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Gandii Baat

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Without a doubt, binge-watching a series or movie is one of the easiest ways to pass the time when you’re bored. People no longer go to movie theatres to enjoy watching movies for entertainment. Technology has just put entertainment in our hands, thanks to OTT platforms that constantly release a variety of series and movies. If you’re looking for some adult entertainment and erotica, Gandii Baat will not disappoint.

Gandii Baat, unlike other series, does not follow a continuous plotline. It’s a collection of short stories.

Each episode of the series has a completely different plot and cast. In this series, there is no single hero or villain. Every episode of Gandii Baat features a unique plot based in rural India. The stories deal with topics such as masculinity, gender inequality, desire, sex, family functions, and unconventional relationships. Since this is an anthology, you will not be bored by repetitive story-telling. Instead, you will be guided through the lives of various people in various locations.

Ekta Kapoor, a well-known Bollywood personality, produced the series. It tries to depict how people’s sexual impulses in remote parts of India can lead them to commit a crime. While some object to the series’ overt representation of male-female intimacy, it is a fact that the series is nothing but reality. Gandii Baat translates to “dirty talk,” and the title aptly describes the series’ plot. So, if you want to listen to ‘Gandii Baat,’ jump in.

Index of Gandii Baat Web Series

Gandii Baat series details

  • Official release date: 3 May 2018
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Hindi
  • Directed by: Sachin Mohite
  • Number of seasons: 5 seasons
  • Number of episodes: 22 episodes
Gandii Baat

Gandii Baat – Season 1:

Gandii Baat Season 1 – Episodes list

Epsode 1ThreesomeWatch Now
Epsode 2Tharki BuddhaWatch Now
Epsode 3Vasu NagWatch Now
Epsode 4Preeto RaniWatch Now

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 1: Threesome


  • Sonal Panvar as Roopa
  • Neetha Shetty as Gunja
  • Anant Vijay Joshi as Doodnath
  • Rohit Chaudhary as Naamvar
  • Ashish as Almaari
gandi baat season 1 episode 1

Each episode of Gandii Baat is based on a different theme or concept. The first episode of Gandii Baat delves into the concept of a trio. The storey takes place in a rural setting, and a villager named Namvar finds his wife sleeping with his neighbour and cheating on him. Namvar, like any other man, first yells at his wife for having an affair with his neighbour. Namvar, on the other hand, gradually becomes drawn to the pair and joins his wife and neighbour on the bed for a threesome.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 2: Tharki Buddha


  • Harsh Vardan as Raju
  • Lovely Sharma as Kajari
  • Rajesh Tripathi as Rajendra
  • Yamini Singh as Rekha
  • Naveen Pandita as Pradeep
gandi baat Season 1 Episode 2 Tharki Buddha

If you’re wondering what ‘Tharki Buddha’ means, it means ‘Pervert uncle.’ The storey of Rajendra, the perverted uncle, is told in the second episode of Gandii Baat. Rajendra derives great pleasure, ease, and joy from his use of technology. His behaviour, which were initially only concerned with him, gradually began to influence his wife, children, and even his daughter-in-law.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 3: Vasu Nag


  • Kirti Choudhary as Rimjhim
  • Mrinalini Tyagi as Chakor
  • Deepika H Khanna as Imli
  • Ripraj Chauhan as Jeeva
  • Saurabh Singhal as Rakesh
  • Anshuman Puskar as Nagnath
  • Kalyani C Chaitanya as Dhaani
  • Sourav Bansal as Shiva
  • Ashok Yadav as Hori
  • Nirban Goswani as Resham Singh
Gandi baat Season 1 Episode 3 Vasu Nag

The plot of this episode is as interesting as it is unusual. It tells the storey of a group of women in the village who are sexually dissatisfied with their husbands. But their lives change when a strange snake enters the village, and their sexual frustration vanishes, and they gain dominance in their lives.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Episode 4: Preeto Rani


  • Narayani Shastri as Preeto
  • Vijay Chandrna as Lucky
  • Rudra Kaushik as Chandiram
  • Vaibhav Shah as Gogi
  • Gourav Kumar as Suraj
  • Meenakshi as Soni
  • Bachan Pachera as Balli
gandi baat Season 1 Episode 4 Preeto Rani

This is one of Gandii Baat’s most troubling series. This episode tells the storey of Preeto, a dominant woman who declares her superiority and control over her household and men. She has a strong personality that is also charming. Her power and status threaten Preeto’s son-in-law, so he challenges her. His problems, however, fail. He also attempted to possess her physically.

