Top 10+ Best Alternative Websites of 8xfilms to watch movies for free


You get a huge list of websites to stream movies online and to download them. It is not advisable, however, to go to any site, as there are also many phishing sites. Websites like 8xfilms can be used without problems to produce good quality films.

When people suffer from time crashes in the fast-moving world they hardly have time to relax and entertain. Various people have a way of refreshing themselves. In a country where the theatre is overcrowded every Friday, we can see that the people here in India are insane about films and the actors.

Film watching in our country is taken very seriously and the support system of the lives of people. Countless film fanatics seek to go to the cinema, but cannot get there because of a lack of money, energy, and time. The pirated film sites are a boon to these people.

For a movie buff watching movies, supplements are taken for a movie diet. To them, food for thoughts and entertainment is provided them.

So you think of yourself as a film-maniac? You like watching movies but you are not able to get enough to work? Don’t feel sad. Don’t feel sad about it. Here’s the way it is.

8xfilms is a great website to get a big Hollywood, Bollywood library, as well as other regional films. This website provides streaming and downloading of movies. In simple-to-access tabs, you can get movies of all genres such as comedy, drama, mystery, romance, horror, war, animation, and others. For their content and trouble-free interface, you will love this site.

In most of the countries of the world, films are a source of recreation. It is the source of inspiration for many, which can easily raise the mood. Like food, films are one of the things you can read about that which is so nice to accept.

One of these illegitimate websites that have won the hearts of their viewers by allowing them to watch countless films is 8xfilms. Where you can’t go to the theatre for any reason and can’t wait until the movie is broadcast on TV, you take 8xfilms. It is a platform loaded with an enormous collection of films in excellent image quality.

In the entertainment industry, the Web site plays a major role. The content is more up-to-date than the compact media forms for all ages. Nearly all pirated films are available on the website in various languages. You can just forget to purchase DVDs or ask your local cable operator to play your favorite films. You simply have to scroll around the website and find your much-awaited things on the page.

Whether the site is competent or updated regularly, you have to understand that 8xfilms is a website that is plagiarised and that the content is illegal on this site. However, the Government has always tried to stop such websites but it has not yet been able to do so. You’d suddenly be in a fix of what to see and where to see if this was forbidden. The names of some other alternatives must therefore be kept handy and used in the crisis period. We’ll assist with the alternate names of 8xfilms in today’s article.

What is 8xfilms?

8xfilms is a notorious website in a layman’s language that contains unauthorised content for viewing. It’s a powerful website with all the latest releases of films dubbed Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Telegu and Hollywood. Besides films, documentaries, TV shows, award ceremonies and famous Web series can be enjoyed. It is also true that, despite the good things, the data from your device is in jeopardy and can be stolen when you access the 8xfilm pirated website.

8xfilms is a publicly pirated site known for leaking recent films and other information. 8xfilms are regarded by many as one of the best of their type, according to recent reports. On the first day of their theatre release, all recent contents are available on this site. Movies in several languages, such as Hindi dubbed, Hollywood doubbed, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi, and Gujarati, are available here. Besides film, webseries, documentaries, TV shows, award features can also be streamed and downloaded.

Free download and streaming in HD resolution is possible on all contents. The fact that it provides all movie streaming and downloading services free of charge attracts millions of traffic to 8xfilms. The content of 1080p, 360p, 720p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDScr, DVDrip, etc. can be downloaded and streamed.

8xfilms offers its users a wide range of films of all kinds such as animation, novelty, thriller, horror, science fiction, eroticism, crime, comedy, action, and whatnot. This is one of the best sites to stream and downloads any film you want. You’re not going to be deceived at all on this site.

Legalities of the website

8xfilms is an illegal website and is also an offence punishable by law, although browsing. True, the website’s content pleases you, but all are updated illegally. The authors are not aware of the upload and the content should not be free for the auditor. 8xfilms is a pirated and long-lasting pirated website. They operate contrary to government laws and can be prohibited at all times.

Features of the 8xfilms:

Below are the outstanding features which make this website so popular:

  • Free streaming and downloading of any movie or webcast, documentary, TV-share, etc. is possible.
  • Films can be found in all languages such as Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bollywood. The wide collection covers all kinds of films and other events such as romance, thriller, animation, fiction, erotic, comedy, action, etc.
  • On this site, users don’t even have to register.
  • 8xfilms was also a version of the app that can easily be installed on your device because of its small size. Any android or iOS phone can use the app.
  • The site even features an incredible collection of old films, which are not usually found today.
  • The user-friendly and engaging interface on this site.
  • The films were categorised in different ways, making finding their desired film even easier for viewers.
  • The site provides standard download speed and good audio quality as long as you have a continuous Internet connection.
  • Details about the content are available with each content. Therefore, Google does not have to deal separately with the content.
  • Multiple films in dubbed versions are available. You can therefore watch the film in any language that you want.

