Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Countdown, Recap & News Updates

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9

To SEAL Team is another very popular anime worldwide. This series is one of those dark series that knows how to grab the attention of the audience. While this anime series has been gaining a great response from the audience, fans have gone too eager in Season 1 of this show. If you too wish to know more about To SEAL Team episode 9, then worry not because we have got you covered with everything you need to know about the episode.

What Can Fans Expect From Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9?

The anime adaptation of Beast Tamer has been amazing so far, and all the episodes of Beast Tamer season 1 are full of entertainment. After watching the previous episodes, fans expect more from the remaining episodes of Beast Tamer season 1 and wish the series to have more plot twists. They are curious about which new characters will appear in the Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9. As expected, the Beast Tamer series will get more entertaining and interesting in the upcoming episodes.

Series Overview of Beast Tamer

Before reading the article, read the overview section to know all the basic information about the series Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer Quick Info

Beast Tamer Season 1 characters
SeriesBeast Tamer
No. of the season1
No of the episode9
Running time20–25 minutes
WriterTakashi Aoshima
DirectorAtsushi Nigorikawa
Production studioEMT Squared
Country of OriginJapan
Original LanguageJapanese
Available LanguagesJapanese, English
First Episode dateOctober 2, 2022 (S01 EP01)
Last Episode AiredNovember 20, 2022 (S01 EP08)
Next Episode Release DateNovember 27, 2022 (S01 EP09)
Available OnCrunchyroll

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date And Time

Season 1, Episode 9 of Beast Tamer, is highly anticipated by the entire fanbase. The production studio for this anime has confirmed all information on the release of Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9; therefore, we have good news for the viewers. The next episode will be streamable on November 27, 2022, at 10:30 PM JST.

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Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 Premiere Time in different Time Zones

  • British Summer Time: 02:30 PM; Sat, 27 Nov 2022
  • Eastern Time: 09:30 AM; Wed, Sat, 27 Nov 2022
  • Australian Central Time: 12:00 AM; Sun, 27 Nov 2022
  • Central Time: 08:30 AM; Sat, 27 Nov 2022
  • Pacific Time: 06:30 AM; Sat, 27 Nov 2022

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 Countdown

Yes, finally, Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode Countdown is here. Once the countdown stops, the new episode of Beast Tamer Season 1 will be released, so bookmark our website and know the release date of all the upcoming episodes of Beast Tamer season 1.


What Plotline Does Beast Tamer Follow?

Because of his limited ability to form contracts with animals, Rein, a beast tamer, was kicked out of the hero’s party. While Rein is out looking for work, he comes across Kanade, a member of the cat tribe, and decides to take her in as a companion. Rein is now considerably more powerful thanks to a contract she made with a member of one of the most powerful races. Together, they set out on an adventure, with Rein befriending and taming girls of various races to use as powerful allies and acquire new abilities with each contract they form.

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

There is no recap for the previous episode 8 of Beast Tamer available now. Continue to check back on our page, as we will continue to update you. Check out every detail on our website. Bookmark our website, and you can easily find out if we update anything about this topic.

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 Spoilers

Everyone is waiting to know what will happen in Beast Tamer as a Sword Season 1 Episode 11. a few are eagerly searching for some spoilers, but the production studio of the series has not released any spoiler on their latest episode 11 of Beast Tamer as a Sword.So stay connected to our website to know about future updates.

The manga series Beast Tamer originally came out on January 30, 2019. After reading the light novel, fans were pretty much impressed with the art style and creation of the Beast Tamer Manga series. It also got lots of popularity from the fans. After receiving lots of hype and popularity, the Manga series Beast Tamer announced the television adaptation on June 10, 2022, and the first season of Beast Tamer premiered on October 2, 2022.