Gandii Baat – Season 2:

Gandii Baat Season 2 – Episodes list

Epsode 1Bi-SexualWatch Now
Epsode 2Jadui MahalWatch Now
Epsode 3GibraltarWatch Now
Epsode 4Love sex and betrayalWatch Now
Epsode 5Gudiya RaniWatch Now

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 1: Bi-Sexual


  • Anveshi Jain as Neeta
  • Flora Saini as Sajeeli
  • Aman Maheshwari as Vaibhav
  • Rahul Jaittly as Sagar
gandi baat Season 2 Episode 1 Bi-Sexual

The first episode of Gandii Baat’s second season tells the storey of Neeta and her husband. Neeta finds her husband cheating on her with another woman named Sajeeli. Neeta is depressed and out of her mind. Though struggling to deal with this situation, Neeta has an interesting idea that leaves everyone perplexed.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 2: Jadui Mahal


  • Sonam Arora as Roop
  • Maarisha K as Laachi
  • Vinod Thirani as Laal Chand
  • Coral Bhamra as Sapna
  • Sikandar Chohan as Sarpanch
gandi baat Season 2 Episode 2 Jadui Mahal

As compared to other series, the second episode of Season 2 of Gandii Baat is very different and special. The storey revolves around a mysterious fort in a remote village that no one dares to visit. However, the village sarpanch will plan to enter the fort one day. Twists and turns join the plot after his entrance.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 3: Gibraltar


  • Pradeep Duhan as Bhushan
  • Leena Acharya as Mohini
  • Agni Pawar as Maahi
  • Nazneen Patni as Seema
  • Manish Nawani as Mahesh
gandi baat Season 2 Episode 3 Gibraltar

The plot of this episode revolves around Bhushan and Seema. Bhushan is obsessed with marrying Seema. Seema, on the other hand, finds Bhushan’s attitude very intimidating, and she struggles to cope with his relentless pressure. She decides to handle things her way one day and hopes to teach Bhushan a valuable life lesson.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 4: Love sex and betrayal


  • Abhishek Gupta as Dugga
  • Fahman Khan as Soma
  • Tripti Agarwal as Ojha Maai
  • Navneet Kaur as Sachi
  • Ruby Bharaj as Heera
  • Anil Bhagwat as Sukhiya
  • Shiv Kumar Sharma as Yatin
gandi baat Season 2 Episode 4 Love sex and betrayal

This Gandii Baat anthology storey revolves around the lives of many people, including Dugga, Sachi, Heera, and Soma. These four seek to differentiate between ‘love’ and ‘lust.’ In order to find it, they resort to certain time-honored methods. This episode has everything you’re looking for in a spicy episode.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Episode 5: Gudiya Rani


  • Vikas Verma as Kishan Singh Sandhu
  • Alpa Joshi as sukhi
  • Pari Goswami as Baani
  • Raakeshh Dubey as Avtaar
  • Naina Chhabra as Raashi
  • Sakshi Sharma as Suneeta
  • Jayshree Bhalse as Pammi
  • Charu Srivastava as Champa
  • Virendra Singh as Randheer
gandi baat Season 2 Episode 5 Gudiya Rani

The final episode of Gandii Baat Season 2 tells the storey of Kishan Chand, a truck driver. Kishan awakens in a strange room after being unconscious to find himself in a new location. He can’t get out of there. After some time, he discovers that he has been abducted and married. The scenes that follow are fascinating.

Gandii Baat – Season 3:

Gandii Baat Season 3 – Episodes list

Epsode 1RajkumarWatch Now
Epsode 2Harpreet Weds HarpreetWatch Now
Epsode 3Sonam Le LiWatch Now
Epsode 4Honeymoon On WheelsWatch Now

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 1: Rajkumar


  • Jatin Bhatia as Lakhan
  • Neetu Wadhwa as Ramya
  • Bhavna Karekar as Kamal
  • Gautam Saugat as Old Man
  • Zafar Warsi as Pagal
  • Ranveer Pratap Singh as Deewana
  • Pallavi Mukherjee as Bicchi
  • Ankit Kumar Gupta as Awara
  • Pankaj Kansara as Village Boy
  • Stan as Angrez
gandi baat Season 3 Episode 1 Rajkumar

This episode follows the lives of a boat driver family who have an odd relationship with the village and the boats. Yeah, you read that correctly. This is one of Gandii Baat’s strangest series.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 2: Harpreet weds Harpreet


  • Lalit Bisht as Joginder
  • S.p.s Sandhu as Manpreet 1 Dad
  • Raman Dhagga as Harpreet 2 Dad
  • Rajinder Rozy as Harpreet 2 Mom
  • Sunny Sachdeva as Jaspreet
  • Sheeva Rana as Harpreet
  • Shiny Dixit as Harpreet 2
  • Bhawsheel Sanni as Puppy
  • Mridula Mahajan as Lajjo
  • Aabha Paul as Mami Ji
  • Farnaish Kaur as Manjeet
gandi baat Season 3 Episode 2 Harpreet weds Harpreet