How to download films on 8xfilms?

You can do this in a few simple steps from 8xfilms if you’ve grown up a crack to download films for free and store them on your device. Downloading films from this pirated film website is an easy task and no prior training is needed. We’d take you in the following steps.

8xfilms provides users with a single click to download links of all films. If your device does not work properly, don’t worry. You can download and stream your favourite content by following steps.

  • First, visit the 8xfilms active website.
  • Search in the search bar for your desired film. It can also be found in the categories.
  • To download or stream, click on the film. This will redirect you to a different page.
  • Two options are available on this page: streaming or downloading. To download click. Click download.
  • Now, select the format to download the movie
  • You shall again be redirected to another page with multiple download links after clicking the format.
  • Click any of them. Click any one. Your film begins to be downloaded.

You may find several unwanted ads while streaming or downloading films from 8xfilms. Continue to sing clo and enjoy the movie.

10 Best Alternatives for 8xfilms

1. Besthdmovies

Films, particularly in India, are a major source of entertainment. People here adorate and admire the film actors. All can’t reach theatres, however, always.


This is the perfect place for people who love to watch movies and TV shows. The article will tell you about the Besthdmovies website which provides a platform to its users where they can come to watch and enjoy their beloved films and web series.

The article will also provide information on Besthdmovies’s features and a list of instructions on how to download the films. In addition, the article will list other web sites that could be a good replacement for the website of Besthdmovies.

Besthdmovies is an excellent choice. Every new film, web series, television shows and many more can be found free of charge on this website. It can be used on any device and browser. The site is updated without fail at all times. You can find the latest things on the site, therefore.

The films loaded on the site are available in HD image resolution to make your device look good. The video downloaded in a DVD without changing its size can be captured from the site.

2. Babahd

Film watching is more than entertainment. For people, it’s a healthy experience. Different people react to a particular film differently. There are not similar emotions a film evokes.

Cinema has the power to unite people, as many of today’s movies have strong social messages. It would not be wrong at the present time to say that film reflects society. It is one of the strongest influences mediums. The focus of this article is ‘Babahd,’ a website which provides a gateway to good films.


We seldom are able to reach the theatre due to the short time in this fast-paced world. Websites like Babahd pirated movies can help us to see all the latest films from our homeland.

The website interface is user-friendly and you can choose the search bar with a simple click. With all categories and search bars, the homepage is very attractive. You will surely enjoy the varied range of content.

3. O2cinemas

Often we’re looking for a particular film, but it doesn’t appear on the TV. The help of O2cinemas should be tacitly addressed in such situations. It’s a pirated website that lets you view movies free of charge at your home’s convenience.


We travel from home to office and home every day a lot. Studies tell us that in everyday transport, we spend nearly one-third of our life. When driving, we must pay the right attention but usually get bored throughout when we take public transport or office cabs. We can’t expect much to look around the people and watch the landscape.

Most often, we travel without a partner and don’t have anyone to talk to, so we tend to sleep and feel lethargic when we reach the office. A better way to spend time is to watch the latest movies or other Web series you like and for some reason have missed. The costs of the streaming services are currently too high to subscribe and you only need to watch some of the episodes.

The language you prefer is an enormous number of diversified films. You can download a copy to watch later on or stream them. Films in English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telegu, and other languages can be found.

The site also includes television shows, web series, awards, and other content for entertainment. The website interface is easy to use and the mobile application of the website can also be downloaded for greater convenience. Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with the app.

4. Crunchyroll

You should explore Crunchyroll if you have grown up to look at anime movies rather than daily television cartoons. It’s known for the huge collection of anime films that you would enjoy watching during your free time.


The quality of the picture is excellent for you to take a good look at your favourite characters. The site is quite simple to reach and is the official source of different doramas, Magna and anime. Since 2006, it has existed.

The premium account you get is available at a reasonable price and allows for ad-free streaming. You can also watch anime movie without any limitations for free. It’s one of the safest HD-quality anime websites.

