Boruto Episode 222 Release Date, Spoilers, Trailer Everything You need To Know

    Boruto fans are waiting for the official release of episode 222 with bated breath. That being said, below is everything we currently know about the upcoming episode’s release date.

    This article contains spoilers for past episodes of Boruto.

    Boruto’s recent episodes have been challenging; we’ve seen Kurama bid farewell to Naruto and Sasuke lose his Rinnegan. The good news is that they were successful in rescuing the village and defeating Jigen.

    Of doubt, Boruto and the others will encounter further threats in the future. Still, for the time being, everyone is enjoying a quiet existence. And now, everyone is anticipating what the anime’s upcoming episode has in store for fans.

    Previously on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 221

    Boruto wonders if he will pass, but wishes that more people weren’t cheating. He knows that he is not taking any risks by skipping the answer key though. Denki believes that Boruto will make it. From his missions, he sees Team Seven improve gradually and not be surprised if they become Chunin at some time in the future. Boruto expects that Denki will do well on Ninjutsu, but realizes he lacks it. However, if his scores are high enough, he might stop Iwabe and Metal from getting into the Academy as much for being academically excellent themselves. Boruto gets annoyed because Denki is embarrassing himself in front of everyone on the lowest level.

    Boruto Episode 222 Release Date

    Boruto tells Denki that as long as one becomes a Chunin, they will be on B-Rank and take higher missions. He also encourages his friend to shout happily about this news. Most of the students gathered at the hall to see who made it through round 1 during the Chunin exams. Boruto noticed that Team 7 and Team 5 did too. Denki gets praised by Iwabe and Metal, who were eyeing him with suspicion before. Boruto reminds Sarada that his sister studied hard despite the lack of sleep she had last night. Yanadosuke tells Boruto and those with him not to rejoice since they will be rivals in the second round.

    This makes Ino and Choji happy since even if they fail the round, it will not be as bad. Boruto hopes that they’re not relying on someone and bumping themselves down to Chunin. Ino disagrees, saying the two should take higher missions as B-Rank ninja. A newcomer arrival and said Boruto fighting with Konoha against Otsutsuki. The new guy is Kaito Kawanami who comes from Team 9. Kaito adds that he attended the Academy with Boruto, and they will be in the same class.

    Boruto Episode 222 Release Date

    Boruto Episode 222 (is due to be released) on October 31 2021. Denki and Ino learned that Kaito had been out on a mission overseas, before this they have never seen anyone like him. Denki and Ino realized that Kaito had been out on a mission overseas; they had never seen anyone like him before. Sai, Shikamaru, and Lord Seventh congratulate the students for passing. Even though there were all of them have passed it is amazing none the less! Sai said that The Chunin Exams are important. Shikamaru expressed the importance of understanding Scientific Ninja Tools, which is necessary to take place in these exams. Boruto’s Episode 222 Preview should be looked at.

    Boruto Episode 222 Watch Online with English Subtitles

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    Boruto Episode 222 Trailer

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