Me & Roboco Chapter 97 Spoiler, Release Date – Everything we know so far

Me & Roboco Chapter 97 Spoiler

Japanese manga creator Shuhei Miyazaki created the Me & Roboco series. Since July 2020, it has been published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Viz Media distributes the series digitally in English. Both a live-action project and an adaptation for anime television have been announced.

Readers of “Me & Roboco” has considered it the funniest manga ever. Readers are anticipating the release date of “Me & Roboco” chapter 97 like crazy. And you have come to the right place; we will discuss every detail of your favorite manga on this page.

What Can We Expect From Me & Roboco Manga?

When I began to read this manga, the first thing that came to mind was the “Doraemon.” No! No! It is not a copy of the legendary cartoon. However, I felt nostalgic when I started reading this. If you want to relive your childhood while reading a manga, then “Me and Roboco” is the best option. And if you like the only action manga series, I will still suggest you read this manga. As the saying goes, “there is a child in all of us,” and I believe you should make this child feel better sometimes. And this manga includes numerous action scenes packed with laughing dose.

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Countdown


Note: If the Counter is stopped, Me & Roboco chapter 97 Countdown is already released.

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Release Date And Time

The release dates of the new Me & Roboco chapter are out now, and people eagerly waiting to read this chapter can calm down a bit as chapter 97 of Me & Roboco manga series will be available to read from July 17, 2022.

Me & Roboco chapter 97.2

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Reddit Spoiler Prediction

Fans will never stop looking for spoilers of the upcoming chapter of their favorite manga series and will always be interested to know what interesting plot twists will the series have. However, unfortunately, still, there are no spoilers of Me & Roboco chapter 97 available. And to know about these spoilers, fans need to wait a few more days.

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Spoiler Countdown


Note: If the Counter is stopped, Me & Roboco chapter 97 Spoiler Countdown is already released.

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Spoiler Release Date

At the time of writing, Me & Roboco chapter 97 Spoiler had not been released. These spoilers typically begin to circulate on the internet three to four days before the official release date. They can be discovered on Internet communities such as 4chan and Reddit. As a result, we anticipate that this week will be available on 14th July 2022.

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Raw Scan Countdown


Note: If the Counter is stopped, Me & Roboco chapter 97 Raw Scan Countdown is already released.

Me & Roboco chapter 97 Raw Scan Release Date

While writing this article, no raw scans were released on the internet. Raw scans are usually published two to three days before the Manga’s chapter update. Raw Scans of Me & Roboco chapter 97 will be available from July 14, 2022, and you will find these Raw scans of Me & Roboco chapter 97 on different websites like Reddit and 4chan.

Me & Roboco Chapter 96 Recap

Roboco bought tickets and planned a trip to an amusement park to celebrate the manga getting an anime adaption. While everyone was enjoying rides, a snipper pulled a gun at Roboco. But to his shock, Roboco caught the bullet with her teeth and fired back the shot at the Sniper using her mouth.

It revealed an organization called “Eden” aims to eradicate Humankind. They earlier offered Roboco to co-operate with them. But Roboco declines this offer. As a result, they want to eliminate Roboco, who might become an obstruction to their goal.

Another member of that organization makes a move on her with futile results. However, the last assassin is the strongest one who made a successful move on her.

Me & Roboco chapter 97.4

Where can you read Me & Roboco officially?

Readers can read this manga online on several different websites. To ensure that the author is given proper credit for his work, we never suggest to our viewers that they read manga series from unofficial or illegal sources. Therefore, visit Manga Plus and Viz to read the “Me & Roboco” manga series.

The plotline of Me & Roboco

Bondo Taira, a typical grade-school student, dreams of owning his robot because his classmates, Gachi Gorilla and Motsuo Kaneo, always flaunt Kaneo’s OrderMaid, Meico, in the future story, every home-owned maid robot known as OrderMaids. With considerable persuasion, Bondo can convince his mother to purchase them one; however, what he gets is Roboco, the most potently inept maid ever made, who is unable to think. With the arrival of Roboco, Bondo’s life begins to get much crazier.


“Me & Roboco” is a series that caught me off guard. At first glance, the primary characters’ illustrations, especially Roboco, confused me and turned off many readers, including myself. However, I must admit that it turned out to be extremely funny after allowing this series a chance.

So I assure you that you will love this manga; just give it a shot. We’ll keep you informed with all the facts we learn about your favorite manga series. So please bookmark our page if you want to learn more about your favorite manga. Continue to check out our website. And if you liked this article, do share it with your peers.

Frequently Ask Question About Me & Roboco?

1. What day does the "Me and Roboco" manga come out?

It was first published on July 6, 2020

2. What kind of manga is "Me & Roboco"?

It is a Fantasy comedy manga

3. How many chapters does "Me and Roboco" have?

There are 95 chapters available. 

4. Is "Me and Roboco" getting an anime?

Yes, “Me and Roboco” will get an anime adaption. 

5. Where to read " Me & Roboco"?

You can read it from Viz and Manga plus.  

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