Robusto By Havana Mix AKA Havana Mix Cigar – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

    Bar Rescue” returns to Memphis, Tennessee this week to save Havana Mix Cigar Emporium. Millennial Robb Hunter, owner of Havana Mix, is wondering if hiring his millennial son was a wise idea. When he is talking about cigars, he forgets about the other clients who want to purchase drinks. Because of this, they are over $700,000 in debt and the communication between father and son is going downhill.

    Status 😯

    Is Robusto By Havana Mix still open?

    Yes, it’s “Open”

    • Episode Title: “Close, But No Cigar”
    • Episode No.: Season 6 Episode 2 (Season 6 1st Set Episode 2)
    • Episode Air Date: March 18, 2018
    • Episode Was Filmed: October 2017.
    • The Bar’s Original Name Was: Havana Mix Cigar
    • The Bar’s New Name: Robusto By Havana Mix
    • Robusto By Havana Mix Address: 250 Peabody Pl #105, Memphis, TN 38103, United States
    Havana Mix location

    If you’re reading this, then I succeeded! Keep reading see what happens to Robusto By Havana Mix.

    Havana Mix Cigar was opened in 2012 by Robb Hunter as a cigar emporium. Because of customer demand, he opened a bar, even though he had no experience in the business. They are over $700,000 in debt and the communication between father and son is going downhill.

    Cigar expert Jacob Fourth and expert chef Anthony Lamas will test the service. They are asked to make any kind of whiskey cocktail for them. Bartender Doug helps with the cocktail recipe and they both hate their drinks.

    The experts give their feedback on the lack of a drink menu and the food at the cigar shop. Jon leaves them to hash it out and hopefully break down the communication barrier between them.

    Havana Mix road side view

    The stress test involves putting a cigar in a jar every time something goes wrong in the kitchen and bar. In the kitchen, the cook time is about twenty minutes because the fryer is bad. At the bar, the cooler is leaking, and the floor is flooded. The focus is on making the owner comfortable behind the bar. Rhobb Jr is very enthusiastic about the changes.

    They have two workstations, two Harbour Touch POS Systems and a Manitowoc Ice Machine. There is a new beer cooler, a new Turbo Chef oven and chairs and furnishings from East Coast Chair and Barstool. Chef Andrea and bar manager Jon are given a lifetime subscription to TVT for training and Partender for inventory.

    Inside, the bar has been made more sophisticated with lots of leather and warm lights. On relaunch, the regular customers are pleasantly surprised they now have cocktails. In the kitchen, the easy to prepare food is flying out. The owners are so happy with Jon they hug him before he leaves.

    Havana Mix Inside View

    Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

    Robusto By Havana Mix Google Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “What a great place to sit and enjoy a fine cigar, premium alcohol and great company. Rob is a great man. Christa took very good care of us and is very pleasant and cheerful. They make you feel welcome. Rob has a huge variety of cigars, but I would recommend a Beale st. Cigar.”
    • “Awesome cigar bar. Never seen a place like this with good drinks and a great humidor. We hung out here for a little bit and had a cigar and drinks. If you like cigars check it out.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • not such negative comments yet!

    Google Ratings 4.7/5

    Robusto By Havana Mix Yelp Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “Fantastic lounge. The service and the customers make this place. What a welcoming venue. Great conversation and good variety of boutique and staple brands in the humidor. Definitely worth the stop. Thanks guys.”
    • “Nice spot. Took my brother and father here after a Grizzlies game earlier this year. The owners are some really good guys. Support them whenever you’re downtown Memphis.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • not such negative comments yet!

    Yelp Ratings 4.6/5

    My Review on Robusto By Havana Mix 🤔

    Nice laid back place. We were there for the Superbowl game. Staff seemed very friendly. This is one of our go to spots when in Memphis. The food and drinks are always on point as well.

    5/5 Star

    What Happened Next at Robusto By Havana Mix

    • Jon Taffer changed the name of Havana Mix Cigar Emporium to Robusto By Havana Mix.
    • Six weeks later, it is revealed they are up 26%.
    • Vilori is now in charge of the kitchen, and it’s a mess. Rhobb Jr. is currently in charge of the company’s operations.
    • Reviews are mostly positive with compliments to the atmosphere and cigars and drinks on offer.
    • Robusto By Havana Mix is open.

    News & Update on Robusto By Havana Mix

    • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in October 2017.
    • Here is the Havana Mix website which still has the old logo.
    • Here is the Robusto By Havana Facebook page and Instagram.
    • Robb Hunter was the official cigar provider for Superbowl 39 in 2005. (Link)
    • Robusto By Havana Mix is still Open.


    Robusto By Havana Mix has kept the name of the bar given to them by Bar Rescue. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with compliments on the atmosphere, friendly service, and cigars. Perhaps Bar Rescue thought the idea of doing a rescue at a cigar bar was appealing.

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