MonkaW Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

    What exactly does monkaW imply? Many of the twitch emotes are familiar to me, but monkaW is one that I’m not familiar with. The MonkaW emote is a magnified version of the MonkaS emote. Twitch emotes are a fun way to get your chat to interact with your stream.

    Both FankerFaceZ and BTTV emotes are frequently spammed when a streamer is in a stressful position. It can also be utilized to create a fictitious worry. The artwork is based on the figure Pepe the Frog, who is sweating profusely.

    They can also be an excellent strategy to entice lurkers out of hiding. When you’re watching your favorite streamer play a game, you might just want a message to help set the mood. Emotes like MonkaW can help with that.

    MonkaW Emote Meaning

    When a Twitch streamer is in a really tight situation or a very intense fight, the emote monkaW is commonly utilized. The MonkaW emote is a magnified version of the MonkaS emote. What happens when you’re in a very intense situation and the monkaS emote just won’t suffice?

    Of course, you make use of monkaW! MonkaS is an anxious-looking, sweating Pepe that you may be familiar with. MonkaS is a BTTV Twitch Emote that is typically utilized when the streamer is in an intense or anxious state. MonkaW takes the sentiment a step further.


    When the streamer faces a powerful opponent or discusses a complicated topic, the monkaW emote can be used. When we wish to communicate a false concern about what is to come, we can ironically employ monkaW.

    We’ve dedicated ourselves to teaching each of these famous emotes because Twitch chat is FULL of emotes that you might not understand at first. It’s part of FrankerFaceZ, a browser plugin that adds new features like emoticons and chats functions to your watching experience.

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    Origin of MonkaW Emote

    The origin of the monkaW emote can be linked back to monkaS. MonkaW is an emote that is based on the MonkaS emote and is part of the “Pepe emote” family. MonkaW’s unique emote was introduced to the Twitch broadcasting website.

    The MonkaS emote was first used on 4chan in 2011. Even though it was posted in 2016 for Twitch use, it wasn’t widely known until Forsen’s Reddit page in February 2017. On Twitch, MonkaW is part of the W emote series. W emotes are variations on a specific emote, such as the MonkaS in this example.

    The origin of the MonkaS emote is linked to the comic book artist Matt Furie, while the MonkaW emotes is a variant of the Internet phenomenon Pepe the Frog. The MonkaW emote is most commonly seen in the video game channels’ chat rooms. That’s all there is to know about the monkaW emote, but if you’re looking for more useful emote guides, click here!

    MonkaW is the 16th most popular/used emote on the streaming website as of 10/12/2019, according to the website Stream Elements, making it one of the most popular variants of the original emote FeelsGoodMan, which both feature Pepe the Frog.

    The MonkaW emote is most often seen in the chatter of video gaming channels, where it is very popular.

    MonkaW emote

    Why was MonkaW removed from Twitch?

    How to Get the MonkaW Emote on Twitch

    If you want to use the MonkaW emote in Twitch, You must install the BTTV(Better Twitch TV) browser extension.

    Follow The Steps If You Want To Add MonkaW Emote:

    • Visit
    • Choose your browser.
    • Install the browser extension for MonkaW.
    • Now you will be able to use MonkaW Emote.

    The right time to use MonkaW

    It would be best if you utilized the MonkaW emote when you’re in a lot of pain, usually after you’ve used the MonkaS emote.

    Has something stressful happened that prompted MonkaS to be spammed in the chat? And now the situation has become even more stressful? It’s MonkaW time again!

    How do you say MonkaW?

    mon-ka-W” is how you pronounce this phrase and emote.

    Other Emotes:

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    MonkaW Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Why was the Twitch taken away MonkaW?

    In the first place, the MonkaW emote was never on Twitch! So you can watch MonkaW only when your browser extensions are installed on Better Twitch TV or Frankerfacez.

    Why can’t I see MonkaW on Twitch?

    You have to have the BTTV or frankerfacez browser plugin installed to see MonkaS appear on Twitch.

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