Who Are The Voice Cast And Characters Beast Tamer Season 1

The series Beast Tamer has many great characters, and even the voice actors of these characters are the best. Now fans are expecting too few new characters in the Beast Tamer upcoming episode, but unfortunately, no new characters appear in the upcoming episodes, and old characters will be seen again, which include:

  • Rein is voiced by Shoya Chiba and Kevin D. Thelwell
  • Kanade Voice is given by Azumi Waki and Jalitza Delgado
  • Tania is voiced by Rumi Okubo and Molly Searcy
  • Sora and Luna are voiced by Minami Tanaka (Sora) Maria Sashide (Luna)

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Beast Tamer Season 1?

The first season of Beast Tamer is now streaming, and fans expect season 1 to have more episodes and should cover a few extra volumes of the manga series. As per our sources, it has been confirmed that the ongoing season of Beast Tamer will have at least 13 Episodes.

Readers Ratings

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Where Can You Watch The Anime Beast Tamer?

Yes, finally, the anime series Beast Tamer is here, and as of today, five episodes of season 1 are available for streaming online. Suppose you want to watch the series’ upcoming episodes on television. In that case, it is streamed on Tokyo MX, TVA, ytv, and BS Fuji TV channels, and later the series is available on Crunchyroll for online streaming. And the anime Beast Tamer is also available on the prime video platform on Roku devices.

Similar shows like Beast Tamer

If you liked watching Beast Tamer Anime, there are many other anime series that will give you a similar experience to Beast Tamer, and here are a few anime recommendations for you to watch next.

Beast Tamer season 1 Review

The protagonist is presented as practically perfect. His strength, kindness, and heroism surpass those of anyone else. Obviously, the character’s public image is just as important as his or her actual abilities when it comes to this trope.

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9

An excellent, relaxing film to enjoy at home. Certainly not the best of its kind, but certainly not offensive either. There isn’t much here that’s new, as many of the reviews that have been less than positive have pointed out. The setting is unremarkable, the protagonists are admirable, and the antagonists, such as the “Hero’s Party,” are annoying solely because they are annoying.

Rather than focusing on individual people, the story focuses on universal archetypes. If you’re looking for a drama-free show about cute monster girls and a laid-back guy who’s nice to them, this is it. There are worse ways to spend 30 minutes every week, but you probably won’t remember it next season.

Beast Tamer Season 1 Studio Details

The anime series Beast Tamer cast and crew are amazing. The production studio of Beast Tamer is EMT Squared, and the series is written by Takashi Aoshima and directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa. The music of Beast Tamer is given by Yuki Hayashi and Alisa Okehazama, and the anime is licensed by Crunchyroll and Muse Communication.

Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 Official Trailer Updates

We know fans of Beast Tamer are waiting to watch the official trailer of Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 and are curious to know when the studio will drop the Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 trailer. Still, the production studio has confirmed that no new preview teaser of Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9 is available. Still, instead, all the fans can watch the official trailer of Beast Tamer Season 1.


The eight episode of To SEAL Team’s First season was intriguing. There were numerous turns and twists, and the story concluded on a cliffhanger. In addition to the episode’s emphasis on medical procedures, there were also many compelling character moments.

In this post, we will examine the episode’s events and attempt to anticipate what will transpire in the season finale. Also, remember to enable Amazfeed’s notification alert so you won’t miss any future postings from us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beast Tamer Season 1 Episode 9

1. When Is Beast Tamer Season 1 coming out?

The Beast Tamer Season 1 came out on October 2, 2022.

2. How many episodes does Beast Tamer Season 1 have?

The Beast Tamer Season 1 will have at least 12 episodes.

3. Where Can you watch Beast Tamer Season 1?

The first season of Beast Tamer is streaming on Crunchyroll.

4. Is Beast Tamer Manga or a light novel completed?

No, the manga series and the light novel Beast Tamer is not yet completed.

5. What is the genre of Beast Tamer?

The series Beast Tamer has the genre of fantasy.

6. Which arc or chapters will Beast Tamer season 1 cover?

There are no updates on how many manga chapters will be covered in the first season of Beast Tamer.

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