Below Deck Stars Where are they now – All the Cast of Below Deck Stars

Below Deck Stars Where are they now - All the Cast of Below Deck Stars

In the new spinoff Below Deck Down Under, Below Deck takes its talents to the waters of Australia, with a new captain, a new crew, and new visitors to keep them delighted. The entire crew will not be comprised of fresh faces. A Below Deck Mediterranean stewardess is featured prominently on the show.

Since the third season, the show has broadcast five more seasons with just as many hookups and turmoil among the cast. However, viewers continue to discuss season 3, the cast, and the events that transpired throughout that season. So where is the cast of season 3 now?

The series has a large fanbase to this day. All spectators are curious about the series’ cast. Below is an article on Below Deck Where Are They Now; please read on for more information.

What is Below Deck The Series

What is Below Deck The Series?

Actual series started in July 2013, focusing on the daily lives of crew men on luxurious boats during charter season. This series follows nine crew members who live and work on a 150-foot yacht, continuing the “Below Deck” franchise with a new boat, crew, and setting. As the ship traverses the Mediterranean, each episode features a new group of wealthy passengers, each of whom presents the team with unique obstacles.

During the length of this series, Mark Howard, a 30-year yachting veteran, and Sandy Yawn, one of the few women in the yachting profession to occupy the job, have served as captains of the ship’s crew. Hannah, the chief stewardess, believes that the Mediterranean is the premier destination for yachting.

At the time, Bravo revealed that the first season averaged over 1 million viewers each episode, making it an easy decision to create two further series: Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Each season, the private lives of the crew members have begun to intersect with their work lives, resulting in shocking reality TV romances, breakups, firings, and dramatic exits.

1. Captain Lee Rosbach

Fans were pleased to witness the return of Captain Lee Rosbach to Below Deck, despite the fact that he has gone through a lot in recent years. However, he returned healthy and content. Since filming, he has posted some intriguing updates on Instagram. Following the birth of the beautiful Amelia Charlotte, he is now a great-grandfather and has returned to Florida to be with his wife, Mary Ann.

Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee continues to captain the original series. This is the ninth season to date. Captain Lee was mysteriously absent at the start of Below Deck Season 8, and we subsequently found that he had fallen and ended up in the hospital. One year later, he was not present at the start of Below Deck Season 9.

2. Heather Chase

Heather Chase will serve as this season’s chief stew aboard the My Seanna, and she means business. Former Below Deck actress Kate Chastain has stated that she believes Heather will become a “superstar,” and it appears that she may have been correct.

Heather Chase

Following her performance in St. Kitts, Heather spent the summer touring Los Angeles and cycling through the breathtaking landscapes of Hawaii, where Chase grew up. Following her separation from ex-boyfriend Kegan Emms, the Bravo star is also single and ready to mingle.

3. Leon Walker

Leon Walker, the cook aboard the Eros, was notorious for mistreating Kate Chastain, the chief stew. Later, he was fired for how he treated the crew and for starting a fire in the galley due to his dirty stove. Leon continues to work as a chef and is said to be joining the new Australian spin-off Below Deck Down Under.

Leon Walker

4. Captain Sean Meagher

During Captain Lee’s absence, Captain Sean assumed command. Captain Sean is the actual captain of the yacht used in the television series My Seanna. Meagher may be unfamiliar with the show, but he has much experience leading the My Seanna. Captain Sean is the actual captain of the megayacht, so it was only natural for him to assume the role.

Captain Sean Meagher

Captain Sean not only oversaw the $5 million refit My Seanna underwent at the end of the season but also arranged the sale of the yacht. According to reports, Captain Sean revealed on Instagram in July 2021 that the My Seanna had been sold for approximately $22 million.

5. Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas began his career as a deckhand, and his prominence has increased with each passing season. He is impartial and well familiar with boats. He did make some poor choices, but it is clear that he regrets them afterward.

Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas is competing with Captain Lee Rosbach as a potential new “stud of the sea.” The Below Deck star will return to the series, but this time as the First Officer. Following the conclusion of season nine this past spring, Lucas returned to Baltimore, Maryland to spend much-needed time with his family; however, it appears that his family has since grown. Eddie has shared that he considers Captain Lee to be a second father, and that they reunited in August in Los Angeles.

With a number of seasons under his belt, it is evident that Eddie has done well for himself, to the point that he achieved a “lifelong desire” by getting a cool Rolex watch. Eddie will find it to be a terrific conversation starter when he begins dating again, now that he and Amy Johnson are no longer together.

6. Rachel Hargrove

This season, Rachel returns as the Yacht Chef. Rachel and Vincenzo, about whom she spoke in Season 8, appear to have separated. During season 8 of Below Deck, Rachel gushed about her romance with boyfriend Vincenzo. However, it appears that the couple has since broken up.

Rachel Hargrove

Hargrove claimed that her ex-boyfriend disapproved of her work and gave her an ultimatum to choose between him and yachting. Her decision seems apparent given Rachel’s continued involvement in the yachting industry. Earlier this month, Rachel recently proposed the “Below Deck Chef All-Stars” concept, and Bravo fans are enthusiastically on board.

7. Rayna Lindsay

Rayna Lindsay

Rayna Lindsay may join this season of Below Deck as a deckhand, but she also has culinary training. If this season is similar to the most recent season of Below Deck Mediterranean, Rayna may need to utilise her culinary skills. Rayna travelled to Cancun, Mexico, where she completed 15 dives, one of which was with bull sharks, to earn her advanced scuba diving certification. Rayna has also maintained a close relationship with Jake Foulger, a fellow cast member she now refers to as her “best buddy.”

8. Fraser Olender

Fraser Olender may be new to the Below Deck scene, but the British-born chef is no stranger to reality television. Fraser previously appeared in a few episodes of the popular British television series Made In Chelsea. Since February, when the season concluded, Fraser has assumed the role of a travel influencer, taking his followers on all of his excursions.

Fraser Olender

Since then, Olender has visited the United States before returning to London and departing for France, Greece, and Dubai, where he currently resides. Olender works as a model booking agent when he is not traveling the world, a talent he learnt from his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth.

9. Jake Foulger

Jake Foulger

Jake Foulger is unquestionably a cast member to keep an eye on. We hope this is not the last time the deckhand joins the Bravo family. Jake is the monarch of the United Kingdom and enjoys sketching, travelling, and, of course, a good pint of Guinness. The Below Deck star has now returned to London, but not before making some new friends along the way. It appears that Jake and fellow deckhand Rayna got the closest, and we’re not the least bit upset about that. According to his Instagram, Foulger is currently working as a sex therapist when he is not sailing.

10. Jessica Albert

Jake Foulger

Wes O’Dell’s kiss on Below Deck casts a shadow over Jessica Albert’s performance in the current season of the show. Despite locking lips with her co-star, the pair did not pursue a relationship by the end of the season. After her voyage onboard the My Seanna, Jessica travelled to British Columbia, Canada before returning to Florida. She works as a yacht stewardess on a freelance basis and as a sales coordinator at the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, Florida. Jessica is also undergoing training to become a hairstylist, demonstrating that she is a really accomplished individual.

11. Wes O’Dell

Wes O’Dell

Wes O’Dell is making his reality television debut on Below Deck, and fans are excited to see how his relationship with fellow stew Jessica Albert develops. Wes has divulged that he has been in the yachting sector for a considerable amount of time, despite his low-key lifestyle. The native of Jacksonville, Florida holds a captain’s licence and currently owns and manages his own Virgin Islands-chartering vessel, the Nightwind II. Wes is no stranger to the breathtaking waters of the Virgin Islands, having relocated from Jacksonville to the islands.

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