City Bistro AKA The Beechwood – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

    Tiffany Hutchinson, a successful restaurant manager, decided to establish her own business, City Bistro, in 2012. Tiffany sought on bartenders recognized for their success in the St. Louis bar scene to expand her client base. Now, business is terrible — if she fired all the bartenders, she would have no customers.

    Status 😯

    Is The Beechwood still open?

    No, it’s “Close”

    • Episode Title: “Gone in a Flash”
    • Episode No.: Season 4 Episode 55 (Season 4 6th Set Episode 1)
    • Episode Air Date: July 10, 2016
    • Episode Was Filmed: November 2015. 
    • The Bar’s Original Name Was: City Bistro .
    • The Bar’s New Name: The Beechwood .
    • The Beechwood  Address: 2718 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118, United States .
    The Beechwood location

    If you’re reading this, then I succeeded! Keep reading see what happens to City Bistro AKA The Beechwood .

    City Bistro earns $7 per square foot in sales, $143 less than the industry average. Budweiser and Bud Light are the most popular beers in St. Louis. There is a lot of untapped potential in this bar that isn’t being capitalized on. Jon will meet with the staff to discuss the problems they are experiencing. The stress test went well, but they require more muscular systems.

    Jon believes the kitchen can make a lot of money and instructs Tiffany to make sure the food is delivered to the proper individuals. Many folks are awaiting their meals. She believes that if she got rid of the bartenders, she would lose all business. Tiffany is $300,000 in debt and is only two months away from permanently shutting the bar.

    The Beechwood 1

    Beechwood reopens for the first time following its renovation. The City Bistro has been renamed The Beechwood. Jon built 12 new beer taps and obtained a lifetime membership to TVT for them. Customers are pleased with the unique appearance and feel more self-assured. Every drink, as well as the meal, was delivered to the correct individual. The vibe in the space has dramatically enhanced. Customers are ecstatic about their beverages and meals. Tiffany claims that there is a significant difference between the before and after photos. Jon declares that his task is completed.

    The Beechwood 2

    Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

    The Beechwood Bar Google Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “Gave this place another shot after they elaborated on Facebook about their hours having changed. Staff was very friendly, beer was cold, and the service was quick. Bar ambiance is great as well.”
    • “First time I went there the place was very nice. The fish and drinks were awesome. I will definitely be going back.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • ” Very disappointed. Nothing on tap. No credit cards. Definitely has gone downhill.”

    Google Ratings 3.8/5

    The Beechwood Bar Yelp Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “Stopped in tonight for a few beers. Bartender, Brittany, was super friendly. She was always right there with a refill as soon as I needed it. Can’t wait to come back and try the food! I recommend everyone try this place out! Don’t let bad reviews intimidate you!!”

    Negative Reviews:

    • “WAY Overpriced.  With so many popular, reasonably priced city bars, I dont think we will be back, sorry”

    Yelp Ratings 2.5/5

    My Review on The Beechwood 🤔

    ” I visited there once and fell in love with it; it’s a lovely venue with a nice vibe and amazing service; I’m currently looking into renting it for my jewellery party… “

    3.0/5 Star

    What Happened Next at The Beechwood

    • Jon Taffer changed the name of City Bistro to The Beechwood.
    • Beechwood has boosted food and beverage sales by 25% in the eight weeks since its debut.
    • City Bistro / The Beechwood appears to have closed in 2019/20.
    • The local newspaper issued a poor review stating that the bar still needed to be rescued and that most of the items Jon had put were not used.
    • Tiffany’s and The Beechwood’s Facebook often accounts like Social Bar and Grill posts, implying that she is connected with or owns this establishment.

    News & Update on The Beechwood

    • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in  November 2015.
    • The Beechwood Facebook page, which hasn’t been updated since December 2015. Recently, bartenders have started checking in at the pub on Facebook, indicating that it is still operating.
    • The Beechwood is Permanently closed . Monday to Tuesday 11:00AM to 11:00 PM, Friday to Saturday 11:00AM to 1:00 AM, Sunday close .


    Tiffany, the owner, appears embroiled in commercial disputes with the bar and her used car yard. Tami does not appear to have been rehired, but this isn’t easy to establish without an internet presence.

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