The web site is concerned with the licencing, manufacturing and distribution of content from Japanese manufacturing companies.

Many people always want to download anime and manga of the best quality. Anime and manga this interest is not new. It was started in the 1960s with the release of the manga and anime comics. Mostly black and white, these comic strips had a lot of distinctiveness in them. The heavy content that could be found on these sites was just like watching films fascinating.

5. Dvdrockers 

DVDRockers is a website of piracy that is illegally downloaded for free to its users by Indigenous Movies HD, Hindi Movies, DVDRockers Telugu Tamil. The website of DVDRockers enables its users to view or download films free of charge from DVDRockers com, its DVDRockers website.


It’s time for you to switch to Dvdrockers if you get tired of adverts that stoppen your shows if you watch them on TV. The website of the torrent provides free access to the latest films, TV shows etc.

You can experience another world of entertainment when you open the website of Dvdrockers. Films of all languages like Telegu, Tamil, Bollywood and Malayalam will be available here. All are in high-definition image quality.

The website’s great user-friendly interface is remarkable. You can easily access the website with a VPN and benefit from unlimited website content. The website is compatible with any web browser and certainly takes away your life’s boredom.

6. Kothamovies

Kotha Movies is a public piracy website, and its users receive a large number of Telugu Movies fully free of charge on its website. All is on this page right from the old movies to the latest ones.


The website of Kotha Movies gives movies from high-quality films, as well as from Telugu known as Cam Rip films. While Telugu Movies are mainly preferred, But Kotha Movies are also available in English.

Would you like to hear Why has the government restricted Telugu 2021’s Kotha Movies? Not only on Kotha films, but there are several websites that limit them. This website leaks films completely free of charge on its website. Piracy is a felony and punishable offense. It is an offense.

These websites are open to consumers and the movie or web series can also be downloaded completely free of cost. Even the creators and several celebrities have advised the public not to support piracy. But it continues and continues. That is why Kotha Movies Telugu 2021 Torrent has been strictly restricted by the Government.

7. HDmp4mania

The days that you had to wait for the new release’s DVDs, the pirated movies pages were put in place. A website with an unlimited number of films from Hollywood to Telegu and Bengali. The website is the HDmp4mania website.


They can either be downloaded for later viewing or viewed online. HDmp4mania is regarded as one of the world’s largest and most popular piracy sites. The user interface is simply awesome and easy to search and download your favorite stuff.

The dubbed versions of the latest films are available, so that you have additional choices in hand. The website contents provide an incredible standard of images for a perfect film viewing experience.

Films are a massive thing for Indians. The film industry is one of India’s largest and most competitive industries. In people’s lives, entertainment plays an enormous role. The stars in the movies have big fans, who are very possessive and wild. This is why Bollywood was able to spend money only by making films. Films have brought entertainment a new dimension with new technologies, distinctive mechanisms, and vibrant images. When you look at a film, nobody can be bored.

8. Funmaza

Nobody can interact with the songs, hardly anybody. Music is also a dose of fun and a shift of mood. The music industry has gained importance and popularity if music is an integral part of life.


Funmaza is one of the websites which provides you with unlimited audio and video streaming and downloading facilities. On the website you can find songs of all styles and every language. It is possible to download and raise your stock on your laptop, Dropbox, Google Drive and cloud folders

The MP3 and MP4 songs on the Facebook can also be shared with Funmaza. It helps you to turn MP4 videos into MP3 audio tracks, the website’s most interesting feature. In the music videos the song’s lyrics are also listed.

Funmaza is a platform that allows users to hear their favourite music and to download songs by their favourite artists. Videos and songs from all the languages on this platform are available. The website’s services are free of charge for the users. Not only can people stream but also download from this site their favourite songs and albums.

9. MovieNinja 

Looking at movies of your choosing is a dumb way to relax. When you can watch movies without investing one penny it becomes even more beautiful.


You can do this with MovieNinja. The pirated website is just suitable for uploading and broadcasting old and new films, called after Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood. A large number of South Indian films in Tamil and Telegu are available on the famous website.

It enjoys the high-definition quality of the image for every consumer. The website contains TV shows, Web series, desi drama, documentaries, and much more, as well as movies. The website interface is easily accessible through VPN technology and is user-friendly.

The Movieninja website has only been in operation a few years ago, but in that short period, it has been able to develop a big fan and see plenty of traffic on the platform every day. In the beginning, the website’s film collection was very small and very limited but over time.

