus and Shounen jump apps, which feature the manga, offer the chapter for free.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Spoilers

  • The marine has taken down Amazon Lily under Fuujitora.
  • Fujitora requested Boa Hancock to surrender to avoid more casualties.
  • Fujitora decides to drop a meteor on Amazon Lily. Boa Hancock is exhausted while destroying one of them.
  • Suddenly all the meteors disappeared into the air. Near the coast, marines are running away from a familiar coffin ship.
  • The person has wiped out half of the Marines. Fujitora tells everyone to retreat.
  • The person is none other than Dracule Mihawk. His accomplishment is read off, and a bounty is revealed.
  • Chapter end with Fujitora vs Mihawk.
One Piece Chapter 1059.1

One Piece Chapter 1059 Raw Scan Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1059 At the time of publication, Rawscan was not yet accessible. These raw scans typically begin circulating online three to four days before the official release date. They can be discovered in online communities such as 4chan and Reddit. Accordingly, we anticipate that this week will be available on September 8, 2022.

When will chapter 1059 come out? (Time Zone)

  • Pacific Daylight Time – 8:00 am, September 11th
  • Central Daylight Time – 10:00 am, September 11th
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 11:00 am, September 11th
  • British Summer Time – 4:00 pm, September 11th
  • Central European Summer Time– 5:00 pm, September 11th
  • Indian Standard Time – 8:30 pm, September 11th
  • Philippine Time – 11:00 pm, September 11th
  • Australian Central Daylight Time – 00:30 pm, September 12th

One Piece Chapter 1059 Recap

A total of 3 billion berries have been set as the new bounties for the capture of Pirate Captains Straw Hat Luffy, Eustass Kid, and Trafalgar Law. Luffy went into town to gather inspiration as the staff at the castle in the Capital of Flowers prepared the feast. After talking to Tenguyama, Robin reveals that he is, in fact, Oden’s father, Kozuki Sukiyaki.

He reveals to Robin that Wano Country is where Pluto’s Ancient Weapon is hidden. Admiral Aramaki, armed with the devilish fruits’ abilities, defeats the Beasts Pirates’ queen and king in another part of the world. The city of Capital of Flowers is in the middle of a festival. When the prisoners are finally freed, everyone cheers. As Kid explains to Luffy, he is one of the Four New Emperors along with Shanks the Ginger, Blackbeard, and Buggy the Clown. The city of flowers is where Aramaki plans to go next.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1059?

We encourage all fans to read One Piece and other manga series through official channels, which will protect your device and benefit the creators.

Numerous websites, including Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus Platforms, offer free and legal access to One Piece Chapter 1059 online.

About One Piece

Eiichiro Oda wrote the manga series One Piece. Since July 1997, the magazine has been included in the weekly Shonen Jump, and its individual chapters will be compiled in 98 tankbon volumes by February 2021. The story continues with little Monkey D.Luffy’s antics after eating the Devil’s fruit and acquiring rubber-like properties. Luffy and his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, travel the Grand Line in search of the ultimate treasure of the “one piece” universe in order to become the next King of Pirates.

Gol D. Roger was rumored to have sailed the Great Line as the most powerful and infamous “pirate king” Roger’s capture and execution by the World Government altered the course of history. His last words reveal the existence of the world’s greatest treasure, One PiecePiece. The discovery ushered in the Great Age of Pirates, with men seeking One PiecePiece — a treasure trove of money and renown — and maybe the pinnacle of glory and the Pirates’ title.

Seventeen-year-old Monkey D. Luffy defies the conventional concept of a pirate. Luffy is not the cliche of a violent, hardened, toothless pirate who plunders villages for the excitement of an exciting voyage that will bring them to fascinating people and the wealth of their dreams. For the sake of One Piece, Luffy and his crew throughout the Grand Line undertake mad adventures to unravel dark secrets and vanquish dangerous opponents.

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