Akane Banashi Chapter 22 Spoiler, Raw Scan, Countdown, Release Date

Akane Banashi Chapter 22 release date

The year 2022 is getting lucky for Manga readers as many new series have been released in this 2022 year, and Akane-banashi is one of them which has caught many people’s attention with its unique artwork and interesting characters.

Many people are curious about this new manga series. Akane-banashi read this article and learned everything about this new Shonen Jump manga series.

What is the Plotline of Akane Banashi Manga?

The latest manga series Akane Banashi plotline follows the life journey of young 16 years old girl named Akane Osaki, who got inspired by her father and started performing rakugo, which is a Japanese tradition of storytelling where the performer tells different stories by playing each character by a different voice, tone, and action.

But when Akane Osaki was in elementary school, her whole father was expelled from the Arakawa School was the school for getting a professional degree in rakugo, so Akane Osaki started taking lessons from her father’s sensei to become a professional rakugoka and avenge her father.

Akane Banashi Chapter 22: Release Date & Time with different time zone

Only a few days are left until the release of a new chapter of Akane Banashi, and the release date of chapter 22 is already out and will be available from July 17, 2022. So start the countdown to read this latest chapter of Akane Banashi.

Akane Banashi Chapter 22 Count Down


Note: The Akane Banashi Chapter 22 is already released if the Counter is stopped.

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Akane Banashi Chapter 22 spoilers

Having Small hints about what will happen in the next chapter of our favorite manga series is always the best way to calm ourselves. So fans keep looking for some spoilers, but still, Akane Banashi’s chapter 22 spoilers are not available on any websites,

so we need to wait for a few more days, and once the spoilers are out, you will easily find them on different internet sites.

Akane Banashi Chapter 21 Recap Summary

Akane Banashi Chapter 22 raw scans Release Date

Akane Banashi’s chapter 22 Raw Scans will be available two or three days before the chapter’s actual release date. You can easily find these Raw scans of Akane Banashi on websites like Reddit and 4chan. In the case of Akane Banashi, chapter 22 will be available from July 15, 2022.

Akane Banashi Chapter 22 raw scans Countdown


What can we expect from Akane Banashi?

When any new Manga series is released, keeping high expectations from it is obvious, and all fans hope that the series will never disappoint them. And if you are thinking of reading this latest manga series, Akane-banashi, then don’t think twice as the series has a very interesting story that follows Akane Osaki, who will be 16 years old high school girl and her obsession with rakugo. And the storyline of Akane-banashi is very different and unique from other interesting characters.

Akane Banashi Manga Characters

Akane Banashi manga series has very interesting characters, which including Akane Osaki, the main lead character of the series, is a 16 years old high school girl, and her dream is to become a professional rakugoka, and Shiguma Arakawa, who is the master in Arakawa School, Guriko Arakawa, who is a new student and Kyoji Arakawa, Koguma Arakawa and Maikeru Arakawa.

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Akane Banashi Chapter 21 Recap Summary

In the previous chapter of Akane Banashi, we saw how Akane Osaki’s journey to become the professional rakugoka and follow her father’s footsteps continued. With every new chapter, there are different challenges that Akane Osaki needs to face and prove herself worthy of becoming rakugoka.

And the previous Chapter of Akane Banashi introduced another new character Karashi Nerimaya, who is also a rakugoka and more passionate about rakugo.

Where can you read this manga officially

Where can you read this manga officially?

Reading any Manga series or watching any anime series from official sites is the best thing to do because the creators’ hard work will be paid off. Hence, our website only suggests people watch or read the series from legal sites.

If you want to read this new manga series Akane Banashi, then all the chapters of Akane Banashi are available officially on Viz Media.


We hope we were able to deliver you all the details related to Akane Banashi chapter 22. In the future, many chapters of Akane Banashi are yet to be released. Our website will post all the details of upcoming chapters of Akane Banashi.

So to know about all the details related to the Akane Banashi manga series, stay up-to-date with our website amazfeed. And amazfeed also posts all recent updates of other popular manga series, so stay in touch with Amazfeed to know everything about your favorite series.

Frequently Ask Question About Akane Banashi Chapter 22

1. What day does the Akane Banashi manga come out?

The first date of the Akane Banashi manga series came out on February 14, 2022.

2. Which kind of Manga is Akane Banashi?

The series Akane Banashi is based on Slice of Life and Shounen.

3. Who is the mangaka of Akane Banashi?

The mangaka of Akane Banashi series is Yuki Suenaga.

4. How many chapters will Akane Banashi have?

Still, there are no updates on how many will be released in the Akane Banashi manga series.

5. Is Akane Banashi getting an Anime?

In the future, Akane Banashi will probably get an anime adaptation, but still, the anime adaptation of Akane Banashi is not announced.

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