It has created an impressive video directory in its database with movies from all film industries in India, in languages such as Tamil, Punjabi, and Marathi. All Movieninja films have a good quality of the footage. Despite the fact that the content of the site is pirated and the website illegal, millions of people use this website to fulfill their entertainment needs.

10. Tamilrockers

You would be shocked to see how good the gui is built when you visit this website.


With its content specifically classified according to its genres, language and the like, the site is well run. People are happy to go through this website because it is easy to find their favourite content by its categorised content and user-friendly gui.

The website includes all kinds of material, times, languages, cultures and themes, providing you with a totally varied and diverse set that is perfect for your entertainment. The site gives a short overview of each material that allows people to know the specific content. This is particularly useful when unknown contents are streamed.

8xfilms are now considered to be a pirated platform. It is a felony in India to browse through. We are not going to sponsor or encourage the piracy market. Indeed, we call upon our spectators to avoid accessing those websites, for it means that we too promote the piracy industry if we use such unauthorised sites.

As responsible people, we call on all to take piracy seriously, because it affects our film industry. We have to discourage the use of these sites, remember the threats and make other people aware of them. Today, as we can see, there have been several legitimate alternatives. We ought to use them for movies to watch and download.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

  • Mydownloadtube
  • Bollyshare
  • 1337x
  • Soap2Day
  • Playtamil
  • 300MB movies
  • Todaypk
  • Pelisplus
  • 123movies
  • SSRMovies
  • Hdfriday
  • Filmy4wap
  • Bolly2Tolly
  • Filmyhit
  • Wapking
  • Mp4Moviez
  • Moviespur
  • Pagalworld
  • DJPunjab
  • Movies4u
  • Afilmywap
  • Movievilla
  • Mangastream
  • JalshaMoviez
  • Mymp3song
  • Mp3juices
  • Rdxhd
  • Movierulz
  • AtoZmp3
  • Khatrimaza
  • Bolly4U
  • MadrasRockers
  • Lookmovie
  • Project Free TV
  • Jio Rockers
  • TamilGun
  • DVDPlay
  • Tamilrasigan
  • Filmymeet
  • Putlocker
  • Extramovies
  • Filmywap
  • Tubeoffline
  • WorldFree4u
  • Fmovies
  • Downloadhub
  • Openload
  • Moviezwap
  • YoMovies
  • Isaimini
  • Tamilyogi


1. What are the various categories of films that are available on 8xfilm? 

The site provides movies under categories like Tamil HD free download, Hollywood HD Movies, Bollywood dubbed movies, etc. 

2. Is there an app for 8xfilms pirated website? 

Yeah, the website has a beta of the software. It is designed to make the users more comfortable. You can download the app from the iOS and Android app store and visit your favourite website with ease. Downloading the films and other website displays is very simple with this application.

3. Is downloading movies from 8xfilms illegal? 

Not only downloading movies but using any such pirated torrent site is illegal in India. 

4. If a person is found using 8xfilms will, he/ she get punished?

They’re going to be fined, of course. As mentioned in the article earlier, visiting a pirated website is also a legal offence. If the individual is located on the internet, he may be detained for 3 years and any other serious steps can be taken in accordance with the law against piracy.

It’s difficult to provide the latest link of 8xfilms because this site constantly keeps changing its domains, every time the previous domain becomes banned. 

6. What are the different categories and genres available on the website?

The wide variety of content loaded on the website would hypocritical you. You have just to call it and you’re going to find it. New Malayalam, Telegu HD, Hollywood, Tamil, Bollywood and several more are open. Classes are also available here. As to genres, from romance and mystery to violence, comedy and action, you can get everything.

7. What can happen to a person if found guilty of using 8xfilms? 

The culprit will be arrested and jailed for 3 years. Also, he might be net with other stern measures according to the anti-piracy paw, if the authorities feel the need to do so.

8. Is it harmful to my device to use 8xfilms?

Yes, when you browse 8xfilms, the telephone data is at stake. It is extremely likely that your computer may get corrupted by the virus you stream films from the pirated website.


We don’t ever offer any money to non-official websites. The download of movies from sites such as this is not allowed, and is punishable by statute. Therefore, we should intervene and put an end to illegal downloading right away. Making a movie is hard work. As a consequence, we owe it to those who make movies to go to theatres to see them at the movies. I assume piracy slows down the development of the film industry. Therefore, we must immediately discontinue and disavow sponsorship to piracy.

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