Soyo Craft Bar AKA Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

    The Yonkers, New York bar SoYo Craft, which featured on the fourth season of Bar Rescue, has closed. Although the pub used to be known as Undisputed, it changed its name to SoYo Craft Bar thanks to the efforts of Bar Rescue. A new Central American restaurant/bar will open in the building after the bar was sold in January 2018, according to the local press.

    Status 😯

    Is Soyo Craft Bar still open?

    No, it’s “Close”

    • Episode Title: “Thugs with Mugs”
    • Episode No.: Season 4 Episode 2 (Season 4 1st Set Episode 2)
    • Episode Air Date: October 12, 2014.
    • Episode Was Filmed: April 2014.
    • The Bar’s Original Name Was: Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill.
    • The Bar’s New Name: Soyo Craft Bar.
    • Soyo Craft Bar Address: 38 Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701, United States.
    Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill Location

    If you’re reading this, then I succeeded! Keep reading see what happens to Soyo Craft Bar.

    Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill is owned by former boxer Miguel Torres and longtime friend and boxing teammate Brian O’Shea. In 2009, Undisputed’s boxing theme attracted a lot of business. Over time, standards and security dropped and customers soon left to go to safer bars. Now, Miguel and Brian are $120,000 in debt.

    Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill is a 1,500-square-foot bar with two speed wells, one POS terminal and a full-service kitchen. The cook left the fridge open for way too long and the wings weren’t cooked properly. A fight breaks out between the customers and the bartender says she’s going to call the cops. Jon’s crew got assaulted during the fight.

    The next morning, Jon meets with the staff. Miguel’s wife Tanya says that she hates the bar. Brian and Tanya get into an argument because he doesn’t see how his behavior is a problem. Jenny says she quit because she didn’t feel safe enough to work at the bar. She says she thought she was going to die.

    Soyo Craft Bar Road Side View

    Undisputed will undergo what Jon calls stress test. The bar’s owners and staff are swamped with orders and customers waiting for their food and drinks. One customer sucked a piece of glass through her straw through the straw at one point. There wasn’t a single fight in this bar tonight. The owners plan on creating a more Manhattan, upscale feel.

    SoYo opens up for the first time since remodeling. The bar has been renamed and Undisputed is now called Soyo Craft Bar. Miguel and Brian feel like this has brought them closer again. Jon installed a new draft beer system and a new cooler system for the fridge. He says that thugs don’t go to bars with bright colors.

    On relaunch, the customers are very excited about this new bar. The food and drinks are amazing. Customers say that this bar really stepped their game up. The bar is packed and everyone is happy. Jon shakes Miguel’s and Brian’s hands and says that his work here is done.

    Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill Bar Rescue Jhon Traffer

    Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

    Soyo Craft Bar Google Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “Love this place and the food. I love a bar that the owners are not drinking but making sure the atmosphere is pleasant and ran properly. Go SOYO!!👍”
    • “Great service and great music. Bouncer will charge for entrance depending on time and how full it is.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • ‘It’s a mess, sticky counter-tops, tables wobbled, no management around to help”

    Google Ratings 3.8/5

    Soyo Craft Bar Yelp Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “It’s bar food but it’s decent and the staff is also friendly which is a plus . Didn’t experience it during a busy night and I’m guessing it gets more fun .”
    • “Blue was excellent and took good care of us. Sliders and fries were delicious and came out hot and fast. Drinks were excellent. Shisha was a little pricey but a nice treat. Overall, great place. Two thumbs up.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • “This place is awful. There was a shooting out front about a month ago. I guess they’ll let anyone in.”
    • ” I came here not so long after it was “rescued” and i was not impressed. The draft system was not working! Wasn’t the bar just upgraded? How was it already not working? I ordered a mojito…it was terrible. It tasted like water and rum. I asked for more simple syrup but that didn’t help. The food we ordered was good.”

    Yelp Ratings 3/5

    My Review on Soyo Craft Bar 🤔

    Food was great. Atmosphere was perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. Would recommend.

    3.5/5 Star

    What Happened Next at Soyo Craft Bar

    • Jon Taffer changed the name of Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill to Soyo Craft Bar
    • Six weeks later, SoYo is the hottest place in this area.
    • The police were called to the bar numerous times after the rescue, more than 60 in less than a year and a number of felony arrests were made.
    • Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill / Soyo closed in March 2018.
    • The bar was listed for sale for $150,000 in January 2016 and was sold two years later.

    News & Update on Soyo Craft Bar

    • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in April 2014.
    •  After their rescue, a large number of criminal arrests and other police visits occurred in the pub, and over 60 incidents happened in less than a year.
    • Soyo Craft Bar is Permanently close.


    Soyo Craft Pub was once known as Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill before to Jon Taffer’s renovation, and the bar kept the name. Following the rescue, reviews were divided, with many critical remarks about the service. The bar was offered for sale in July 2016 for $150,000. As a result, it took almost two years to sell the bar.

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