Black Clover Chapter 311 Raw Scan Release Date, Spoiler Details

Black Clover Chapter 311 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Details

We’ve arrived at the conclusion of Yuno vs. Zenon. It appears as though Black Clover 311 will bring this war to a close. Fans are ecstatic to watch Zenon’s farewell words. At first, Yuno and Zenon are seen fighting. Yuno assaults Zenon with his star magic, but Zenon counters with bone and spatial magic.

Additionally, it is revealed why Zenon does what he does, and his objective is to liberate humanity from death using the devil’s power. He wants true peace for the residents of the Spade kingdom.

Zenon destroys all of Yuno’s stars, but it is revealed that Yuno has gained the “Saint Stage,” which allows him to create another. Yuno also succeeds in landing a hit on Zenon’s chest. Is this the conclusion of Zenon’s story? The following are the most recent updates.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 310

Yuno seizes the opportunity and soars at Zenon, believing he has a chance to land that specifically reserved strike. Zenon realizes Yuno is up to something and prepares to strike with his Demon Sword. Yuno summons Spirit of Boreas: Spatial Rupture and unleashes it on Zenon. This would indicate that this was the initial attack following the huge explosion. That assault hit and opened Zenon’s chest, revealing the Devil’s Heart. Zenon speculates on Yuno’s ability to survive and destroy the Devil’s heart before running out of Stars. He is well aware that a clean hit could take his life at any moment.

Yuno is about to enter Saint Stage, and it is revealed that one can enter Saint Stage when the spirit and the host have 100 percent resonance. Yuno unexpectedly obtained Saint Stage, owing to the tremendous effort he had put into this battle since he was on the verge of death. This is unfortunate for Zenon, who saw that both his and Yuno’s Stars have shifted. The Saint Stage has the ability to murder a Devil or Supreme Devil. Yuno emerges in front of Zenon, demonstrating her might and domination.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Release Date

On the other hand, Zenon did not hesitate and attacked Demon Sword, revealing shocking things. Yuno reappears behind Zenon, who realizes his Demon Sword has strayed from its intended target. Yuno’s strength has increased, and Conjunction Star was formed during the battle. Additionally, it was revealed that the robust mage is responsible for the formation of Conjunction Stars. Yuno also had some flashbacks to demonstrate his progress. He released Saint Spirit of Zephyr, believing he had triumphed, and proclaimed his victory. This must be the final strike delivered by Yuno, as it is the final hallmark move.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Release Date

On October 31, 2021, Black Clover Chapter 311 will be released. Yuno vs. Zenon is almost over, as Zenon’s chest has been opened, and Yuno is going to finish him. Because the manga has been in this duel for a long time, it will be resolved in the following few chapters. In the next chapter of Black Clover, the brawl will continue. Let’s take a look at the official details for Black Clover Chapter 311, as well as other recent developments.

Black Clover 311 Raw Scans

This week there will be no break!

We start with the raw scans. Raw scans of Black Clover Chapter 311 will be available soon. They’ll be made in the next Weekly Shonen Jump edition on October 27, 2021.

Because the majority of fans do not speak Japanese, the raws will be translated into English. On October 30, 2021, we can expect the translations of this chapter.

Finally, on October 31, 2021, the official Black Clover 311 English Chapter will be released, and it will be available on the Shonen Jump app, Viz website, and Mangaplus website.

We suggest that you use one of these three legal and free resources.

On the Shonen Jump website, One Piece 1030 and My Hero Academia 331 will also be published.

Read Black Clover Chapter 311 Raw Details

On VIZ Media’s official website, you’ll be able to read Black Clover Chapter 311 online. The most recent chapters of Black Clover Manga are also available on Shonen Jump+, Shueisha’s online magazine, which publishes chapters every weekend unless the manga delays the following chapter. Black Clover releases new spoilers and updates throughout the week, released by the latest chapter two to three days later. Let’s arrange to meet once Black Clover Chapter 311 is released.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers

The spoilers for Black Clover 311 have been released, and the chapter is titled “Come Back Alive!”

According to spoilers, all members of the evil triad have been defeated, including Zenon, yet the tree of Qlipoth continues to grow.

Asta is astounded that Yuno defeated Zenon. Dorothy against Morris was ongoing, but Dorothy was quickly defeated.

Morris also has a contract with Lucifero and refers to himself as his messenger, much to everyone’s amazement.

The second gate will soon open, revealing Lucifero. All of the Black Bulls are hell-bent on reclaiming Yami before it’s too late.

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