Speakeasy Bar & Grill AKA Second Line Co. – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

    In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Speakeasy Bar and Grill in Kenner, Louisiana. Speakeasy Bar and Grill is owned by Keith Bellaci, who bought the bar with a friend in 2006. Business boomed for three years. Keith and his wife Amanda retired from the business once they started a family, sold the bar and went into the corporate world. After sometime they repurchased the bar in 2015 for $250,000, thinking it was still profitable.

    Status 😯

    Is Second Line Co. still open?

    No, it’s “Close”

    • Episode Title: “All Twerk and No Pay Makes Taffer Shut It Down”
    • Episode No.: Season5 Episode 18 (Season 5 2nd Set Episode 4)
    • Episode Air Date: March 19, 2017
    • Episode Was Filmed: November 2016
    • The Bar’s Original Name Was: Speakeasy Bar & Grill
    • The Bar’s New Name: Second Line Co.
    • Speakeasy Bar & Grill Address: 4345 Williams Blvd # F, Kenner, LA 70065, United States.
    second line co location

    If you’re reading this, then I succeeded! Keep reading see what happens to Speakeasy Bar & Grill.

    They share ownership with Barbara, Amanda’s mother, who they turned to for financial support. Spies are sent in to spy on the bar after it is repurchased by owners Keith and Amanda. They see the call-to-actions are generic, with no signature items that can attract new customers. The spies have ordered food, but no one is making the food or serving it properly. Amanda and Keith clearly define their roles at the bar.

    Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist, Ashley Clarke, who was a bar rescue alum turned expert and expert chef Aaron McCargo. Ashley and Aaron are sent to see if the place has been cleaned, but it is still in a state. Jon is disappointed and sends his cleaning crew to do the much-needed cleaning.

    Guests who have food have no silverware or napkins while others are waiting up to one hour for drinks. Amanda is made to apologise to the guests, and the bar is shut down.

    Speakeasy Bar and Grill AKA second line & co

    The next day, Jon meets with Amanda and Keith to tackle their resentment for each other and try to get them to work together. The bar has been relaunched as The Second Line Co. Festival Bar and Grill.

    It has matched the theme of New Orleans with a jazz mural and pictures from the city. They have three new Future POS Systems with printers, a lifetime subscription to TVT for trainings and inventory. Barbara jumps in to help and washes glasses as they are busy.

    Amanda is more of a manager and is moving around delegating rather than stationing herself at the bar making drinks. Jon is proud of how much they are all working hard and communicating, and he leaves to applause.

    Speakeasy Bar and Grill in Kenner, Louisiana inside

    Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

    Speakeasy Bar & Grill Google Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “Love this place we go often for the Karaoke and we even got them to do our company Crawfish Boil on Karaoke night. It was a blast and now they have been doing the Crawfish every Friday. LOVE THIS PLACE!!”
    • “The wings are fantastic no matter which sauce you choose. The Speakeasy burger is fantastic with ice cold beer and fries. Always good food and good people to hang out with.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • “I have been trying to reserve a date for my company Christmas party for about a week, and nobody is returning my phone call. That is very unprofessional and we use to always come here for Karaoke night.”
    • “The karaoke was really fun but the bartender was rude and prejudice we have been having parties here for years and we have never had an experience like this before. I don’t think we will be coming back!!!”

    Google Ratings 4.2/5

    Speakeasy Bar & Grill Yelp Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “We stopped in after a 4.5 hour drive from Shreveport, staying the the Hilton.  We could we have walked here!  What a treat the female bartender was and the food wasn’t bad either!”
    • “This place is amazing. The atmosphere is just right. The bartender is the friednliest and nicest person ever. She is VERY knowledgeable and such great personality.  The food was delicious! We got a hamburger and it was amazing! I got a blue moon draft and the mug was perfectly frosted. I also ordered a margarita, and the bartender made it from scratch! It was delicious. I would def come back here when I’m in town.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • not such negative comments yet!

    Yelp Ratings 3/5

    My Review on Speakeasy Bar & Grill 🤔

    Nice place with variety of entertainment. Found the sound system way too loud. Fair pricing on drinks and food. I’ll give it another chance and revise my review.

    3.5/5 Star

    What Happened Next at Speakeasy Bar & Grill

    • Jon Taffer changed the name from Speakeasy Bar & Grill to Second Line Co.
    • Six weeks later, it is revealed that Amanda and Keith have kept to managing their respective areas.
    • They are communicating properly and no one is twerking when they should be working.
    • Speakeasy Bar and Grill / Second Line Co. closed in January 2018 after they sold the bar.

    News & Update on Speakeasy Bar & Grill

    • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in May 2016.
    • they did change their name back to Speakeasy Bar & Grill after Bar Rescue left.
    •  Speakeasy Bar & Grill is now marked as ‘Closed’
    • The bar opening in its place is named Area 504 and seems to be a Latin themed bar/club.


    Bar rescue has saved the day again! The Speakeasy Bar & Grill in Kenner, Louisiana which appeared on season 5 (2nd set) of Bar Rescue closed down at the end 2017. A new bar opened up taking over its location and they’re calling themselves Area 504 – seems like Latin themed place with some awesome margaritas too boot?

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