The second episode of Season 3 of Gandii Baat is one of the best episodes of all time. It tells the storey of a man called Joginder. Joginder previously lived in Canada. He returns home to attend the wedding of his friend’s brother. His friend’s brother is marrying a woman named Harpreet. The most important turning point in the storey happens when Joginder discovers him having odd encounters with different people. Harpreet is also on the list of these individuals.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 3: Sonam Le Li


  • Rushali Arora as Sumitra
  • Yajuvendra Singh as Netaji
  • Aasma Syed as Sonam
  • Tarun Dudeja as Vishal
  • Prashant Kumar as Pa Of Netaji
  • Sujail Khan as Tt
  • Akshay Kumar as Customer 426
  • Ajay Raman as Customer 427
  • Paras Randhawa as Sumitra’s Customer
  • Jay Kumar as Rohan
  • Akhil Vaidya as Station Master
  • Yogi Raj as Kasai
  • Anurag Mishra as Police Inspector
  • Uddhav Dharap as Announcer
gandi baat Season 3 Episode 3 Sonam Le Li

This episode of Gandii Baat is contentious. It tells the storey of a politician and a woman named Sonam. Sonam serves as a prostitute. When the rat is let out of the pack, it causes a slew of issues in the politician’s household, which leads to unforeseen events on a train ride.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Episode 4: Honeymoon on wheels


  • Priom Gujjar as Sajan
  • Shikha Thakur as S**y
  • Zeeshan Khan as Love
  • Rishikesh Ingle as Vaibhav
  • Rohit Sharma as Bajrang
  • Romit Baweja as Deepak
  • Akansha Sharma as Sajani
  • Gehana Vasishth as Swati
  • Arjun Khurana as Vimal
  • Nehal Valodiya as Vimla
  • Kunwar Vikram Soni as Neeraj
  • Palak Singh as Laxmi
gandi baat Season 3 Episode 4 Honeymoon on wheels

Season 3’s final episode incorporates both erotic and exciting elements. The episode builds suspense as a newlywed couple boards a bus bound for a village for their honeymoon. They have no idea that a village is haunted. The village to which they are travelling is the subject of a legend. During the day, the buses will vanish from the road, according to legend.

Gandii Baat – Season 4:

Gandii Baat Season 2 – Episodes list

Epsode 1Betaab Dil Ki TamannaWatch Now
Epsode 2Woh Saat dinWatch Now
Epsode 3Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi Jisme Tum Choona Laga DoWatch Now
Epsode 45 Star Pati MeraWatch Now
Epsode 5Meetha Meetha Pyaara PyaaraWatch Now

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 1:Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna


  • Ashish Dixit as Prem
  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Amar
  • Jolly Bhatia as Rukhy
  • Taniya Chaterjee as Chandni
  • Puneet Dehran as Suresh
  • Nataliya Kozhenova as Christi
  • Neha Pal as Usha
Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 1Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna

Amar is a contentedly married man. His mom, on the other hand, is madly in love with Prem. To satisfy her wishes, he agrees to include Prem in their lives. Will society embrace the odd love triangle that has formed? Watch this episode filled with passion and lust to learn more.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 2:Woh Saat din


  • Mukesh Suthar as Mukesh
  • Yash Choudhury as Basant
  • Edin Rose as Vasudha
  • Nishikant Dixit as Mahipal
  • Puja Jha as Taara
  • Jay GB Patel as Ashok
  • Gunjan as Seema
Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 2 Woh Saat din cast

The episode is somewhat different from the average in that it has a different type of plot. According to legend, a woman cursed a village in which men and women would reverse roles for seven days per month. Two men in the village who marry local women refuse to obey the law.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 3:Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi Jisme Tum Choona Laga Do


  • Rishabh Shukla as Jayant
  • Garima Jain as Kamlesh
  • Ibra Khan as Megha
  • Arsh Merchant as Kamlesh’s Husband
  • Shashwant Jain as Nandu
Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 3Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi Jisme Tum Choona Laga Do

As grandiose as the episode’s title implies, it’s an action-packed one. The episode tells the story of Jayant, a stand-up comedian who despises his wife. Jayant meets Kamlesh while looking for an almirah, and the two become friends, then lovers. Jayant discovers the body of Kamlesh’s husband after purchasing and opening the almirah, and she later confesses to murdering her husband.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 4:5 Star Pati Mera


  • Salman Shaikh as Birju
  • Urmimala Sinha Roy as Priya
  • Jolly Bhatia as Rukhi
  • Vikranth Thakry as Mohan
  • Puneeth Dehran as Suresh
  • Kuldeep Singh as Guddu
Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 45 Star Pati Mera

