Baseline Sports Bar AKA Brick and Barley – Bar Rescue Update | What Happened Next Open Or Closed?

    When AJ Hunter purchased Baseline Sports Bar, it routinely generated between $65,000 and $80,000 per month. She put her two gorgeous children behind the bar since they are excellent bartenders. She is now losing $4,000 a month and is $190,000 in debt. Jon Taffer has requested that AJ conduct a bar rescue.

    Status 😯

    Is Brick and Barley still open?

    Yes, it’s “open”

    • Episode Title: “Momster’s Ball”
    • Episode No.: Season 4 Episode 56 (Season 4 6th Set Episode 2)
    • Episode Air Date: July 17, 2016
    • Episode Was Filmed: January 2016 .
    • The Bar’s Original Name Was: Baseline Sports Bar.
    • The Bar’s New Name: Brick and Barley .
    • Brick and Barley  Address: 29555 Northwestern Hwy #312, Southfield, MI 48034, United States .
    Brick and Barley location

    If you’re reading this, then I succeeded ! Keep reading see what happens to Baseline Sports Bar AKA Brick and Barley .

    AJ Hunter is the proprietor of Baseline Sports Bar. When the pub was on the market in 2005, she purchased it. To fund the bar, AJ took out a $250,000 mortgage on her home. AJ planned to revamp the pub by recruiting an all-female crew. Baseline is producing $29 less than the break-even figure of $150 per square foot.

    Brandy claims that the pub lacks an appealing environment, which makes her feel uneasy. Two girls are battling in a kiddie pool loaded with spaghetti. AJ claims that they are doing this while they can. AJ understands that she and her children must take this seriously to restore the bar’s prosperity.

    Brick and Barley 1

    Xantia and Diva missed the $1,000 mark by $10, but Jon compensates them. The bartenders have a lot to work on, but Jon threatens that one of them will be fired if they don’t get it together. Many diners have their meals but no beverages. AJ and her crew are thrilled with the new design of their pub. The walk-in door is now closed, and a Heineken Brew Lock system has been installed.

    Brandy has returned, and her impression of the environment has shifted; she now describes it as “warm and inviting.” Customers are pretty complimentary about the new bar. The kitchen is doing admirably, with a 5-minute ticket time. Communication has increased across the pub, and there are now many more female patrons. The entire family thanks, Jon. Jon claims that his job here is finished but that theirs is just getting started.

    Brick and Barley 2

    Recent Customer Reviews after the Bar Rescue Episode:

    Brick and Barley Google Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “I love the atmosphere of Brick & Barleys. The food is amazing, I’m going back for breakfast next Sunday and watch the Cardinals game. Justin took great care of me. Iet Chef Reggie who made it a point to make sure my food was good. Great experience.”
    • “The food was really good! And Shannon was a great bartender! I wish every place I went had people with her personality.”

    Negative Reviews:

    • “Really disappointed! The draft beer was warm, they were out of vodka and the garlic fries were gross! My first 2 visits were great, I’m not sure what happened but this time was disappointing! The bartender was great though!”

    Google Ratings 4.1/5

    Brick and Barley Yelp Review

    Positive Reviews:

    • “This is the third time I’ve had lunch here. I have tried three different items and I have loved all of them. The staff is prompt with refills and menu suggestions. I’d love to share a picture of the Elote Pizza but there isn’t any left to show.”
    • ” Such a fun place to go! Great food and Cooper was really sweet and gave us our first round free because it was our first time there. Definitely will go back! “

    Negative Reviews:

    • “No beer menu and don’t bother asking the bartender.  Crap service.  Dirty taps.   Just dumb.”

    Yelp Ratings 3.0/5

    My Review on Brick and Barley 🤔

    ” I’ve been coming here for a few years now. Always have had great service and fantastic food! Everyone is super friendly! “

    3.3/5 Star

    What Happened Next at Brick and Barley

    • Jon Taffer changed the name of Baseline Sports Bar to Brick and Barley.
    • He discloses that the new clothes and some of the fresh food and beverages were not kept.
    • Brick and Barley is now open for business.
    • They had recruited a new chef, but there were still few female clients.
    • The majority of reviews are favorable, including praise on the wings. However, there are some concerns about the service.

    News & Update on Brick and Barley

    • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in January 2016.
    • Here are the Facebook Page for Brick and Barley and the former Baseline Sports Bar.
    • Here’s a  website for Baseline Sports Bar, and there doesn’t appear to be a new one for Brick and Barley.
    • Brick and Barley is still open . Monday to Friday 11:00AM to 12:00 AM(Next Day), Saturday to Sunday 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Next Day) .


    Following the name change to Bar Rescue, the bar has retained the name Brick and Barley. The bar’s reviews are mixed, with customers praising the renovations and environment but complaining about the service. The pub maintains the same idea, with the “babes” marketed on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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