Laguna Shots Bar AKA Tres Cuartos AKA Laguna Lounge – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

    To night episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer visits Laguna Lounge in Jersey City, New Jersey. Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue changed the name of the bar to Tres Cuartos, but the bar quickly changed their name back to Laguna Lounge. Laguna Lounge eventually changed the name of the bar to Laguna Shots Bar. Laguna Lounge is owned by lifelong DJ Ivan Arroyo. He decided it was time to bring his DJ experience and Puerto Rican background to the New Jersey nightlife. Ivan bought the bar in 2008. He runs the bar with his two sons, Josh and Jeremiah. Laguna Shots Bar was the name of the bar when it closed. Ivan focused all of his attention on being a DJ and as a result bar sales dropped.

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    No, it’s “Close”

    • Episode Title: “El Moronte!!”
    • Episode No.: Season 4 Episode 4 (Season 4 1st Set Episode 4)
    • Episode Air Date: October 26, 2014
    • Episode Was Filmed: April 2014
    • The Bar’s Original Name Was: Laguna Lounge .
    • The Name Given by Bar Rescue: Tres Cuartos
    • The Bar’s New Name: Laguna Shots Bar.
    • Laguna Shots Bar Address: 1007 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307, United States.
    Laguna Shots Bar location

    If you’re reading this, then I succeeded! Keep reading see what happens to Laguna Shots Bar AKA Tres Cuartos AKA Laguna Lounge.

    Jeremiah says that he and his brother can’t stand this place anymore. Josh says he wants to run the business, and he has a lot of ideas, but Ivan isn’t supportive of his ideas. Ivan is now $50,000 in debt and made a call for help at Bar Rescue. For the bar, Jon brings in expert mixologist Lisamarie Joyce and for the kitchen, he brings the expert chef Anthony Lamas.

    Jon says that for tonight’s stress test, he wants to see Ivan be an owner. Anthony shows them how to make an empanada. Jeremiah is a little lost in the kitchen. The bar is a colossal mess and plates are taking forever to be prepared. The customers say that this bar was not properly managed and that this bar won’t succeed like this.

    Jon makes them close the bar for the night. It’s very clear that this bar isn’t organized at all. Lisamarie says that it’s going to take a lot of work to get to this bar where it needs to be. Anthony says that Jeremiah wants to work, but they weren’t getting any tickets in the kitchen. He also says that the system and lack of organization failed them.

    Laguna Shots Bar outside

    The next morning, Anthony shows Jeremiah a recipe called shrimp ceviche. Another side Jon explains to them about what Bartender is. He confronts them about how they refilled bottles and poured cheap vodka into a high-end branded bottle. Jon asks Ivan to give him something to hold on to that makes him a man. Ivan pours out the cheap liquor. Laguna Lounge has been renamed and is now called Tres Cuartos.

    The staff are so excited to work at the bar. The bartenders have control over the drink orders. Customers appear to be quite delighted with their food and beverages. The bartenders work extremely effectively together. Jon embraces his family and declares that his task is complete. Jon says that Ivan needs to lead this bar and then they’ll be successful.

    Laguna Shots Bar with owner

    Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

    Laguna Shots Bar Google Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “This place is a comfortable environment enjoy there drinks and music.. Local as well.”
    • “It is a good and nice place to enjoy and take some drinks and listen to good music.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • “I remember this bar on Bar rescue its awful even when it has changed it still looks the same boring bar.”

    Google Ratings 3.8/5

    Laguna Shots Bar Yelp Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “Went on a Wednesday night to hang out and try dancing salsa (Wednesday is their salsa night). Relaxed atmosphere, open back room for dancing and a pool table and bar up front. I had a great time dancing, the bartender, Gina was great and got up and danced. Ivan was on the music and played bachata when I requested too. Will definitely be back to dance and have a few again.”
    • “if you want to dance the night away go there…! if you love puerto rican salsa go there!!!!!!!”

    Negative Reviews:

    • “Very disappointed…. Very rude service, given absolutely no respect here, will never ever come back”
    • “Came out of my way after the Giants/Chargers game. Called a few times and no answer. Finally got through and asked which bus runs nearby. They didn’t understand and as I tried to explain the call was dropped. I decided to head over anyways via Uber. Ended up arriving to a place that was closed. I’ve tried calling several more times and still no answer. I won’t be coming back here.”

    Yelp Ratings 3/5

    My Review on Laguna Shots Bar 🤔

    Really great place with a good music and a nice warm environment. But the food and beverages not up to the mark.

    3.5/5 Star

    What Happened Next at Laguna Shots Bar

    • Jon Taffer changed the name of Laguna Lounge  to Tres Cuartos.
    • Six weeks later, drink sales are up by 20%, and food sales are up by 100%.
    • Tres Cuartos is becoming known as the Latin hotspot in The Heights.
    • Ivan didn’t keep the name that Jon gave them and renamed the bar to Laguna Shots Bar.
    • Laguna Lounge / Tres Cuartos / Laguna Shots Bar closed in August 2017 so that owner Ivan was able to focus on his music career.

    News & Update on Laguna Shots Bar

    • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in April 2014.
    •  The bar closed around August 2017 with owner Ivan saying that the bar was closed and he had a new business called Viva La Musica Entertainment Company.
    •  It looks like Ivan is going to focus more on DJing as DJ El Comandante.
    • Laguna Shots Bar is Permanently close.


    Laguna Shots Bar was formerly known as Laguna Lounge before to Jon Taffer’s renovation, and the bar didn’t keep the name Bar Rescue. In August 2017, Laguna Shots Bar was closed beacuse the owner Ivan want to focus on his music career. Reviews were mixed after Jon Traffer and his team visited this place.

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