Jayant is sick and tired of his wife’s relentless nagging. One day, he creates an advertisement in which they are selling a used almirah. He makes contact with the lovely ladies who placed the ad. He contacts her, and the two become overly friendly. Their relationship reveals some troubling secrets.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 5:Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara


  • Mridula Mahajan as Kusuma
  • Aditya Singh Rajput as Savan
  • Sneha Mishra as Roopa
  • Rohit Mishra as Raghu
  • Sanjana Padke as Sheela
  • Liza Sing as Shilpa
  • Sharwani Goswami as Alka
Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode 5Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

The final episode of the show tells the storey of Kusuma, who is fascinated by s33uality but considers intercourse frightening. Soon after, she encounters a group of her lusty peers and learns ways to conquer her roadblocks and fears.

Gandii Baat – Season 5:

Gandii Baat Season 5 – Episodes list

Episode 1Erotic Tales of Madhosh MadanWatch Now
Episode 2Game of LoveWatch Now
Episode 3Happy Valentine’s DayWatch Now
Episode 4Pintu’s 5 Million FollowersWatch Now

Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 1:Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan


  • Raz Rehman Ali as Monty
  • Mamta Bajaj as Manju
  • Neelam Bhanushali as Beena Madam
  • Lakshya Handa as Chandan
  • Guru Haryani as Ranjeet
  • Piyali Munsi as Lalita Madam
Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 1Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan

Chandan’s friends say he is ‘Madhosh Madan,’ a well-known author of an erotic magazine series. However, he maintains that he is not. When Chandan gets himself into trouble due to his mistaken identity, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 2: Game of Love


  • Mohini Baghele as Divya
  • Manesh Choudhary as Man 1
  • Annu Dayala as Priyanka’s Mom
  • Pooja Dey as Nandini
  • Farman Haidar as Santosh 
  • Shalini Pandeyas Janvi
Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 2 Game of Love

Priyanka is looking for a man to ignite her love life but when she meets Nandini and Santosh, she discovers her true desire and her rose-tinted idea of love is shattered.

Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 3: Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Sanya Bansal as Meera
  • Nitin Bhatia as Manoj
  • Aadita Jain as Jyoti (Bulky Girl)
  • Priya Rana as Prachi
  • Savant Singh Premi as Vaibhav
  • Alka Singh as Meera’s Mom
Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 3 Happy Valentine's Day

Meera decides to find a date on a dating app to take revenge on her cheating boyfriend. Little does she know that her act of vengeance is going to land her into trouble.

Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 4: Pintu’s 5 Million Followers


  • Ankit Bhatiya as Dev
  • Urmi Chatterjee as Pooja
  • Sudhir Chauhan as Pintu
  • Pamela Mondal as Muskan
  • Piyali Munshias Lalita madam
  • Shivangi Roy as Jugnu
Gandii Baat Season 5 Episode 4 Pintu's 5 Million Followers

Pintu, a delivery boy, becomes an overnight celebrity in his small town due to a viral video. To impress his girlfriend, he gets into bodybuilding and comes across Dev, a professional bodybuilder, who misleads him, throwing his life out of gear.

Gandii Baat – Season 6:

Gandii Baat Season 6 – Episodes list

Episode 1Who Killed My WifeWatch Now
Episode 2ExperimentWatch Now

Gandii Baat Season 6 Episode 1:Who Killed My Wife


  • Keval Dasani as Diwakar
  • Mahima Gupta as Sarika
  • Alisha Khan as Malti
  • Deepak Gupta as Paras
  • Nidhi Mahawan as Shilpa
  • Riya r Patwa as Sumitra
Gandii Baat Season 6 Episode 1Who Killed My Wife

Sarika is a modern girl who attracts everybody in the village because of her modern dressing style, even though her mother-in-law objects, but Sarika ignores her. Malti, who is dissatisfied with her husband despite having a strong physical relationship, doubts that she is doing this because she has a near bond with Sarika and is brainwashing her. Sarika dies mysteriously during a Holi festival, and postmortem reveals she was poisoned. Her husband Diwakar tries to investigate her murder and comes across a box with a hidden secret known only to Sarika and Malti. Although Malti begins to receive messages from Sarika’s phone suggesting that her secrets could be revealed soon.

Gandii Baat Season 6 Episode 2:Experiment


  • Kunwar Vikram Soni as Anjali Mukerjee
  • Anjali Mukerjee as Mohini
  • Zoya Khan as Ruby
  • Tripti Bajoria as Banita (BOSS)
  • Narendra Saini as Man in wedding
  • Aanchal as Female cop

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